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[_Quest_] ↦ [_Sub-Quest_] ↦ [Find the secret Lan is hiding from the host.]

[Quest Clue ↦ Second Room.]

She is hiding from me, that is why she herself proposed to kiss me. That was really bold idea coming from Lans side. Musing about it, Feng walked toward the hotel which was right down the residential area, that was situated on the southern slope.

Being at the corner of the city made the iconic forest behind it a nice view for those who like being around nature.

Where the other side of the building, one can found a whole bustling market. That can provide all the entertainment sources for all the residents.

If one were to travel on foot for half an hour within the forest, one can even find a small beach that can accommodate a huge population of visitors every day.

So, the problem which has arisen on the beach now was affecting the business of the Royal Club business and Feng was the one who was asked, to deal with it.

”Feng! Hello, earth to Feng Lin. What are you thinking about. ” Lan who was done ordering the food found that Feng was looking at the road, with a slightly serious face. That was something hard to come by when is always dating her.

It also made her understand, the gravity of the problem he was facing, so she was hoping that she could help him out with it.

”Oh! I am sorry Lan. But I was thinking about the beach, you know how hard you had been working. It was also the reason, you were not relaxed for the last few days too. ”

Lying a bit, Feng was able to indirectly ask Lan to see if she can found the group of gangsters behind the beach sabotage.

”Hmm! My friend said that the group is made up of some high schoolers. But one of the head members of the gang is from the Hao family. ” Lan gasped, thinking how Haos family and Fengs fate are so intertwined.

I guess! I will have to call Fatty Duan for this. With that, he would have a new turf in this city, and Fatty Du can even directly contract with the hotels upper management for monthly revenue for using the beach.

”Okay! Lan, I had to go now, so you should go and decorate our apartment and I will see you again at the dinner time. ”

Kissing her forehead Feng walked outside, where Lan smiled at him, as she called the number she had messaged before for asking about gangster information.

He was acting different. He did not chat much about the thing, and he was even planning something about them, but did not bring out the topic to me. Lan typed. Where Li Hai Rong on the other side, read her message and asked Bao.

”Do you have any idea about this, after all, it happened after he met with elder Lin, right? Should we go and ask elder Lin himself or what… ”

Rong was like the head of the group, she was smart and crafty from time to time.

But it was also due to her, that all the sisters are still virgins even in their own industries. Also! She is the one who deals, with all the nuisance for them.

Even today, it was Hai Rong that had dealt with the principal, making the poor old man neglect every call from the Hao family. While using the influence of her family, she even shut the mouth of the Hao family, who were running rampant.

”No! I do not think, we should do anything about this. After all, we are talking about Feng we all know about. He would never make such mistakes, and he would be fine. ” Bao spoke to Lan, given Rongs nature, she would definitely listen to her.

At this point, Li Lan kept silent for a time as she felt worried, but at the same time, she also wanted to trust Feng.

”Hey! Lan, don tell me that you are not worried about Feng. ” Li Lan who was sitting in the hotel seat heard Rongs voice and shook her head.

Although! Rong who was on the other side of the phone did not see it coming, so she just ended the call. Given! As a sister who had been working with each other for all this time, she could tell that Lan was already fixated on her decision.

”Then Ill take my own decision separately also, Hua are you coming with me or not… ” Hua smiled at Bi and winked, as both of them walked toward the other sisters to make them cheer up and come together again.

”They must be fighting against each other for sure, I will go and meet them now. ” Lan who walked out of the hotel murmured when she did not notice was Feng, who was tailing her from behind.

Listening to Lans words, he realized that there was more than one person on the other side of the phone. Also, the fact that they were arguing about the problem related to him.

In the meantime…

Li Hua, who was walking with Rong inside the second room. Looked at Rong jumping on the bed, with a sulking expression on her face.

”They clearly are worried about him, so why won they let me handle it… At the end of the road, we all like that idiot, so we do not want him to get hurt. ”

Hua giggled, after all, it was only at a time like this. That Rong reveals such an expression, especially when it is related to sisters and Feng.

”Don laugh at me!!! ” embarrassed about it, Rong hid her face in the blanket. Not willing to come out even when Hua tried to coax her out.

”Stupid sister and stupid Feng. Causing so many problems for me today. ” Cursing inside the blanket, where Hua petted her head from outside the blanket, Rong finally decided to come out after a minute.

On Baoer side…

Li Bi had a headache looking at Bao, who was chewing down the chocolates that Rong had hidden from them like a kid.

While cursing Feng who was the main cause of all of this problem, but also remembering his punch and how elder Lin treated him.

She could tell that the Feng they knew is starting to change, and she wanted to help him out. If that is what he wanted to do, which was the reason she spoke against Rong.

”Baoer can you tell me why you supported Feng and stopped Rong for… After all, as long as I know you would have supported Rong, in a time like this. ” Li Bi when saw Baoer eating had started to slow down.

Knew that Baoer anger has started to settle, so it was the perfect chance for her to ask about the reason, why she did that.

Although! None of them spoke against each other and only spoke to Lan.

But by the way, they angrily looked at each other, Li Bi could tell that both of them were quite angry with each other.

”She is just angry over that I got to kiss him first. Then Lan also kissed him, which is the reason why she was against our decision. She even said that we do not care about him. ” Baoer spoke when Rong came inside rushing.

”Huh! I never thought of it like that idiot, although it come into my mind for a second. Still, You could tell that it was not my true intention. ”

”Can you stop peeking into my thoughts, that way too rude… ” Bao was unhappy with how Rong was trying to hear her thoughts like that.

”But you would have never told me, so I do not have much choice in this. ” Rong came in with a sorry look, as she hugged Bao. Given! She did think about that for an instant, and it was that malice that Bao was able to hear her thoughts.

Since birth, take it as a curse or as a blessing, but all five sisters were able to share all the intelligence.

All the feelings and even all the emotions, as long as they wanted to. It was the reason, why all of them were so well put and acclaimed as genius.

Though the only condition for sharing those emotions and intelligence was that, the other sister has to be willing to share and they had to be close.

It was also the reason why they all were able to fall for the same single guy. So, the more time they spent with him, their feelings as five people separately grew into something, they could not bear alone.

Hence five rose committee was made, between all five sisters.

It did not even take 5 minutes before all four of them started to laugh together and became close-up sisters again. Although to them something like this was very common, and they were already hung of it.

Rong was still a little unsatisfied, after all, there were still had 3 more weeks before she could have Feng for herself. Given according to the five Rose Committee rule no one, every sister will have a specific week to date with Feng.

And it will rotate in the clockwise pattern of Lan ↣ Bao ↣ Hua ↣ Bi ↣ Rong. Where she was the last one in this situation and still had time until Hua and Bi will have their turn.

It is unfair!

Thats where the thought of current Rong had a devilish thought about something and gestured for other sisters to come closer. ”Don you think that today is Bao week, so Lan getting the kiss from him is totally unfair and against the rule? ” Hua smiled evilly, just like Rong when Bao and Bi had a shiver under their spine.

”You guys can continue, we will leave it all to you. Right, Bao… ” Li Bi smiled and stood up when Rong grabbed her shoulder, ”If you are not participating that is fine, but I cannot let you out of our sight. Or else, you could inform Lan before she comes here. ” Hua was holding Bao too, for the same reason, as both Bao and Bi gave up on their evil intentions.

”So what is your plan, Rong… Now that Binger and Baoer are on our side. ” Hua looked at Rong, who smiled with an intelligent look on her face. ”It was unfair for Lan to take away the second kiss, so we had to snatch that kiss from her back. ” In those words, Hua and Bingers expressions turned serious.

Where Bao was the only one left, who thought that they were trying to do a sexual assault on their own sister. But knowing that she was also the one who had received the kiss, she did not want to become their prey and decided to sacrifice his sister first.

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