The matter of leaning over to kiss Xu Ze, Yang Yan only thought about it in his heart and wouldn’t put it into action.
There were people coming and going around them.
Although the two of them were not standing in the middle of the road, in the short moment that Yang Yan pulled Xu Ze’s hand, there were already pedestrians on the road that noticed them. tlfnPQ

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Although Yang Yan missed the warmth of Xu Ze’s skin, he still slowly released his hand.

He had stood on the side of the road for a long time.
When Xu Ze appeared from a distance, he had noticed Xu Ze in advance.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Originally, Yang Yan was spending the New Year at home with his family, but his heart could not calm down.
It was like when Xu Ze left, his heart also left together with Xu Ze and the baby in his womb.

At that time, Yang Yan didn’t think about anything, only wanting to see Xu Ze.
Or, even just going to Xu Ze’s hometown, then standing downstairs at Xu Ze’s house just to have a look was completely fine. 48CpSr

What surprised Yang Yan was that Xu Ze would actually go out alone at this time.
When the tall handsome figure appeared in his sight, Yang Yan heard the rapid beating of his heart.
His pair of eyes were fixated on Xu Ze until Xu Ze walked in front of him.
Until Xu Ze found him.

Logically speaking, it was already an unexpected surprise to be able to see Xu Ze like this.
Yang Yan didn’t come in vain this time.

He should be satisfied.
Yang Yan thought that it should be like this.
However, it seemed that human beings were a kind of creature that was difficult to be satisfied.

Yang Yan found that he couldn’t be satisfied just by looking at Xu Ze like this.
When he was satisfied with a little, bigger desires were born.


In those desires, he wanted to hug Xu Ze, but not in the current way where there was a distance between them.
That tiny distance gave Yang Yan a misconception as if Xu Ze was far away from him.

Yang Yan didn’t speak, yet the thoughts in his heart were completely exposed in his eyes that were focused on Xu Ze.
Xu Ze could see it all clearly.

This person, on the night of New Year’s Eve, did not accompany his family but drove here alone to see him this late at night.
Xu Ze believed that if he didn’t want to come out to watch the fireworks on a whim, maybe he wouldn’t have ever known that Yang Yan would appear downstairs.

Just because of Yang Yan’s accidental appearance tonight, Xu Ze’s heart was cold, however, it’s not like he didn’t have one. poBVy5

Though him being moved, was only for an instant.

Suddenly Xu Ze felt a little warmer in his heart.
Not mentioning the past and just based on now, Xu Ze was a tiny bit happy when he saw Yang Yan appear.

Compared to his indifferent family and environment, Yang Yan’s eyes were much warmer.
The temperature in Yang Yan’s palm also made Xu Ze feel warm.

“Did you bring your ID card?” Xu Ze asked a strange question. wRKdgW

Yang Yan came here by car.
Naturally, he would bring his ID card with him at all times.
Although he didn’t know why Xu Ze asked this, he still nodded, “Brought it.”

As he tightly followed Xu Ze, Xu Ze suddenly looked down at his phone’s time.
It was around 10:20 and it was not too late.
When it’s 12:00, it could be guessed that many people would be paying their fidelity.
Even if he went back to sleep at this time, he might be woken up soon after by the noise.

Xu Ze raised his head.
Under the streetlamp, his peach blossom eyes seemed to be covered with a thin mist, looking soft and charming.

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“Ktfc ifa’r ub.” We If rjlv klat j rtjiibk rwlif. xcGFTN

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Tjcu Tjc rabbv lc qijmf obg j ktlif, yfobgf tlr ibcu ifur mtjrfv joafg We If lc j ofk rafqr.

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This direction was not where Xu Ze’s family lived and even went farther and farther away from Xu Ze’s home.
The confusion in Yang Yan’s heart received an explanation a few minutes later.

Because Xu Ze took him to the front of a small hotel.
Of course, there was a starred hotel here, just that it was a little far away so they might have to take a taxi to go there.
Anyway, they would only take some time and he would leave after they were done, so Xu Ze did not want to go too far. J2Qwdx

Entering the small hotel, Xu Ze motioned for Yang Yan to take out his ID card and open a room.
If Yang Yan was still confused before, now he basically understood Xu Ze’s intention.
Yang Yan paid to open a room.

There was no elevator in the small hotel, so the two took the stairs to go upstairs.
Originally, the front desk asked Xu Ze to also show his identity, but Xu Ze said that he was only here to send his friend and would leave after a while.

The two walked up the stairs.
Xu Ze walked in front while Yang Yan walked behind him.
The stairs were a bit steep, so Yang Yan constantly paid attention to Xu Ze with a deep expression, as if he was worried that Xu Ze would have any mishaps.

When they got to the room, Xu Ze walked to the window.
This was the third floor.
Standing by the window, he could see people setting off fireworks from time to time.
There was an air conditioner in the room and Yang Yan turned it on.
Then he came behind Xu Ze and got close since it was just the two of them here.
Yang Yan seemed to smell the fragrance from Xu Ze’s hair.
That scent was faint yet refreshing to the heart. xI lur

Yang Yan felt a little drunk.
He clasped Xu Ze’s shoulders and pulled his body over.
Facing Xu Ze’s charming and smiling peach blossom eyes, Yang Yan’s self-control was exhausted.
He leaned forward and kissed Xu Ze.

It had only been a few days since they were separated.
Yet in these past few days, Yang Yan always had varying degrees of insomnia at night.
Occasionally, he would even wake up in the middle of the night.
He would subconsciously reach out and touch the area to his side.
Naturally, he touched nothing but air.

The smoking addiction that he originally had quit for a while seemed to have relapsed in the past few days.
Yang Yan took out a cigarette and lit it, but only smelled it and did not smoke.
If he smoked right now, then when Xu Ze comes back, he would have to quit it again.

However, the smoking addiction and the emptiness hit him together.
Yang Yan’s emotions became more violent day by day.
Fortunately, after coming to see Xu Ze, Xu Ze did not reject him.
If Xu Ze saw him at the time, yet pretended not to see him, and then turned to leave, Yang Yan thought that the beast in his heart would’ve broken through the iron fence and run out. o1bPQB

Xu Ze’s lips were very soft.
As Yang Yan kissed, he clasped Xu Ze’s body tightly and sucked with his strength.

Without his eyes closed, a strong spring color floated onto Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes.
His eyes dyed with a smile, staring at the person who was in front of him and hugging him.
While interacting and tangling with the other party’s tongue and lips, the tingling sensation on the tip of the tongue hit.
Xu Ze found that he was sinking into Yang Yan’s fierce offensive, yet seemed to be watching coldly from the sidelines.

The him that was cold-eyed suddenly felt that Yang Yan was a little pitiful.

This person had personal conditions that countless people envied and had enormous wealth.
He clearly used to be a promiscuous person, yet now Yang Yan surprisingly planted himself onto him. qJvPYi

As for Xu Ze himself, he admitted that he was somewhat touched by these actions from Yang Yan.
However, it was only touched.

Xu Ze only felt that Yang Yan was really pitiful.

Was he still thinking that after the child was born, their family of three would live happily together?

That was impossible! XFvog1

Xu Ze raised his hand and wrapped his arms around Yang Yan’s broad and strong back.
Xu Ze has always known the kind of person he was.
He has also always been clear about what he wanted.

He was extremely good at controlling his emotions.
He won’t become emotionally out of control because he traveled to a different world, let alone for someone like Yang Yan.

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Yang Yan was indeed very talented.
The so-called prodigal son couldn’t change for money, so it could be said that the current Yang Yan would be regarded as a good man.

Xu Ze slowly closed his eyes, letting Yang Yan carry him, and walked towards the bed.
His body fell onto the bed as a black shadow covered him. 6 OyjK

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Xu Ze wondered why he didn’t realize it before, that being liked by someone was this feeling.
That manipulating another person’s feelings was actually quite interesting.

Yang Yan took off the scarf wrapped around Xu Ze’s neck.
It had been more than half an hour since it was just put on.


Xu Ze buttoned his down jacket as he stood in the center of the room.
Yang Yan also got up, using an indescribable expression to stare at Xu Ze.

Xu Ze smiled lightly: “I have to go back, otherwise my parents will ask me what I am doing outside.
They don’t like me spending the night outside casually.” LJjOhg

Yang Yan’s lips moved slightly.
After a good while, he also got up.

“I’ll send you back.”

“No need, it’s a few blocks away.
No need to send me off.” Xu Ze walked to the door.
When the door opened, he turned his head around and said another sentence, “Go back early tomorrow.
It’s more suitable to be with your family during the New Year.”

Yang Yan wanted to tell Xu Ze that you and the baby are my family.
Yet before he could say this, Xu Ze had already opened the door and walked out. qBdme

The door closed in front of Yang Yan’s eyes.
Yang Yan stared at the door with a cold face before he walked to the window.
He stood by the window and saw Xu Ze walking out of the small hotel.
His gaze stayed on Xu Ze until his figure disappeared into the night.
Yang Yan still stood there without moving.

There was clearly some sort of undissipated aura in the room.
The emptiness in Yang Yan’s heart reappeared dozens of minutes after being filled.
The reappeared emptiness even became stronger.

After staying in his hometown for more than a week, Xu Ze left early on the grounds of his part-time job.
His parents didn’t seem to have any doubts about Xu Ze’s words.
Perhaps because in their eyes, Xu Ze had been very obedient from childhood to now, he has never made them worried.

When he was leaving home, his mother suddenly said to Xu Ze, “You still have to take good care of yourself at school.” She said caring words using a cold tone, which only gave people the feeling of it being business-like. 0G7UML

Xu Ze nodded: “En.”

Carrying his suitcase and leaving on the high-speed train, Xu Ze contacted Yang Yan the day before.
Yet, as a result, Yang Yan had some matters to deal with that day and was unable to pick up Xu Ze at the station.
After Xu Ze got out of the car, he took a taxi by himself.

He had been pregnant for almost five months so Xu Ze’s belly looked like a small watermelon.
Sitting in the car, Xu Ze put his hands on his belly.
The baby right now was not asleep.
He was like a little fish swimming quietly inside.
Occasionally when he became playful, he would blow a few bubbles.
Xu Ze stared at his stomach, eyebrows becoming gentle to the extreme.

When he got home, Auntie Dong was already there.
She helped drag the suitcase to the bedroom.
Xu Ze said a belated Happy New Year to Auntie Dong after she came out of the bedroom.
Auntie Dong smiled very lovingly.
In Auntie Dong’s eyes, she treated Xu Ze as a junior. wUD2KI

Xu Ze had been in the car for several hours so he didn’t unpack his luggage immediately.
He first went to his room to change into comfortable clothes, and then sat down on the living room sofa to rest.

Auntie Dong seemed to suddenly remember something after done being busy.
She came to Xu Ze and said to him, “Xiao Yang renovated that room downstairs and made it into a baby room.
While you were home during the New Year, he called people to work on it.
Now that it’s done, Xu Ze, do you want to go in and have a look?”

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Baby room? Xu Ze was particularly surprised at that time.
He completely didn’t think about this problem at all.
This was because for him, after giving birth to the child, he wouldn’t continue to live here.
He never thought that Yang Yan had already begun preparing these things.

“By the way, when you went to the hospital for the examination, did you see whether the baby was a boy or a girl?” When Auntie Dong brought Xu Ze to the baby’s room, she turned around and asked Xu Ze. eIo62d

The closed-door was pushed open in front of Xu Ze’s eyes.
The devices in the room made Xu Ze’s eyes slightly widen.

Without hearing what Auntie Dong was saying, Xu Ze walked into the baby room.

Whatever Xu Ze could think of, Yang Yan had someone prepare it.
A small crib and a large nanny bed next to it, a soft carpet on the ground, and many dolls and toys.
There was a large wardrobe, so Xu Ze walked to the front of it and opened it.
There were many small baby clothes neatly arranged.

He took one out and put it in his hand.
The clothes were soft and definitely weren’t cheap at first glance.
Xu Ze blinked his eyes to see that these things in front of his eyes were indeed real. ivD7sR

Auntie Dong also walked into the room and talked to Xu Ze.
She had given birth to a child before so she had been where Xu Ze was right now.
She told Xu Ze many things about babies.
Xu Ze pursed his lips lightly, wanting to interrupt Auntie Dong.
The words reach the edge of his mouth, yet he never said them.

Walking out of the baby room, Xu Ze slowly exhaled.
He went back to his room on the grounds that he was a little sleepy.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Xu Ze lowered his eyes and stared at his bulging belly.
Xu Ze said in his heart to the baby, “It seems that your father will love you very much.”

The baby was sleeping, lying inside quietly. 0lr5nF

Knowing that Xu Ze returned home, Yang Yan quickly drove back after eating dinner that night.
As soon as he opened the door and found that there was no one in the living room, Yang Yan’s heart felt empty.
Then Auntie Dong came out and told Yang Yan that Xu Ze was reading in his room. ynB34a

Yang Yan nodded, then opened the door of Xu Ze’s bedroom.

Three days have passed since the last night they met, yet Yang Yan seemed to feel that it was not only three days, but three months or even longer.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He walked into the room and to the front of Xu Ze.

Xu Ze put down the book as he raised his head to look at Yang Yan.
The expression in this person’s eyes seemed to be getting stronger day by day.
The tide seemed as if it wanted to drown someone. ZUuDcw

Xu Ze curled his lips and smiled: “I went to see the baby room.
It’s pretty good, the baby will definitely like it.”

Yang Yan’s eyes flickered as he said, “In two days let’s go to the hospital for another checkup.” Because of New Year, the monthly obstetric checkup was postponed.
Now that Xu Ze was back, they should go to check it out.

“Okay.” Xu Ze naturally had no objection.

He put the book aside since Yang Yan was here.
Xu Ze couldn’t just ignore the person and continue to read his book.


“With this situation of mine, I’ll probably have a c-section.
I wonder where the cut will be made?” Xu Ze had never said these words to Yang Yan before.
While he talked, the coldness in his eyes was much less.
It seemed that after the Chinese New Year, Xu Ze had changed a bit.

“I will hire the best obstetrician.” Yang Yan’s gaze was heavy.

“In terms of time, it probably will be in mid-July.
I always feel that it may affect the exam.”

Xu Ze seemed to be in a good mood today and talked a lot more than before. jJkLOK

“I will handle the problem of the exam.
Even if you don’t go to take the exam, you won’t fail.” Although their school was an institution of higher learning, it’s not like there weren’t some hidden operations.

Yang Yan’s answer didn’t surprise Xu Ze.
He knew that with Yang Yan’s power, he could do these things.

But it was enough for him to take Yang Yan’s money.
He didn’t need Yang Yan to do this for him again.

“No need, at most I’ll stay back a grade.
School life is quite interesting.
If I can stay for one more year, then I’ll just stay here longer.” Xu Ze said with a slight smile. cPWvmO

Seeing the overflowing, warm smile on Xu Ze’s face, Yang Yan nodded.
Xu Ze could do whatever he wanted to, he would always satisfy Xu Ze.

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A few days later, Yang Yan drove Xu Ze to the hospital for the obstetric checkup.
Compared with the last time he saw it, the baby on the screen seemed to be bigger.
The outline of the whole body was particularly obvious.
They could even see that the baby was awake during the color Doppler ultrasound.
The baby was gently kicking his legs in Xu Ze’s belly.

Xu Ze felt the subtle little movements.
Just like Yang Yan, he was staring at the screen.

Recently, Xu Ze’s abdominal pain has been significantly less.
His body was healthy so the baby was also healthy. nAfmps

After the inspection, the two returned.

Yang Yan called Auntie Dong in advance and said that they would not go home for dinner tonight, but would eat outside.

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The car was driving on the road.
Yang Yan knew that a newly opened restaurant’s mushroom soup pot was okay.
He had eaten it with the people in his family during New Year.

At that time, he thought that after Xu Ze came back, he would take Xu Ze to eat it too. FGq7OE

When they went there, the store was doing very well.
It was almost full of people, so they still needed to wait a while until there was an empty seat.
Yang Yan asked Xu Ze what he wanted to do.
Xu Ze smelled the fragrance of the soup floating in the air.
It was still early anyway, so it didn’t matter if they waited.

The two sat in the resting area and waited.
It should be said that it was quite a coincidence since after waiting for a few minutes, they actually saw an acquaintance.

Xie Chengzhou and Jiang Li came to the restaurant together to eat.

When the two of them saw Yang Yan and Xu Ze, the four expressions were practically the same.
They obviously didn’t expect to meet here. 1TPXCr

Everyone knew one another.
So naturally, since they arrived at the same restaurant, they definitely would be seated together.

As soon as Xie Chengzhou saw Xu Ze, he basically ignored Jiang Li who was following him.
Xie Chenzhou walked over and sat beside Xu Ze, staring at Xu Ze without blinking.

“Xu Ze, when did you come back ?” Xie Chengzhou also knew about Xu Ze’s return to his hometown for the New Year.
However it wasn’t that he deliberately asked about it, but because of Yang Yan.
After Xu Ze left, the state expressed by Yang Yan’s entire personality was as if something important had left.

Speaking of which, after Xu Ze left early from the previous picnic that was halfway on the mountain, Xie Chengzhou thought about things carefully after returning to his home.
Although he still liked Xu Ze, at the same time, he could see clearly that Xu Ze didn’t have even a sliver of interest in him.
Even if it was Yang Yan who was living with Xu Ze, the gaze Xu Ze had while looking at Yang Yan was the same as when he looked at other people. phjKC4

Yet, Yang Yan still shoved himself deeper.

Since even Yang Yan’s heart could be captured by Xu Ze, Xie Chengzhou thought that maybe he was no exception.

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As for Jiang Li, Xu Ze’s stand-in that he found, Xie Chengzhou originally planned to give him some money and then let him leave.
However, if Jiang Li left, he still might have to find someone later.
The new one wasn’t as easy to use as the old one, not to mention that Jiang Li was docile and untroublesome.
Xie Chengzhou thought about letting Jiang Li continue to accompany him.
Even after Jiang Li graduated, if Jiang Li was still as obedient as he was now, Xie Chengzhou would find a good job for Jiang Li.

But however you say it, a substitute was a substitute.
A substitute could not be compared with the original.

Once the original appeared, Xie Chengzhou’s eyes basically could no longer see the substitute.

Facing Xie Chengzhou’s question, Xu Ze’s smile was very shallow.
His attitude was similar to before, neither cold nor indifferent. 3kNg2r

“Just a few days back.” After saying this, Xu Ze looked over to Jiang Li who was standing behind Xie Chengzhou.

If it was changed to someone else, their heart would probably be uncomfortable seeing their gold owner have their eyes filled with another person right in front of them.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

The former Jiang Li was indeed a little uncomfortable.
However, after he met Xu Ze, he could understand very well why Xie Chengzhou would like Xu Ze.

Because even he was captured by Xu Ze’s good looks and unique temperament the first time he saw Xu Ze. UEHfzn

While Xie Chengzhou was staring at Xu Ze, Jiang Li’s situation was basically the same as Xie Chengzhou.

If he hadn’t cared about his identity, he might have also rushed in front of Xu Ze.

Seeing Xu Ze suddenly looking up at him, Jiang Li felt happy but also worried that others would see that he liked Xu Ze.
Jiang Li controlled the emotions on his face.

“Jiang Li, I still haven’t thanked you for the last time when you called someone to help me.” ZNo3xj

“Thank you.”

Xu Ze suddenly remembered this matter after seeing Jiang Li.

Jiang Li’s eyes lit up slightly.
His fingers bent and his heart was happy because Xu Ze remembered his name only after seeing him once.

“No need for thanks, it’s good that you’re okay.” Jiang Li shook his head and revealed a smile.
The smile this time seemed even more real and sincere than when he was facing Xie Chengzhou. dBhbYf

Xie Chengzhou frowned slightly.
Why didn’t he find out before that the substitute lover he found actually also liked the person he liked to look at?

This was actually the first time he saw a situation like this.

Xie Chengzhou’s gaze was strange.
Jiang Li glanced over and his heart froze for a moment.
The other party’s eyes were sharp as if he could see through Jiang Li’s little thoughts in an instant.
Jiang Li hurriedly lowered his eyes, not daring to look at Xu Ze again.

The atmosphere by the people here seemed weird.
As a bystander, Yang Yan, who had been silent all this time, vaguely noticed some situations.
He was quite surprised.
The courage of this lover Xie Chengzhou had found was actually not small. D6wndt

However, Yang Yan didn’t put this person called Jiang Li into his eyes at all.
This person didn’t even have the qualifications to be his love rival.

Someone in the restaurant had finished eating so they checked out and left.
The waiter came over to inform people that there was a spot.
The four stood up one after another.

Yang Yan’s hand hovered behind Xu Ze’s back.
There were many people in the restaurant and there were also waiters coming and going.
Yang Yan held Xu Ze to protect Xu Ze and the baby in his belly.

The seats had already been cleaned up so the four of them sat down. HPVLkM

Yang Yan took the menu.
When it was time to order, he always based on Xu Ze’s preferences.
If Xu Ze didn’t like it, he wouldn’t order it.

After ordering, Yang Yan gave the menu to Xie Chengzhou, letting the other person see if there was anything to add.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Xie Chengzhou roughly swept over it with a glance before giving the menu to the waiter waiting.

The dishes came out very fast.
After a short while, they put a plate of a dish on the table.
The soup pot that was ordered was beef mushroom soup because Xu Ze liked to eat beef.
The beef was cooked quickly so it floated up after a while.
Yang Yan used his chopsticks to put the beef into Xu Ze’s bowl.
At the same time, he told Xu Ze that the meat was hot so be careful. K L8Zz

The two people sitting on the opposite side looked at Yang Yan and Xu Ze’s intimate behavior, their hearts feeling a little heavy.

During the meal, Xie Chengzhou took the initiative to start a topic: “It’s still a while before school is going to start/ Yang Yan, did you have any plans in mind?”

Yang Yan, who was named, looked at Xie Chengzhou.
Yang Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“I haven’t thought about it yet.
Did you have any?” Yang Yan asked back. c7BvZk

“I’m finding a place with suitable temperature to travel to for a while.” Xie Chengzhou smiled.

“That’s great.” Yang Yan also smiled.

“Then why don’t we arrange it to go together?” Xie Chengzhou glanced at Xu Ze who was next to Yang Yan.
Xu Ze was burying his head on eating meat.
His cheeks bulged slightly and his lips were crimson, looking extremely cute.

When his gaze returned to Yang Yan, Yang Yan’s expression contained some coldness. 1b8Fw

“If it’s going together then there’s no need.
The place you like is probably not suitable for Xu Ze.” Yang Yan’s words obviously contained some meaning inside.

Jiang Li, who was drinking soup, raised his eyes to look at Yang Yan and Xie Chengzhou.
The two men were clearly fighting each other with words.

Jiang Li looked at Xu Ze again.
Xu Ze was focused on eating as if he didn’t hear what the other two said.
But don’t mention it, Jiang Li lowered his eyes, he suddenly felt that whether it was Yang Yan or Xie Chengzhou, both of them were like children who were fighting.

Jiang Li was amused by his sudden thought.
He secretly held it back, though the corners of his mouth still raised involuntarily. M7jGlv

Just then, Xu Ze glanced at Jiang Li and saw the smile on Jiang Li’s face.

Jiang Li noticed that Xu Ze was looking at him and looked back.
Against Xu Ze’s slight inquiry, Jiang Li felt his ears become a bit warm.

The soup in Xu Ze’s bowl was gone and the spoon was also placed on the opposite side.
He told Yang Yan, “Help me get the spoon.”

Although Xu Ze didn’t call him directly, Xu Ze’s line of sight was on Yang Yan.
Yang Yan reached out his hand to take the spoon.
However at the same time, his hand stretched out, two other hands also stretched out. GBvbND

The three people who stretched out their hands looked at one another, obviously not expecting the other two to do the same thing.

The three hands stopped in midair.
Xu Ze was also surprised by this scene.
The three turned their eyes and stared at Xu Ze as if waiting for Xu Ze to make a sound.

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Xu Ze didn’t say a word, got up slightly, and took the spoon on the other side.

After getting the spoon, Xu Ze scooped the soup into his empty bowl, not looking at the three people with different strange expressions. QHGCwX

Holding up his spoon, Xu Ze blew on it twice before drinking it.

After putting down the bowl, those three people were still staring at Xu Ze.
It was as if they had not blinked and as if someone had taped their body acupuncture points.

Xu Ze simply wanted to sigh.

“Why are you all standing there? Would looking at me make you full?” Xu Ze asked with a smile. Nc6o9C

Then the eyes of those people told Xu Ze that indeed they could be full just by looking at him eating.

He was not the one who was not eating and starving their stomach.
He said everything he could say and he didn’t want to say anything else.
Xu Ze buried his head and concentrated on eating.

Yang Yan moved first, though he took his chopsticks to pick up food for Xu Ze.
After putting it in Xu Ze’s bowl, Yang Yan’s mouth was slightly hooked up.
His eyes were indifferent, yet there was some kind of attitude of superiority in them.
He looked at the other two.
Wanting to compete with him, no one was qualified to.

Xu Ze glanced at Yang Yan’s expression in the corner of his eyes.
He said in his heart childish, but he didn’t say anything out loud.
He slowly ate the food that Yang Yan got for him. QwapEF

After this meal, Xu Ze was full.
As for whether the other people were full, he didn’t know nor would he go and ask.
It had no relation to him.

After eating, they parted with Xie Chengzhou and Jiang Li on the side of the road.
Xu Ze got into Yang Yan’s car.

In the car, Yang Yan looked ahead but asked Xu Ze if there was any place he wanted to travel to.
It just so happened that he had a lot of time recently, so he could accompany Xu Ze to go around.

These few days, Xu Ze had mostly stayed at home.
The temperature was cold, so he didn’t want to go outside.
When he was at home, he mostly sat on the sofa with a blanket on his lap. OBpfrm

When asked where he wanted to go, Xu Ze naturally thought of what Xie Chengzhou mentioned during the meal.

Xu Ze had no specific city in mind.
Because of his physical condition, it was impossible for him to walk back and forth.
He could only find a place with suitable scenery and temperature for a walk.

“A place where the temperature is a bit higher.
It’s fine as long as it’s not too cold.” Xu Ze didn’t ask for much.

Yang Yan then gave an address. KEFpZz

Xu Ze nodded, expressing no other opinion.

Yang Yan was in charge of the process.
As a pregnant person, Xu Ze didn’t need to worry about these matters.
He only needed to take someone with him when the time came.

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Yang Yan still had a few things to deal with.
After done with those, he dragged his suitcase together with Xu Ze to the airport this afternoon.

After more than two hours of flight, the plane arrived at its destination. 1Ygdmc

The luggage was all carried by Yang Yan while Xu Ze only needed to take himself for the entire journey.
In the beginning, he wanted to help carry things but Yang Yan didn’t let him carry any heavy objects.
Afterward, Xu Ze stopped interfering.

The hotel’s car drove to the airport to pick up Xu Ze and Yang Yan.
After getting into the car, Xu Ze turned to the window to look at this unfamiliar city.
He wore a down jacket before coming here, however it was over 20 degrees Celsius here.
After getting off the plane, Xu Ze took off his down jacket and put on a thin loose coat.
It originally could have been avoided if Xu Ze’s stomach hadn’t become big.
Xu Ze’s body was tall and thin.
No matter how you looked at his face or his body, it was hard to imagine that his belly would swell up.
So he wore loose clothes to cover his belly to prevent people from staring at him with strange gazes.

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They arrived at the hotel.
Yang Yan ordered a luxurious suite that was so luxurious, that Xu Ze thought they were not entering a hotel but a certain private mansion.

The suite itself even contained a small swimming pool.
There was a floor-to-ceiling glass window on the edge of the swimming pool.
When he walked to the edge of the pool, Xu Ze looked out of the floor-to-ceiling window that seemed like half of the city was in sight.
This position’s angle was very good so Xu Ze stood there watching the city scenery.
Behind him, Yang Yan put down the suitcases and took out the luggage inside. b qg9J

For this trip, these five days they would be staying in this suite.
The temperature in the city was suitable.
One wouldn’t feel cold even if one wore one layer.
However, if Xu Ze went out, he usually still wore two since one couldn’t really cover his pregnant belly.

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The travel strategy was already prepared by Yang Yan ahead of time.
They went to places with few people like local museums, aquariums, and zoos.
Unlike most people, neither of them would take pictures with their phones.
Just remembering the beauty in their heart was enough.

They also went to the beach, though there were a lot of people.
Everyone was wearing fewer clothes and played around the seaside.
Looking at the azure blue water, the natural scenery of the sea seemed to be naturally very attractive to people.
It was so attractive that Xu Ze wanted to take a swim in the water.

But if he swam, this protruding belly of his would be way too obvious.


He couldn’t swim in the sea, but luckily, there was a swimming pool in the hotel’s suite.
Xu Ze changed into his swimming trunks before he got into the water and started to swim slowly. Pregnant people swimming occasionally was also better for the body.

Xu Ze swam in the water.
After swimming a while, he would lean on the shore to rest.
Meanwhile, Yang Yan also went into the water.
The swimming pool here was relatively small for him.
Swimming one lap around wasn’t enough to enjoy it.

Yet because of the other person in the pool, Yang Yan also felt that this pool was built very well.

Xu Ze was soaked all over.
As he leaned against the shore, a few strands of his hair fell from his forehead and a clear water droplet slid down his cheeks.
His upper body was exposed outside of the water.
His skin, which was as white as jade, was dyed with a soft light under the shine of sunlight. bE1pvm

Yang Yan thought that there would never ever be another person in this world, who was more tempting to him than Xu Ze.

Yang Yan swam over to Xu Ze.
He didn’t speak, using gentle, lingering eyes to stare at Xu Ze.
All the meaning Yang Yan wanted to express was in his eyes.

Xu Ze squinted slightly, instantly understanding Yang Yan’s thoughts.

Inside the swimming pool.
This location alone was enough to make people’s blood in their veins churn.
Life was to be thoroughly enjoyed.
The two of them had slept many times.
Going for a round in the swimming pool had a kind of unprecedented excitement.
Just thinking about it made Xu Ze’s body hot and dry, needing to be relieved. wlzUpa

He slightly raised his beautiful chin, using his alluring peach blossom eyes to look at Yang Yan.
His entire expression was expressing one meaning.
That was, he agreed.

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What Yang Yan was waiting for was Xu Ze’s consent.
He then pressed Xu Ze’s back lightly and leaned his head down.

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In the next two days, the two went to eat local delicacies, bought movie tickets, and went to the cinema to watch them.
These things they have done between themselves were basically the same as those of real lovers.

It could be said that these few days of the trip had made Yang Yan very happy.
It was because he had been with Xu Ze almost 24 hours every day and they had never been apart.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, the good times always seemed to be short-lived.
The trip would always end one day.

Yang Yan extended the five days to seven.
However, after the seventh day, they still had to go back.
After all, Xu Ze was a pregnant person.
Yang Yan had to take care of Xu Ze and the baby in his womb. yT5hAk

Once they returned home, how the two got along seemed to be back to what it was before.

Under this state of cohabitation, a new semester of school also followed along.

As the temperature slowly warmed up, Xu Ze gradually wore fewer clothes.
Everyone around began to wear short sleeves, yet Xu Ze still wore loose long sleeves.
In the past, Xu Ze often went out to eat with his classmates.
In this new semester, Xu Ze seldom ate together with everyone.
It was even to the point where once class ended, Xu Ze would leave.
If people pay a little less attention, they couldn’t even find him.

Some classmates who didn’t know the inside story were curious and tried to inquire about it.
They learned from Zhou Xing that Xu Ze’s body was a little sick and had something growing in his stomach.
According to the doctor, he could go to the hospital to have it removed in July or August. 2DKaZ0

After learning about this situation, some classmates found Xu Ze and asked him if there was enough money for the surgery.
These classmates of Xu Ze were all quite friendly.

Xu Ze replied: “It’s just a small surgery, a few thousand yuan will be enough.
I saved some money by doing part-time work.”

“Just a small surgery? Then that’s good, everyone was quite worried about you.” The classmate sighed in relief.

“Thanks.” Xu Ze sincerely expressed his gratitude. m2Dksy

As spring passed by, summer was approaching.
Xu Ze’s due date was getting closer and closer.
The school courses ended one after another and some classes began their exams.
Xu Ze, this pregnant person with a big belly, didn’t feel that there was anything.
He did what he had to do every day, like reviewing and waiting for exams.

The one that was living with him, Yang Yan, was much more nervous than Xu Ze.
Xu Ze’s belly was like a small watermelon yet he was wearing loose clothes.
If one looked closely, one could still see some traces.
In this aspect, it should be said that it was thanks to Xu Ze’s super high beauty.
Everyone looked at his face and very few would then pay attention to his stomach.
However, Yang Yan couldn’t rest his heart.
He hated that he couldn’t always be by Xu Ze’s side.
He wanted to accompany Xu Ze to the exam or come over to pick up Xu Ze after the exam was finished.

This idea was refused by Xu Ze.
It was because even if Yang Yan came, he could only watch from the side.
It was impossible to help Xu Ze in front of so many classmates.
Xu Ze would not let Yang Yan come to support him either.

The two often took exams at the same time.
As long as it was together, Yang Yan would hand in his papers in advance and then quickly run to the outside of Xu Ze’s exam room.
He would wait for Xu Ze in a distant place to watch Xu Ze walk out of the school safely. ClRY68

Today was the last exam.
After finishing this one, they could be considered on vacation.
Xu Ze faintly felt his stomach ache when he was halfway done with the test paper.
In that instant of pain, Xu Ze had a hunch.
However, because the pain was not very strong, Xu Ze estimated his score.
He might not get 60 points on it, so he didn’t go out.
He pressed his stomach with one hand and held a pen with the other as he continued to do the questions.
The more he got to the back, the more intense the pain in his abdomen became.
Xu Ze originally still wanted to persist, but he knew that he couldn’t.
Xu Ze got up from his seat as cold sweat rolled down his forehead.
It was just the end of the semester exam so the papers could be submitted in advance.

Xu Ze handed in his test papers, took his phone, and left.
The teacher that was on the side stopped him.
Seeing that Xu Ze’s expression was very bad and his forehead was covered in sweat, the teacher asked in concern if Xu Ze was feeling unwell.

Xu Ze waved his hand in denial and quickly walked towards the outside of the examination room.

There was no one in the corridor.
Xu Ze called Yang Yan’s phone as he walked to the bathroom on the left.
When he went in, he entered a cubicle.
Xu Ze closed the door of the cubicle and sat down on the toilet as his phone was connected.
It seemed that the other side knew there was something wrong with Xu Ze here since Yang Yan’s tone was very anxious. cVv4u2

“Xu Ze, what’s wrong? Is your stomach uncomfortable?”

“You come to Class 5.
I’m in the bathroom in the middle of the third floor, hurry up…” Xu Ze’s voice was weak.
His entire body was so painful that he could hardly speak.

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“Okay, you wait for me, I’ll come over right now.” Yang Yan didn’t even hand in his test papers and put them directly on the table.
When he answered his phone, he went straight out of the classroom.
The teacher called out to stop Yang Yan, but their feet were pinned by Yang Yan’s frigid gaze.

After hanging up his phone, Yang Yan walked quickly and then sprinted wildly. kd0bBC

Because he knew in advance where Xu Ze’s exam room was, Yang Yan ran all the way over.
The bathroom that Xu Ze said on the phone was very easy to find.
After Yang Yan went in, he saw a closed cubicle door.
He pushed open the door and saw that inside was Xu Ze, who was curled up and pale.
At that moment, Yang Yan’s heart was ruthlessly pinched.

After entering, Yang Yan helped support Xu Ze before he carried the entire person.
Yang Yan’s eyes were dark.
The entire person was filled with a frightful aura.
How terrible his expression was, was how gentle his voice was at that time.

“I’ll take you to the hospital right away.
It’s fine, it’ll be alright in a while.” Yang Yan lowered his head and soothingly kissed Xu Ze’s face.

Xu Ze leaned against Yang Yan’s arms.
He didn’t speak, only nodding slightly. GrT9dA

Yang Yan hugged Xu Ze tightly and took the elevator downstairs.
He had a hunch in advance, so he drove the car to the school and parked it.
It was just downstairs from where Xu Ze was taking the exam.
There were few people in the school as many were taking exams, so the two only met a few occasionally.
Yang Yan walked fast and Xu Ze buried his face in Yang Yan’s arms.
People only saw Yang Yan carrying someone.
They didn’t even know whether the other party was a boy or girl before Yang Yan already sprinted away from them.

Putting Xu Ze carefully in the back seat, Yang Yan extended his hand to wipe the sweat from Xu Ze’s forehead.
He then closed the car door and sat in the driver’s seat.
When he moved the car out of the parking space, Yang Yan turned on the speakerphone on his phone.
He called the hospital, saying that Xu Ze was about to give birth and he was immediately bringing Xu Ze there.

The car drove to the hospital.
While on the road, Yang Yan looked in the back from time to time.
Hearing Xu Ze’s overflowing voice of discomfort, Yang Yan’s heart was so anxious as if it was burning.
He hated that he could not immediately be at the hospital.

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