Today, the road conditions were unexpectedly bad.
While Yang Yan was driving to the hospital, after some time passed, there would be a traffic light.
He wanted to step on the gas and pass the light, but he saw Xu Ze who was holding his stomach and curling up in the back seat.
Although he wanted to go to the hospital immediately, he was afraid that because of his carelessness, something unexpected might happen.
Yang Yan knew that he could not bear that consequence. taHYPw

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Every second waiting for the red light was a kind of torment for Yang Yan.
His brows deeply furrowed, suddenly annoyed by his own stupidity.
He clearly knew that Xu Ze might give birth in these two days.
The due date was within these few days, yet Yang Yan did not specially arrange for anyone to stay outside during the exam.

If only someone had been arranged in advance, Xu Ze might have already been at the hospital at this time.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yang Yan felt uncomparable self remorse.

The car reached the hospital.
Getting out of the car, Yang Yan went to the back seat and carried Xu Ze out.
He was holding an adult who was not much shorter than himself, yet Yang Yan’s pace was unusually fast. vkpduz

Or in other words, he was carrying Xu Ze and running.

Because of the phone call in advance, there were already medical staffs waiting at the hospital.
Yang Yan was a friend of Xie Chengzhou and the hospital was invested in by Xie Chengzhou’s family.
Naturally, since Yang Yan’s person had a problem, they were walking through the internal channel of the hospital.

Xu Ze was sent to the delivery room.
At that time, Yang Yan was anxious and wanted to follow in, but was immediately stopped by the medical staff.

Standing outside the delivery room, for so many years, the feeling of powerlessness at this moment was the strongest for Yang Yan.


He suddenly seemed to return to that certain day a few months ago.
That day he was playing outside with his friends and called Xu Ze over there temporarily.

A friend asked Xu Ze to drink.
Xu Ze found a reason, saying that he was not feeling well and it was inconvenient to drink.

Then they came to the hospital and asked Xu Ze to do an inspection to see if he was lying or not.

The results of the inspection came out, proving that Xu Ze was not lying.
It was that he was pregnant and bearing Yang Yan’s child. YEMzCS

Recalling a little bit later, on the day Xu Ze planned to have an operation to abort the child, something went wrong during the operation.
Xu Ze’s body had abnormal bleeding.
If the child was rashly aborted, it might have a great impact on his body.

At that time, after he knew about this and then saw Xu Ze’s pale and colorless face lying on the bed, Yang Yan felt a little pity.
It wasn’t because of how much he liked Xu Ze or the child in Xu Ze’s belly.
At that time, he didn’t have any feelings for Xu Ze and the child.

Who would have thought that afterward in an extremely short period of time, Yang Yan’s own heart would be captured by Xu Ze day by day?

Right now, Xu Ze was about to give birth and was pushed into the delivery room.
Yang Yan was even thinking that as long as Xu Ze and the baby were safe, even if he lived ten years less, no, twenty years less, it was completely okay. dHTmWd

As long as the father and son were safe.

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The anesthesia was injected into the lower body.
Xu Ze himself was still conscious, even being able to vaguely feel the distinct feeling of a sharp scalpel cutting a hole in his body.

His body was a man.
The structure of his body was naturally different from that of an ordinary woman.
Most women might choose to give birth naturally, but Xu Ze couldn’t do that here.
He could only do the c section.

The operation light was dazzling.
He was lying on the operating table surrounded by doctors and medical staff.
Because of the anesthesia, Xu Ze could not feel any pain. nhDIoP

And because of this matter of giving birth, for Xu Ze, it seemed that his consciousness and his body were separated.
His body was lying still, yet his consciousness floated to the side.

It was an intriguing feeling for him, as he watched the operation that was going on in silence.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Occasionally, Xu Ze would have a kind of feeling.
He secretly seemed to feel that the reason he had crossed over might be because of this unborn child.

And once the baby was born, it would be time for him to leave. qOIdQ3

Thinking to this point, Xu Ze actually felt that this seemed okay.

Although he had been pregnant for the past few months, in general situations, the baby was still well-behaved and obedient while in his belly, only being occasionally mischievous.
He wasn’t like other pregnant people, vomiting and unable to eat things while pregnant.
On the contrary, Xu Ze had an especially good appetite.

Xu Ze’s split consciousness floated aside.
He watched the doctor skillfully cut open his stomach and then slowly took out a bloody baby from inside.

The little baby curled up his small body.
His entire body that was just taken out appeared wrinkled like a little monkey.
Yet even like this, in Xu Ze’s eyes, this bright red little monkey only made Xu Ze feel that he was strangely cute. EuAe1F

Baby, I think your dad would definitely be very happy if he knew that you finally came into this world healthy!

Xu Ze told the baby in his heart.
The baby’s dad in his words was not himself, nor was Yang Yan who was anxiously waiting outside.
It was the soul that left because his body was occupied by Xu Ze.

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The doctor held the little guy upside down and patted the little guy’s little butt.
Wawawa, the baby opened his mouth and cried out with a clear voice.

Xu Ze’s consciousness returned to his body because of the baby’s cry.
His entire body felt abnormally weak.
But even so, his watering peach blossom eyes still revealed a smile. yNbqOD

He came into this world and surprisingly became a father.
This body and the child had no relations with him.
But under the company of the past few months, Xu Ze had already developed feelings for the little guy growing in his belly.
Seeing the baby being born, hearing the first sound of the baby coming into this world, Xu Ze had never felt this moved in this life.

A medical staff carried the baby over and let Xu Ze take a look.
Xu Ze stared at the little guy’s little face and the little hands that were clenched into fists.
He slightly bowed his head and slightly smiled at the little guy.
The baby was just born so his eyes were still closed.
He didn’t know that Xu Ze was smiling at him.

The medical staff took the baby to take a bath and rinsed off the blood on his body, while the doctor on Xu Ze’s side began to suture the wound on his abdomen.

Xu Ze finally breathed a sigh of relief when it reached here.
He tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling overhead.
In a trance, he didn’t think of the baby but suddenly thought of Yang Yan outside the door.
He thought of that ten million yuan. CUTAvf

The previous agreement with Yang Yan was that he would give birth to the child, then Yang Yan would give him 10 million yuan.

At present, Xu Ze had 4.5 million yuan in his hands.
After using more than 1 million to buy an apartment, there were still 5.5 million.
Xu Ze thought, in a while when he met Yang Yan, he had to make Yang Yan pay the rest at once.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Thinking here, Xu Ze smiled.
He’s afraid that if he mentioned this matter to Yang Yan, the expression on Yang Yan’s face would definitely be very good-looking.

But this was something that had already been agreed upon in advance.
No matter what Yang Yan thought, Xu Ze would leave after taking the money. OL umX

The wound was sutured.
The effect of the anesthetic was still there, so Xu Ze felt no strength in his body and also could not feel pain.

After the operation, Xu Ze was pushed out.
As soon as he went out, a tall figure walked over quickly.
The man held Xu Ze’s hand tightly as soon as he walked over, staring at Xu Ze with a pair of red bloodshot eyes.
Xu Ze heard Yang Yan asking him how he was.
The corners of Xu Ze’s mouth curved.
He was too weak, so he didn’t make a sound.

Yang Yan turned to look at the doctor.
The doctor told him that the operation went well and that there were no problems.
Xu Ze and the baby were both safe and sound.

Hearing that the two were safe, Yang Yan’s worried heart put to rest a bit.
He helped push the hospital bed back to the ward.
During the middle of the process, Yang Yan never let go of Xu Ze’s hand and kept holding it tightly. oaX18r

Xu Ze felt tired and mouthed to Yang Yan that he would sleep for a while.
Yang Yan carefully covered Xu Ze with the blanket.
He watched Xu Ze close his eyes and stare at his face without blinking.
Only when Xu Ze let out a shallow breathing sound, did Yang Yan’s body lean forward.
He lowered his head and dropped a kiss on Xu Ze’s cool forehead.

Yang Yan accompanied and sat next to Xu Ze for a good while.
After some time, a medical staff came in and told Yang Yan that he could now see the baby.

Yang Yan got up and stared at Xu Ze for a moment.
Seeing that Xu Ze was sound asleep, he thought of leaving for a while and then coming back immediately.
Yang Yan followed the medical staff to see the baby in the nursery.

Xu Ze, who was originally sleeping in the ward, suddenly opened his eyes.
Xu Ze showed a sliver of confusion.
He was originally in the middle of sleeping, but suddenly there was a voice calling him right by his ear.
That voice woke Xu Ze up.
As a result, he looked around the ward, yet he couldn’t find even half a shadow. dPmb2R

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“Xu Ze, thank you!” A little light group appeared in the midair.
The shape of the light group unexpectedly resembled a little baby.

Staring at the ball of light, Xu Ze’s brows furrowed slightly as he asked who the other party was.

Xu Ze was asking in his heart, yet the other party was able to hear Xu Ze’s voice.
It replied, “I’m System 759.
Thank you for assisting me to complete my job this time.” The ball of light’s voice was mechanical, yet he seemed to be able to hear that its gratitude was very sincere.

“What job?” Xu Ze didn’t open his mouth.
Since the other party could know what he was thinking, he could just think in his heart. Xv07oH

“Let the baby be born smoothly.” 759 replied.

Xu Ze’s expression was slightly surprised.
After the surprise, he recovered his calm.
This was basically the same as a certain conjecture of his.
He always believed that everything that happened was for a reason and was not appearing without any reason at all.

It turned out that he was actually transmigrated with a mission.
The mission of giving birth to a child?

“Why didn’t you show up and tell me about this matter in the beginning?” Xu Ze asked with his eyes piercing and sharp.
The light ball he was staring coldly at suddenly shook. gNJLGo

The light ball didn’t make a sound, as if thinking of an excuse.

And so Xu Ze self-asked and self-answered: “Because you knew that if you told me at the time, I would definitely not agree, right?”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

After a good while, the light ball gave a low ‘en’.
It was clearly a system, yet Xu Ze could actually see a little pitiness from it.

“Are you pretending to be pitiful with me?” After knowing the real reason why he came to this world, if he wanted to say that he was deceived and abused, this kind of feeling in fact was not much.
Because during this period of time, Xu Ze felt that what he lived through was okay.
He ate well, dressed well, and lived well.
There was also Yang Yan, this person who liked him.
Those contacts between them also made Xu Ze realize that rolling in bed with someone was a joyful and enjoyable thing, both physically and mentally. 2VW1rB

So Xu Ze didn’t really have any anger in his heart at all.
Instead, he found it unexpected, interesting, and very exciting.

“I’m sorry!” In a pitiful voice, 759 apologized to Xu Ze.

“It already happened, so don’t say sorry.” Xu Ze smiled playfully, “Okay, let’s talk about it now.
What did you come out here for?”

If it really ended like this, Xu Ze thought that maybe the system should not have appeared.
Just for an instant right now, Xu Ze had a thought.
He felt that everything here was not the end and might be the beginning. Lqbs9D

All those thoughts of Xu Ze’s were observed by the system.
It descended from midair and landed on the hospital bed.

When Xu Ze raised his eyes and stared at it calmly, the system said slowly, “Yes, it’s as you thought.
This is the first mission.
There are many similar missions to follow.”

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“Similar? I still have to continue to transmigrate and continue to have children?” Xu Ze asked with narrowed eyes.

“Yes.” The system ‘looked’ at Xu Ze.
Although it had no eyes, Xu Ze could feel it was watching him. zjXmcO

“Can I go back to my original world in the end? Return safely and freely?” Xu Ze’s face turned serious.

“You can.
I believe in your ability.
None of these tasks is a problem for you.” The system had always been observing secretly.
Xu Ze had a charm that ordinary people did not have.
That charm even made this system, that didn’t have a heart or emotions, felt like Xu Ze’s entire person was bright and dazzling.

“Okay, then the next question.
What can I get? If I help you, what can you give me?” In Xu Ze’s life dictionary, giving and getting were equated.

It didn’t have to be a complete equal sign.
It was fine to bend it a little bit, but he must get something. piJk8P

He didn’t have some sort of big generous heart.
He was just an ordinary selfish person.

“Ten years.
Every time the mission is completed, you can continue to stay in this world for ten years.
In these ten years, your appearance won’t age and be free from disasters and pains.
RIght, there is one more.
According to a saying in your world, you will be a European Emperor.” The system told Xu Ze the rewards for every mission.

Xu Ze listened and lowered his eyes.
Any one of the rewards was very good in his opinion.
Even if it was only one of those, he felt that this transaction with the system was worthwhile.

Ten years of unaging appearance, no disaster and no pain, and European Emperor.
Any one was enough to make people envious, yet unexpectedly, it turned out that they were all added together. qUmETS

He’ll do this transaction!

“Okay, deal!” No one would resist this kind of temptation.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The mission has already been completed.
Do you plan to leave after some time or right now?” The system asked Xu Ze.

“I can choose?” nrTouY

“You can.”

“Wait, has Yang Yan sent over the remaining 5.5 million yet?” He couldn’t leave without receiving the money.

“It has already arrived.”

“Then I’ll… 

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