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[Jacob] (sighs heavily) what should we tell em about now? I mean, how do you think the like it so far?

[Jack] Sure they love it.

[Jacobi] Why don we tell em about those gods huh? Thats how it all started anyways.

[Jack] For ** sakes, how many times do I gotta tell you. They
e not Gods they
e fallen Angels. And theyve been around for millennials.

[Jacob] (stretches) Yeah…howd it go again? Jack you should know, this storys about you anyways.

[Jack] (grunts)

So the story goes…..

A long, long, long time Jack became the most preeminent Alchemist in the land across all Lands (he really did and is). He revived the dead, cured diseases, created war peaces—all throughout The Waters Jack became the most renowned. However the day came day when Jack stumbled upon a stone that changed everything (The Philosiphers Stone).

Jack became deeply obsessed with the

Stone and the secrets entail, diving far and deep into figuring out some truth. Because of this very reason Jack placed his life in danger; proponents of Aplaun who discovered the existence of the Stone seeked to use it for their own good and chased Jack across Realms.

This imminent danger from the Exterior Forces forced Jack into making a crucial decision: to chose between the Stone and the fate of existence as we know it. He split the Stone into a thousand pieces; scattered them everywhere and everywhere and with final piece, journeyed far and wide to the realm of Ra on the Island Ra. There Jack made an expedition trip on Surliers Passageway to hide the last piece in his possession of the ”Scattered Stones ” where it could never be found—in the islands mountains.

Somewhere along finalizing his quest an old comrade (The Drifter) came to Jack with a warning that hey have arrived in this land and are valiantly searching for him. Before Jack could actually stow away the last stone an encounter with ULF-009 ”Shifter ” prevented just that and an enormous battle between—Jack, The Drifter and Shifter—laid waste of Elmwaki Mountains.

Shifter was pure monstrosity—equipped with all forms of monstrosity (ex. theres beast morphing among primal, animal, mythical and undead morphing). Shifter went to drastic measures in trying to snuff out Jacks light. First through torment with his story, ever since arrival and his discovery of the reasure theyve had eyes and ears in every realm; watching from a distance occurring events; controlling every aspect of life and existence and that he is a ug in the system.

However when all taunts failed Shifter resolved to using all sort of manner and brute force into making Jack submit: on the first attempt, Shifter transformed into a primordial creature trying to swallow Jack whole (this Jack defended with the construction of an automation creature so powerful it could withstand the attack); on the second attempt Shifter transformed into an ancient dragon and tried engulfing Jack in flames (this Jack defended by freezing the dragons breath); on the third and final attempt Shifter transformed into a Titan leaning towards squashing Jack (on this attempt Jack didn defend—not as if he couldn because he could and had the perfect counter—instead he conceded before being stomped).

With Jacks defeat, the smile that came along with Shifters patronizing was one he could never forget. After being detained and having the last stone confiscated Shifter proposed a dire threat to Jack pertaining to the rest of Stone—Jack didn budge nor did he take lightly to Shifters threat, he simply made-belief caved in. While The Drifter stood afar in a corner watched it all play out as his friend fell dispossessed, detained and cuffed to an unknown aircraft. Regardless not all was at complete lost, Jack would fulfill his thousand year sentence in solitary confinement knowing that the locations of the remaining nine-hundred and ninety-nine rest all in here ( his head).

End of story.

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