Ch6 – Insurance Booklet

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When Yang Yan offered ten million to buy the child in his stomach, Xu Ze was endlessly shocked.
He thought Yang Yan was joking.
But when his sight met up with Yang Yan’s, from the opposing side’s solemn face, he felt that this person was being serious.

Xu Ze was clear about the situation of Yang Yan’s family.
Just the car that Yang Yan was currently driving cost about a few million.
And that wasn’t even Yang Yan’s only car.
He, as a one-person, still has three vehicles in his hands.
Not to mention each vehicle’s cost was more expensive than the next. 

Ten million.
For the general public, this was a huge amount.

But for Yang Yan himself, this was probably just a few numbers on his bank card.

When most people were burying their heads to study hard, to learn more knowledge in the future, and to have a good job when they enter society, Yang Yan already had his own company, earning quite a lot of money.

The opposite side, Yang Yan, didn’t reveal much emotion in his gaze.
At the same time, Xu Ze understood that Yang Yan didn’t suddenly like him, nor had many emotions towards that piece of meat in his stomach.
Maybe a sudden interest came.
Taking a step back to think, Yang Yan was indeed right.
He was only pregnant for around a month, yet doing a normal small abortion surgery actually almost caused a problem.
When the pregnancy period become longer, if he tries to abort the child again, it might cause even more severe damage to his body. 

Yang Yan was willing to pay ten million.
It wasn’t one million or one hundred thousand, but an entire ten million.


Xu Ze was quite a reasonable and realistic person.

He loved money.
He felt that earning money was more important than talking about love or maintaining the feelings between one person to another.

As for why he produced this type of personality different from other people, it wasn’t because his family environment in his youth was bad, instead his parents were quite doting towards him.
However, he just had to have this kind of personality.


But Xu Ze also didn’t plan to change it.

It was also because of this reason that after he traveled to this unfamiliar world, Xu Ze accepted everything around in a very short time.

Even if he knew his stomach was bearing a child just like a woman, he was only annoyed for a moment.

Find the problem, then solve the problem.
This was Xu Ze’s code of conduct. 

Xu Ze drooped his eyebrows.
He just did the surgery so his skin was pale, especially the skin on his face.
It’s like it only had a thin layer as if a soft touch would split it open.

There was that one moment as Yang Yan stared deeply at Xu Ze, his heart produced a sliver of sympathy and pity.
He had to admit that Xu Ze, carrying the sickly feeling, had a type of fragile beauty that’s different from the past.
So beautiful that it makes people want to go up and hug him, then comfort him a few times.
Yang Yan’s fingertips trembled, but in the end didn’t get close.

He never expected this child, and for Xu Ze, it was also an accident.

Suddenly knowing that he was pregnant, he doesn’t know what Xu Ze’s reaction was when he first learned this news. 

Just the matter of the surgery being performed was enough for Yang Yan to confirm Xu Ze’s attitude.
Xu Ze obeyed the promise to come to the hospital to abort the child, however stuff suddenly happened.
Xu Ze’s body had an abnormality, causing the child to be temporarily unable to be aborted.

Yang Yan recalled that one moment not long ago when the operating room opened.
The bloody smell was floating out in the air.
That smell was pungent.

Xu Ze, as the party involved, had a button drawn on his abdomen. He was wearing a large surgical gown with a loose neckline as if every single silk of hair was revealing to others a kind of fragileness.

Putting forward ten million to have the child was done without any thinking at that time. 

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Yang Yan didn’t take this sentence back afterward.
One was because he as a person always kept his words.
He’s not going to slap his own face.
The other was that he thought of himself.
Yang Yan didn’t believe he would actually like someone in the future. He’ll just get married to a woman, then she’ll be pregnant with the crystallization of their love.

All these years, his bed was climbed by many people, and those people all had their own plans.


With the grandpa at home, that generation especially liked children, though Yang Yan’s parents did not urge him.

Yang Yan knew everything about Xu Ze.
This person’s family was clean.
He also never dated anyone else before himself, being completely pure and clean. 

From what Yang Yan sees, the child born from Xu Ze’s stomach would naturally also be clean.

The clean here referred to the fact that if the child was given to him, there wouldn’t be any other problems.

Xu Ze’s personality wasn’t the kind that would go around preaching the matter of him being pregnant and giving birth to a child.
People all wanted face.
If Xu Ze’s parents knew about Xu Ze giving birth to a child for someone, just thinking about it would let him know that they wouldn’t easily accept it.

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Originally he didn’t have any feelings towards this child that suddenly appeared.
After some thinking, Yang Yan was in a bit of a strange mood. 

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Xu Ze bowed his back, his two hands tightly grabbing the bed cover.
He seemed particularly uncomfortable and pained, not knowing what to choose.

This of course was only from Yang Yan’s view.
The truth was that Xu Ze was already making various future plans and arrangements for those ten million. 

This little abortion surgery was forced to be suspended because of his health issues.
From the side screen, it showed Xu Ze that if he goes back to abort the child again, the probability of excessive bleeding was high.
He had a hint of information relating to the future.
It was that if he aborted the child, his body would be completely destroyed at the same time.
It could be said his entire life was basically ruined.

Between giving birth to the child and his entire life ruined, unless one was an idiot, there was only one choice.

Not to mention there’s still the ten million.
Basically without much consideration, Xu Ze made his choice.

As for the child being taken away by Yang Yan after being birthed, he could even separate from his own bones and flesh.
Xu Ze originally wasn’t the child’s father anyways.
He was a soul that transmigrated over, and it was only by chance that he’s in this body.
In terms of the child, to him, it wasn’t his and someone’s crystallization of love but was only a little life growing inside his stomach. 

If Yang Yan wanted this child, based on Yang Yan’s family’s conditions, although he was a bit scummy as a person, he was indeed really generous.

Even if this child became an illegitimate child in the future, it was way better compared to many ordinary people’s conditions.
It could be said as soon as they’re born, he had material conditions that a lot of people couldn’t get even after a lifetime of struggle.

“Could you give me one night’s time? I’ll give you the answer tomorrow!” After Xu Ze thought for a while, he slowly raised his head facing Yang Yan.
His face was pale, yet eye sockets were red, an expression that was sad till nearly about to cry.

This was a face that Yang Yan had never seen before when he was with Xu Ze.
A strand of string was slightly plucked inside of Yang Yan’s heart.
Unless they really had an iron heart, people, in the end, all had a bit of sympathy towards the weak.
He nodded his head: “That’s fine.” 

Xu Ze smiled slightly, the smile looking weak and pale: “I want to take a rest quietly.
You should have many things to deal with, no need to stay here and accompany me.”

If he didn’t know Xu Ze just paused his surgery, just him saying these words, Yang Yan would’ve believed Xu Ze was purposely talking like this to win his sympathy, having him stay here.

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Xu Ze turned his head to look out of the window, around his body was a breath of loneliness and desolation.
Yang Yan did not walk forward, leaving the room to Xu Ze.

“You rest more at the hospital.
If it’s uncomfortable anywhere, tell the doctor.” After Yang Yan left his words, he turned around and quickly left.
As for after he left, Yang Yan didn’t see the smile that slowly appeared on Xu Ze’s pale face. 

Xu Ze was left alone in the room, his palm landed on top of his stomach.
This child was worth ten million.

If they’re birthed later, they might be worth even more.

Him thinking like this was to treat the child as an item, though this was better compared to aborting the child and not letting this little life even have one look at this world.
Xu Ze thought if the child was able to speak with him, he guessed it would still be willing to come to this world.

All organisms had the ability to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.
Xu Ze was only doing the most beneficial thing for himself. 

This decision for every side didn’t have any losses.
Him, the child, Yang Yan, they each had their own benefits.

Hong City’s housing prices were around thirty thousand.
What Yang Yan didn’t know was that when he thought Xu Ze was struggling to answer, Xu Ze was thinking about the matter of housing.

Thirty thousand for the house price, If he wanted to buy a house in Hong City, he needed at least nearly one million deposit to maybe afford the down payment.

If he had ten million, he could pay the full amount directly. 

Hong City’s house pricing was high, but commodity prices were not much different.
After buying the house, the leftover few million could be deposited in the bank or make a few small investments.
Xu Ze himself didn’t have any big spending habits, so the few million were enough for him to have an easy life.
He doesn’t have to be like other people that work hard to earn money to support their families.

This kind of shortcut, Xu Ze understood that this was a quick path in life.
He didn’t know how other people would pick, but Xu Ze’s choice here was that he wanted ten million.

As for what happens to the child after following Yang Yan, that rich people’s life had nothing to do with him.
Xu Ze didn’t want to care nor would he go care.

Xu Ze spent the night at the hospital since the doctor said he needed to stay to observe his physical condition.
When it was noon on the second day, Xu Ze left the hospital and called a taxi to return to school. 

Sitting in the taxi, Xu Ze sent Yang Yan short messages: “I thought about it all night and I’ve already decided.
I’ll give birth to this child.”

“Whenever you have time, let’s discuss the specifics.”

Birthing children wasn’t something that moving lips would just solve with a touch.
Before this, following the movement of time, his stomach would only become bigger and bigger.
At that time he definitely couldn’t stay in the dormitory.
Since Yang Yan wanted the child, he had to help arrange the related business as well.
Xu Ze would in no way choose to stay silent.

Yang Yan’s phone called over after a few minutes of the short messages being sent out. 

“Where are you right now?” Although Yang Yan’s voice was through the phone, it still made people hear the coldness in it.

“In the car returning to school.” Xu Ze replied.


“Discussing in the evening.” Yang Yan gave a time.

Xu Ze didn’t object, the corner of his lips went up an arc: “Ok, then I’ll wait for your call at night.” 

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Hanging up the phone, Xu Ze placed his cell phone in his pocket.

On the other side of the phone, Yang Yan’s expression wasn’t as cozy as Xu Ze’s.
Xu Ze’s voice on the phone seemed to give Yang Yan a difficult time to match up with the weak Xu Ze he saw yesterday.
The voice was indeed Xu Ze’s, this point Yang Yan was clear on.
It’s just he had a type of feeling that the matter the opposing side was discussing with him wasn’t about the child, but a business or a cooperation.

That kind of cold calmness made Yang Yan feel strange, though Yang Yan didn’t call over again to ask the reason.

Yang Yan and the little lover Lu Sheng were shopping in the mall since Lu Sheng liked luxury items.
The two people were wandering around in a watch shop.
Looking at Lu Sheng beside him, this person seemed to not even have followed him for half a month.
In the beginning, he was attracted by Lu Sheng’s face, feeling like his interest in Lu Sheng might last one or two months.
Based on what he’s seeing today, don’t say a month, right now there wasn’t any interest. 

Yang Yan bought Lu Sheng a watch that’s worth more than sixty thousand.
Lu Sheng’s eyebrows raised up from happiness.
After sitting in the car, Lu Sheng was abnormally excited and turned his body over to land a kiss on Yang Yan’s face.

Yang Yan’s brows micro twisted, whether it’s joy or rage was unknown.

The time quickly reached night.
Towards roommate Zhou Xing’s question about the surgery’s situation, the explanation Xu Ze gave was that the thing in his body produced a bit of mutation.
It might still need observation for a few months.

Zhou Xing didn’t understand the truth.
Seeing no difference in Xu Ze’s expression, he told Xu Ze to rest more and take good care of himself. 

In the evening, the students in the dormitory were going out to eat hot pot together for dinner.
Usually, they would definitely call up Xu Ze, however today they did not call.
They knew Xu Ze’s body had a problem, so they let Xu Ze rest in the dormitory.

Soon after the roommates left, Yang Yan’s phone number called.
Yang Yan directly said he was already downstairs from Xu Ze.

“Then wait a bit, I’ll immediately come down.” Xu Ze finished talking and planned to go downstairs with a coat.

“You stay in the dormitory, I’ll go up.” Yang Yan didn’t give Xu Ze time to respond by immediately cutting off the call. 

After a few minutes, Xu Ze heard someone knocking on the door.
Opening the door to look, Yang Yan stood tall outside.

The corridor had a person passing by.
After seeing Yang Yan and Xu Ze, they glance over an eye.

Xu Ze stepped backward, letting Yang Yan enter the room.

He closed the door.
The dormitory wasn’t really narrow, but because of Yang Yan’s sudden appearance, it’s as if even the air solidified. 

After Yang Yan walked inside, he turned his body and stared at Xu Ze.
His entire face was like a sculpture, not having much feeling or warmth.

The sharp posture looked like he came to question what’s the matter, and not coming to discuss with Xu Ze the matter of the child.


“I have a house right outside the school, you’ll move there to live.” Yang Yan opened his mouth first.
As soon as he made a sound, he solved a matter Xu Ze originally wanted to discuss with him.

“En.” Xu Ze nodded his head.
He wouldn’t ask why Yang Yan wanted this child, it wouldn’t be because he liked him anyways. 

“After moving over, I’ll hire someone to take care of you.
You also can rest assured, no one else would know.

Yang Yan’s efficiency of working on things was very high.

Xu Ze went to sit on the chair beside the table.
He sat with his head up and met with Yang Yan’s gaze.

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“The ten million that you said…… If I give birth to this child, you’ll give me ten million.” Xu Ze felt that he had to clearly confirm this matter. 

Yang Yan seemed to smile a bit in his eyes, but it was instantly fleeting.

“Yes, ten million.
During your pregnancy period, I’ll transfer you five hundred thousand every month.
When the child is born, the rest will be in one final payment.” Yang Yan took out a card as he finished talking.

“In here I already transferred five hundred thousand.”

Yang Yan handed over the card to Xu Ze. 

After receiving the card, Xu Ze looked at it carefully.

“What’s the password?” Xu Ze asked.

“The first six digits of the card’s number.” Yang Yan stared at the card holding Xu Ze, and made a request, “You sign an insurance booklet, promising that after the child is born, to not appear in front of him and you can’t let him know you were the one that birthed him.”

“Ok, I’ll sign it immediately.” Even if Yang Yan didn’t say it, Xu Ze letting the child know of his existence was impossible. 

He received the money, representing that after the child was born, it’ll have nothing to do with him in the future.

After signing the insurance booklet, Xu Ze gave the insurance booklet to Yang Yan.

Yang Yan’s eyes flickered, subconsciously his sight landed on top of Xu Ze’s stomach.
Even if Xu Ze’s demeanor was the same, Yang Yan always had a feeling that Xu Ze was purposely acting strong.

“You tidy up your things and move over in these two days.” 

The matters were negotiated just like this and were faster than Xu Ze expected.
When Yang Yan was leaving, Xu Zu said that it happened to be mealtime and they should just eat a meal together.

He didn’t have any other meaning, but it seemed that Yang Yan thought he did.
Yang Yan stared at Xu Ze with an unknown meaning, but opened the door and left without saying anything.


After Yang Yan left, Xu Ze took out the bank card and played with it between his fingers.

Based on what Yang Yan said, after a month he’ll give him five hundred thousand.
After a few months, he would have a few million.
Maybe he could start looking for a house right now. 

Xu Ze’s eyes were filled with smiles.
He stood up and walked outside of the balcony.
Caressing his flat stomach, Xu Ze said thanks to the baby inside his stomach.

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Yang Yan: He looks to be calm, but I know he’s definitely faking it, secretly crying painful tears in a place I don’t know.

Xu Ze: Ten million, I wonder where I should buy a house?

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