So, what it means to be lucky?

You see he is the lucky one. The guys name is Feng Lin a simple genius from a university, who hit his luck which was a booster that granted him the luck to date five Quintuplets girls.

So, do you think that is not enough?

Then he just not only got girls by his side, but he also got a system. A system that can help him get his own business empire from nothing. Although! He did work hard to get the system activated and became a small genius with his own efforts and hard work. Still, that was not the end of luck, as he would find out about many mysteries circling him, and the common world he always use to believe in before.

So, do you wanna know why that world of his shattered?

Then you have to go through this, ladies and gentlemen, a new era was about to descend in the life of a guy called Feng Lin… Where he would find, how the girls in front of him were not normal being just Quintuplets was not enough, to satisfy the greed of this author here…


”Then can I have some time, before I can calm down a bit… Also, I want to have some time to smoke. ” Wanted to act cool, as Feng realized how hard it was put on the feelings welling inside of him.

It was confusion, along with exhilaration and excitement. Feng did not know, what he can do at this moment, although it was just a normal day. But he was told that he had five different girlfriends and the fact that he was dating them all, for all this time being.

Haha! He laughed.

”I have been an idiot for all this time being. ” Where Baoer, Lan, Hua, Rong, and Binger all of them stared at him, who was laughing like an idiot from time to time. As they all literally thought the same, thinking that the shock could have turned him into an idiot or what?

”He will be fine right? ” Baoer and Binger looked at Lan. Who was looking toward the balcony where Feng was laughing from time to time. And just could shake her head, given even she could not tell, what was going on inside Fengs mind, right now.

Alright, that is all about the past, so what should I do from now on… With that thought, Feng shook his head and walked inside the room, where all the girls were peeking at him with different eyes.

At which, Feng could not help but think, I am truly not used to being watched like that, by them. Huh!

In the eyes of the girl, they finally thought that Fengs mind has stabilized and they can talk with him for now. So, it was Lan who took the first turn, being the biggest among them.

As she asked him, ”Are you alright? Fenger. ” Feng, when heard Lans voice, turned to look at her, as he thought who was talking with him.

After all, they all were wearing the same clothing at this moment, maybe it was tradition to wear the same night clothes among the quintuplets.

Hmm! But it is really hard, to tell who among the sister are you. So, how can I tell who is who at a time like this. When Feng was in dilemma.

His system notification rang.

[Quest] ↦ [Sub Quest]

[_ Find out about the changes in quintuplets and learn to tell them apart. _]

[_ Reward: Status Screen and Info-Bar. _]

Fengs mood was thrown into dust. As he stared at Lan, with glinting eyes and trying to find if she was Lan or Binger. After all, it was easy to tell apart Baoer whose lips were covered with chocolate.

Rong was a little pissed while looking at him, and by her side was definitely Hua.

Given in the restaurant he definitely heard, Lan said that Hua must be coaxing Rong who was angry. Given! With all that detail, he only had a problem with identifying Li Lan and Li Bi.

She has a sense of responsibility for her sisters, so she will definitely approach me first. That mean, the girl walking toward me is Lan, and the other one is Binger.

”Sorry Lan, I was having a hard time telling who was who, but the hell. Why are you guys dressed in the same piece, it made me really confused. ”

He walked and held Lans shoulder lightly, as he looked at the others, who started to laugh at his comment. As they all told him, how they wanted to be the same when sleeping together.

So, just for the nighttime, they do not want to put other matters inside their mind and change into the same dress to keep each other company.

”That is quite nice. I also have a sister, but we have not met each other for whole around one and a half years, now. ” Feng sighed! After all, now looking at them like this, he also started to miss the little girl, but after this year, she might join him in his college.

So, thinking about it, he cheered himself up, as he swear to bring his sister and his mother, to the city together.

Till then, he swears to have bigger industries under him, as long as his system works. He will be able to give them all the happiness they needed.

”Feng! Don worry, we will welcome her soon enough after she graduates from her high school and then, you can bring your family here. ”

Lan and the other girls knew about Kenta and his family members, so his dedication toward his family was the second point they like about him.

And they had decided to welcome both of them when the time comes.

”Yeah! ” Nodding. He sat and looked at other girls and asked, ”So, what are your plans girls, after all, I am the one who is getting an advantage here. Also! Will your father and parents would allow me to date all of you or not… ”

At Fengs words, all of them turned silent as they all had a hard time thinking about it, given before this they were alright to date him secretly.

But after coming to terms with it, they all have a little hesitation, which appeared for a moment.

”Hey! If it is because of your family status, and money problems. Then I want to say, that none of you have to worry about it, as time will pass, I will tell you that something like that is not a problem for me. ”

”But the most important thing here is your feelings. That is why I want all of you to come to terms with it, and Lan will you bring an official dress for me… I had work, and for that, I might need to go out for some time. ”

Feng acted mature, as he stood up and kissed Lans lips, which turned her scarlet, as he smiled at the system notification and had to go down to receive the car from before.

Along with that, he was getting a message from the fatty Duan who was already in a hotel that he had talked about, along with 5 million from the elder Lin, which was like handling fees. That he had asked inside the contract for dealing with those ruffians.

After all, the detail and the functioning of the hotel was transferred to him. So, at first to deal with ruffian, what he needed was an amount of money.

He proposed this directly to elder Lin, who directly agree to it, given he was not lacking in money at the moment. But the ruffians who were ganging on the beach were asking for 50% of the asset of the whole hotel.

Although! He could tell that it was the Hao family, from the shadow who was pulling all of this.

At that moment, Fengs plan to settle a huge Local gang of the company to dominate the area was proposed. And yes, the gang would get a profit of 10% of the amount they earn every month transferred to them, which was very less compared to the Hao family.

Not to say, the gangs main activity will not affect the power struggle of the city, so the Royal club will not worry about another powerhouse popping up inside the city too. With that, Old Lin will a lot of benefits and a new powerhouse like Feng by his side.

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