Race Wars

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The second portal took Jack and the boys at the coast of shallow shoreline; Jacob and Jacobi came to realization a few seconds later. They still a bit traumatized and to add to that, further from the shoreline they stood was an island filled with gigantic trees, clusters diamonds sticking out the earth and huge seashells scattered about the land. Exited the seashells were the ever-so cynically, seductress, red Nymphs and purple Succubus who tried calling the boys over—typically a preposterous yet comical combination Jack found suspicious. He encouraged the boys ”don look ” as in these creatures are attempting get inside your unconscious box the more you keep staring; if they were to fall for the mind games then surely theyd end up victim to these creatures hypersexual nature; Jacob snapped to it pulling out a potion to smoke up the place; Jack cut open another portal and they all fell through.

This third portal took our trio falling through constant, bleak mist of untold depths. Surrounding them through the fall were huge, block-like cubes made of water as if they were being held together by ”gravity. ” Various aquatic creatures roamed the interior of these cubes, dorsal fins poking the edges. The trio fell in-and-out the cubes, several different moments where the boys where almost eaten by hostile creatures it was in Jacobis best interest to protect them; he forged a mystical item (a pendant) which exerted dispel magic against the beasts; during Jacobis act, Jack and Jacob got sidetracked in an argument about the visions. Before knowing, they dropped to a dark surface, when the group recouped all three of their shadowy-figures looked around. ”Hm ” Jack said to himself before the wild pause. The group saw something rapidly approaching across the dark plane, Jacks eyes hadn fooled him and he could sense there was an anomaly incoming. Jacob and Jacobi started panicking as it got closer, a beast theyve never seen anything like.

Coming out the shadows ULF-005, Morbid—initially provoking Jack for being stuck in his personal domain; Jack didn give a shit, he pulled out an augmented bullpup shotgun

and told Morbid ”give it up. ” He additionally knew what this conundrum was and why it happened it in the first place; Jacob and Jacobi couldn have watched more cluelessly, their magic restricted, observing the situation. Morbid excused his behavior upon retrieving a piece of
ed shard including the troubles he caused for them to get here. Hed kept it all this time and was now time it went into the owners hands; Morbid handed over the stone. Jacob and Jacobi more perplexed than ever wondered what it was all about and if they were gonna kill it now. Jack sighed stating ”no, this none of that ” frustrated that his past showed signs of keeping up and now the problem is how to unravel his-story to his nephews.

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