Race Wars

The False Truth

d was the ook they were looking for. Jacobs next course of action was to grab onto his brother—now the words similarly in Jacobis situation, globetrotted their way into Jacobs forehead. And then somehow, the boys were sucked into the book: Wee see when the book is closed its title ”The Coming True ”; elsewhere an entity makes an appearance above the sky in Menace Land , ULF-0017 (O Paratiritís) and a mysterious energy warns Jack about the boys.

Inside the book, the Menace brothers realized theyve woken up on battlefield: a different type of battlefield. Positively there were soldiers present, one army in lack-white the other being silver-gold and this is how it goes from the boys perspective: a soldier from one army (black-white army) would raise a certain flag initiating a soldier from the other (silver-gold army) to shoot to miss. And this would go back and forth leaving the brothers particular distraught in this being a an actual war, to them it was more as role-playing was involved. Then thick out of thin air Jack showed up in the middle of his consorts informing the two they need to leave (like immediately).

The brothers had much to ask, including how Jack got there in the first place, though Jack expect the unexpected to his nephews wits on catching onto his scheme—he gave them two words ”logic manipulation through manipulating the fabrics of reality ” which he says is the truth in a lie. Then, there and after O Paratiritís appeared hovering in the sky; its bright looming seeking the destruction of its targets, the eye shot an orange beam erasing the armies like ”pencil and paper ” they were…erased.

Jack pretty much expected that to fever the enact reason they needed to leave but the boys felt as if Jack was holding something back and stood under the eye performing menacing taunts whwixh Jack concedes and held them on their judgment when he called off O Paratiritiss attack (which couldve erased his nephews). Jacob and Jacobi inquired an explanation Jack stated its not what it seems—yes, the broke a rule of the land after reading a forbidden book and his involvement is coincidental because without his Entity Lordship prowess, nothing wouldve stopped O Paratiritis from eradicating them (again, his nephews). When further asked about the entity above them Jack stated it was a preliminary precaution set up for Inlandvaders—he didn expect these ”inlanvaders ” to be his family. Jacob and Jacobi didn put up with Jacks ”shit ” and demanded an exit.

End of story.

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