Race Wars

The Hitman Paradox

[Jacob] Hey look (budges Jacobi) hey look (points) some readers arrived

[Jacobi] (frowns and grunts) The hell you tellin mee that for, tell it to him (points at Jack) hes the one with the quill

[Jack] (hushes) Hey, hey, whatd I say about spea—ahh what the hell am I saying?

[Jacob] Oh, I figured it out! Lets tell tell em about that time, that time you know… that time

[Jacobi] Oh, oh, (laughs hysterically) that time about the Hitman. Yeah, yeah, lets go start with that

[Jack] Uhh, I swear, you kids. You never fail to want to embarrass me (shakes head)

So the story goes…

One morning Jack woke up in bed to a
ed-dot aimed at his forehead, he could see in his reflection on the mirror and hesitated to make even the slightest budge and when he did, a shot broke its way through a Lilliputian window in a nook, if Jack hadn performed his last indecisive decision hed been a dead man for sure. Placed in a tight-predicament Jack woke up the boys from the back of the trailer, in his words ”wake your **ing asses up, a hit-mans out to get me ” and scrambled around ground level trying to get to the back of the trailer. Jack reached the end of the trailer to the fully awoken boys butting heads about whos helping this time, Jacob blatantly ignored Jack on floor, simply patted his brother on the shoulders and said ”you got it ” before falling straight back to slee

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