Race Wars

The Hitman Paradox

p. Jacobi ensured his brother not to worry, that hell do it with pleasure. He quickly grabbed a gym bag from under his bed and took out an item from inside: Emerald Looking Glass. He points the mirror towards Jack instructing him to ”jump in ” and hell be able to take the hit-man out.

Well Jack said ”hows that of any help? ” where Jacobi replied that hes looking at a portal and all he needs to do is think, jump and hell be where he needs to be. Without any hesitation Jack enter the Looking Glass and the portal took him to the hit-man or behind the hit-man. Jack held a transformable ray at the hit-man spines, renouncing in his ears ”a hit-man hired to takeout a hit-man, well isn this funny? ” Jacobi watched at the other end of the Glass laughing at the whole thing. It turns out the hit-man was ULF-042 or otherwise ”Thee Hitman ”

an old accomplice of Jack. Jack questioned Thee who hired him? how did they know where to look? how did they know what he look like? and so on and so on, Jack was a very stay to himself sort of guy. Thee informed Jack that someone hired him and that someone is probably already dead as of now because right after he took the mission he hired another hit-man for that someone without realizing himself also going after a hitman. Jack replied, ”Ha, The Hitman Paradox. Fuck you. Whoever you are. ” before absorbing Thee into his ray.

End of story.

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