On the way to the Building.

Lan remembers the past, as she recalls the scene of Feng punching that guy named Churan with a smile on her face.

”What are you laughing about, ” Feng asked.

Looking at Lan who was looking out of the window wearing a simple smile on her face. Something she hardly reveals while being together like this, making Feng curious about the reason.

”I remember about the first time we came into contact. ” At that moment Lan, who had finally found her freedom from the family affair came to the college they desire. It was one of the professors that had asked for her, to work with him.

That group consisted of the best students in the first year. Though! Their quality was not tested on the basis of academic qualities but was chosen from their outer achievement. Due to this, He was also chosen within the group along with her.

Since there were only 3 students from the first year. All three of them were grouped together with a senior who had experience in this field. And thanks to the senior explanation, Lan was able to grasp pretty much everything. But what surprised her was Fengs hard work and flexible mindset, so he was able to keep up with her.

In that period of time, Feng did not hesitate when questioned, although mocked by others for how idiotic he was. But with his firmness and constant pestering, he finally made it up to her.

Silencing others, who were laughing at him for all this time, given he was at the level that he had already suppressed them all making it to the main team.

”In between that experience, you tried to contact me right? I thought that you were trying to hit on me or something. So, at first, I tried to avoid you, but in the latter half you cleared my head of all those useless stuff. ” Lan pointed at him.

Where Feng while listening to her started to remember the old times and smiled too. After all, it was a great memory of his past. As he remembered chasing the girl he had fallen in love with in a single sight.

Although! He still hid his past reason from her, given Lans intuition was very correct since he was trying to impress her at that time.

Back in that days.

He first met Lan, and that instant he saw her, he started to like her. It was the first time, that he started to observe things beyond the study. The first girl, who overshadows his hard work with pure sheer genius aptitude…

He thought of many ideas to approach her over a long period of time, and due to this, he ended up working late at night for every session.

Still, every time just like she is the main protagonist of some novel, Lan overpowers him with the focus of sheer intelligence and beat him to everything.

He started to lose his confidence, but then one day he saw her working hard as long as he did. The moment he realized that he was not wrong. That he can be that good too, but what he needed at that moment was more hard work and smart work.

The addition of smart work, made Feng work more efficiently and he started to enjoy studying and falling for her more. The day he made it to the main workshop, he finally got her id in the Chat_Em and started to chat with her.

He did not rush, he silently started to interact like giving her some drink. Although! The first time he got them wrong. Hence, the next time, he started to take notice of her habit of drinking and what she like.

He realized that the coffee she prefer and the drink she prefer tasted really good. Although! It cost a little more extra, but he started to enjoy them just like she did, which become the breakthrough he needed to chat with her.

”Yeah! I think I need to thank you, given all those things you like were really delicious. ” Remembering things she ended up helping him, without doing anything at all, and he actually felt really happy for making the decision to pursue her.

”Hmm! Did you observe me at that moment? ” In Lans mind, she did not expect Feng was trying to pursue her in those days, so she did not doubt Fengs intentions.

”That, it smelled really good even from the distance, and I saw you buying some one day. So, I tried myself and ended up getting hooked on it. ”

Feng was flustered a little, but he was able to cover up the scenario and looked at the building in front of him.


”Royal Club! ”

Looking at the name of the hotel, Feng did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

The hotel came under the jurisdiction of Royal Club House Street, so indirectly he was the boss of this estate and all the other buildings in the surrounding.

According to the system.

As long as Feng complete all the quest given by the system, he will be awarded 40 to 20% of the share of the company depending upon the result of his effort.

Where he was about to get his first quest complete.

”Lets go, Feng, we need to hurry up now. ” Lan walked forth, as she held Kentas hand and dragged him along with her.

Having thought about everything, Kenta did not think much and started to follow Lan inside the building. Where they were about to purchase their apartment. Although! It was Lans connection that they were able to buy out an apartment inside this building.

Still, the silly girl kept silent about it and did not show off in front of him. Where in return, it was Kenta who was using the money to buy it. After all, it has been a year since he had been working with the professor on the main project. Where he even opened an online store, which was selling quite some profitable dresses.

Which was something he was able to open due to Lans beautiful design that got, the market by storm and he was still earning around 200K RMD per month. With each month he would release a new style, that Lan would make for him.

Although! Within his mind, Feng was feeling a little upset because he knew, that given it was another famous brand or company. Then Lan design could have a higher market price and more business potential than it was right now.

That was the reason why that Feng was unusually motivated for it. He was dead set on getting 40% asset of Royal Club Streets total assets in this city.

With that he will have a larger market and wider choice to make, Laner design is more important and wider perceptive over the marketing style.

The interior entrance of the Royal club looked exquisite.

With the Golden sheen on the marble tiles with the white polished jade-like wall, Feng could tell how much the owner of the building has put into making it stand.

Feng appreciated the looks of the interior and could tell. That he had lucked in with the system arrangement, after all, to make such a beautiful building even if he has money. He would need around 3 to 4 years at least. But at the rate it was going, Feng was sure that he might be able to acquire the same result by doing some quest on the system.

”Hello! ” A staff manager walked and greeted them. Feng nodded politely but he seemed to be ignored by the person, as he directly talked with Lan.

Feng was wearing a student dress, whereas Lans dress was exquisite and suited her a lot. So, just making some comparisons, he was able to tell that it was Lan who came here to do business with him being a follower.

Lan was about to say something when she looked at Feng blinking at her. Pouting a little, she did not say much and smiled. ”Hello! We are here to meet elder Lin. ” She purposely stressed on we part making the guy smile with a nodding gesture.

”Feng! Why did you stop me? ” After the man was gone, Lan sulked while looking at Feng. Who just shook his head and explained, how it does not matter to him, given sooner or later he is going to be the master of there, after buying an apartment and they would need to service him sooner or later.

Fengs words made sense, so she did not extend the topic further and found that Fengs mentality was pretty mature for handling this kind of thing. Although, Inside Fengs mind, he was thinking of on how to punish that guy after getting ownership of this place.


After some time, Feng and Lan were called inside by another person. When the old man inside the suite who was waiting for Feng and Lan saw Feng. He suddenly stood up but seeing the old mans reaction Feng silently made a gesture for him to stop.

When Elder Lin who was about to greet Feng looked at Fengs gesture and as an experienced person, he realize what Feng want and sat down with a calm expression.

”Elder Lin! It is so nice to see you healthy and active like this, I was really worried about you. When my father told me about your illness. ” Lans calm voice, as she spoke to elder Lin with some worry. Feng was able to tell that, Lans father and Elder Lin have some relationship.

”Don worry about this old man, I still have a dozen years to live, and after that, who cares if this old man can leave this world without any worry. ” Old Lin trace a sense of hopelessness, but his vigorous tone did not get affected by his mindset.

”Talk about pessimistic. As time is passing, our bioengineer technology is also developing, maybe after a few years, we would be able to cure you. ” Lans optimistic attitude cheered the old man, who just nodded his head a dozen times and took out the contract.

”Here! Although I was preparing the general room, they got sold out. So, I found the premium apartment for you and your boyfriend. ” Old Lin switched the paper when they were talking, which was captured by Fengs eyes. As he nodded at the old mans way of handling it and smiled, where Lan revealed a worried expression as she looked at Feng.

”Old Lin has already prepared it for us, also we can buy them too. ” Feng looked at Lan and smiled, as he knew that Lan was worried about the cost. But by the looks of Old Lin, he could tell that it was a gift from the other side, so he did not need to be surprised by it.

”Lan-Lan you can go and see the apartment, I will have a talk with Old Lin. ” Feng turned to look at Lan who was looking at him.

While elder Lin who looked at the sight laughed loudly and spoke to her, ”Little Lan girl, don worry your husband there had all the finance he need to buy it. I can guarantee you, so you should go and see and let us have some private chat. ”

Lan blushed as she glared at Feng, ”Who is your wife, Huh! ” Pinching his arm, she stood up and walked out, but inside her heart, she felt that Feng has changed a little.

”He still has his own secret, Huh! lets see what others have to say about it. ” Lan walked out as she turned to take a glimpse at Feng. Who was still looking back at her with a smile on his face?

”So, I hope now we can have a decent chat with you elder Lin. ” Just the moment Lan walked out, Fengs total personality changed.

Even Old man Lin found it really incredible to see the boys sudden change but knowing he was here from that company. He did not talk further and gave him the detail of the Hotel and its management details, which were held on the Ipad.

”I understand the situation, for the next 7 operational days all the management will be put under my order, and I will deal with the group of gangsters myself. ” Feng was aware of the gangster groups that has been rising around the kingdom.

Even some high schoolers started to form their group and started to create nuisances for the government.

”I think, I will call fatty Duan… ” Feng murmured. Recalling a certain boy who had protected him during his high school days.

He was the sole reason, why he was able to study carefree without any worries, just letting fatty copy his homework from time to time. Fatty Du always protected him from any gangster or group of bullies during his high school days.

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