Quintuplets Lover & Free Job System.

Reminiscence of past & Royal Club.

Feng Lin was a simple college student in his 2nd year. Had been living a beautiful lifetime, as he enjoyed his youth to the fullest.

How could he not, have a beautiful girl who really care about him?

He was smart since he was a reincarnated soul, and had been hailed as a genius from the beginning of high school. Not to say the fact, that the cheat he had been carried during reincarnation was about to activate anytime soon.

He found himself to be the happiest except for a few things like people staring at him with killing intent from time to time.

Feng thought about how he had already started to get used to it. As he waited for his girlfriend who was about to finish her class too.

Where she had promised to rent a single apartment with her, and they were about to start living together. Which means more chances to see her and more chances to talk with her.

Feng feels excited about everything they can do together. Which result in a silly smile on his face when someone seemed to chuckle at his looks.

”How silly! ” A melodious voice made Feng open his eyes, as he looked at Li Lan, his girlfriend whom he had dated since the last year beginning.

”Lan-Lan. Are you done with the classes? Then we should head out and have something to eat before we can go and find that… ” Lan smiled happily, it has been a year since their relationship and Feng had never tried to force her in any manner.

She enjoyed the attention he gave to her, although he get looked down upon by others. But Lan believed that her boyfriend will not be a simple man in the future.

”Okay! But before that, I had to thank you for the help you provided me today. ” Saying that Lan tipped on her toes and kissed Feng. When Feng who was stunned by the event, heard the notification ringing inside his head.

Although the later forget about it and held his girlfriends waist and kissed her.

”Okay! We are in public, big boy and that is already enough for the thank-you gift. We can continue this inside our new apartment, right! ” Feng smiled and kissed a little before holding her bag and taking the seat behind her, to let her sit.

”Thanks! The work is getting harder and harder. But thanks to you, I am being able to hold it up for all this time. ”

Looking at her tired face, Feng smiled and took out the coffee which she liked at this time of date.


”Here drink this! I knew that you would say that. So, I had it prepared for you. ” Lan blushed, feeling happy she took the sip and could tell, that the ice cube was freshly put, to make it this cool and refreshing to drink in this heat.

Also, looking at the sweat on Fengs face, she could tell that this dummy could have done it to get it prepared for her.

Drinking half, she put the rest and pushed it to Feng, who looked at the mug and took it.


[Host has been synchronized.]

[Sign In Job Free System.] [Will Activate Soon.]

When Feng was enjoying the coffee, he again heard the sound and smiled at the message.

After all, to activate this system there were 12 conditions he needed to do. And for the last 5 years, he had been grinding his butt off for it.

Hehe… With this, my way to the top of life will become much faster. Feng laughed within his heart, as he tried to do her best, to hide his joy.

”What happened? Feng, you are looking very happy today. ” Lan had been with the boy in front of her for the last year. Making her exceptionally perceptive about Fengs mood.

”You can be that happy about having an apartment, right. ” Feng noticed Lan when he suddenly felt someone looking at him.

Turning his head, he saw a boy looking at him and Lan-Lan with a polite smile on his face. But looking at the boy, Fengs expression turned silent, as his mind explode forth with anger within it.

Lans expression also turned cold, as she totally ignored the person and hold Fengs arm while standing up with him.

”Forget about him, Feng. He had nothing to do with us. Lets go and buy that apartment together, we need to bring our luggage too from the previous residence. ”

Li Lan was well aware of Fengs argument with the Churan. Not wanting to see Feng being looked down upon by Churan, she grabbed his hand and dragged him.

”Oh, just look at that… Hiding behind a girl, a sure loser is avoiding me. ” Churans expression did not change. As he looked at Feng and grabbed Lans hand to stop them from walking away like that.

”Let go of my hand… ” Lan looked at Churan with an angry look in her eyes. At this, Churans expression changed a lot, but he still insisted on gripping her hand.

When a punch, slammed on his face and with its force, he was sent knocking down some chairs.

”Agh!!! ” Except for a groaning voice, there was a pin-drop silence in the cafeteria. Lan looked at Feng, who was standing gripping his hand, looking at the boy who was sent flying.

It was the first time, that Lan had seen Feng being this angry in all this time, she had spent with him.

[_First Profession initiated: Royal Club House Street Owner. (Category: Management.)_]

[_Initial-Reward of the first profession: Hidden Boxing_]

”Keep your hand to your ass, don dare lay a hand on her. I will beat you to death next time. ”

Spitting on the guy, Feng grabbed Lans hand and walked out of the cafeteria. Without looking back, both of them walked out of the cafeteria.

”Wow! That was an amazing punch. But Feng, I had never seen you punching anyone like that. ” Out of the cafeteria, Feng took a deep breath in, after all, it was the first time that he had resorted to violence like that.

So, he was worried if he did control his strength or not. He did not want to get that bastard bedridden for a long time either.

”Hmm! Sorry, I let a guy like that grab your hand. Let me see if he had gripped tightly or what? ” Lan started laughing, as she looked at Feng who was looking at her arm with ease in his eyes, mixed with a little worriedness.

”No it is okay, rather I was worried about you idiot. Lets go and get into my car, we will leave now since we have wasted a lot of time due to him. ”

Lan and Feng walked to the Parking lot, where Lan Audi was standing, which was the most standard car under Lan.

Audi A4 was a well-known brand with a cost of around 362 thousand RMD.

”As cool as ever. How much time has passed, since I have ridden in this car with you. ”

Feng sat inside the car, as they both drove away from the campus, where the news of how a silent dragon punched a knockout, out of 6.7 feet long guy.

Looking at the car which was getting further and further away from the view.

A girl was sitting on the window side, sighed with a smile, and turned serious while walking toward Deans office. With an application in her hand, waiting for a certain person to come.

”Thats our Feng! I knew he was working hard on his muscles too. There was no way he would be a weakling. ”

Smiling at the thought, she knocked on the door of the dean. At this, a heavy smell and voice echoed from the room, while a man walking beside her wrinkled his nose.

”Miss, Let me handle this one. ” He wanted to do this job himself, but the girl did not hand him the letter and walked away while ignoring the man.

”Hmph! That way you will only protect sister, there is no way, you gonna help Fen-Fen. ” Grumping about the old actions and persistent actions, the girl seemed to be really angry, as she walked toward a certain class.

As she would call others to help her out with this one.

Together she might be able to get that stupid principal to stop the disgusting thing inside the office room.

”Bao is way too lucky today. ” The girl muttered while walking toward the class.


”Royal Club! ”

Looking at the name of the hotel, Feng did not know whether he should laugh or cry. The hotel came under the jurisdiction of Royal Club House Street, so indirectly he was the boss of this estate and all the other buildings in the surrounding.

According to the system.

As long as Feng complete all the quest given by the system, he will be awarded 40 to 20% of the share of the company depending upon the result of his effort. Where he was about to get his first quest complete.


[First Request. Get the contract from the handler. Without letting others know about your identity on the first day.]

[Reward: Initiating Strengthening.]

[Second Request. Resolve the problem of the vicinity crisis due to the overpopulation of gangsters.]

[Reward: 10% Shares + 100 Proficiency points.]

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