Yang Yan smoothly picked up the person from the airport.
The girl sat in the passenger seat.

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As soon as she got in the car, the girl’s beautiful almond eyes stared at Yang Yan’s handsome manly face for several seconds, not hiding her interest in Yang Yan at all.

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Yang Yan sensed it and glanced sideways at Zhong Min.
Her face had not changed much compared to a few years ago.
When Zhong Min appeared before him, Yang Yan basically remembered the few times he had met with Zhong Min in the past.

He saw Zhong Min stare at him without blinking.
Although Zhong Min was good-looking and had a good family background, in the past Yang Yan wasn’t interested in Zhong Min’s type.
Now that a few years had passed, his preferences had still not changed.
The type he liked… Yang Yan narrowed his eyes slightly as a pair of charming, affectionate peach blossom eyes appeared in his mind.
Regardless of appearance or temperament, in Yang Yan’s opinion, Zhong Min was still very far from the person in his heart. O6tcsA

Yang Yan was very clear that his views on Xu Ze weren’t because of the biased filters produced from him liking Xu Ze.

On the contrary, it should be said that when he was together with Xu Ze in the beginning, there was probably something wrong with his eyes that he actually let go of Xu Ze.

But if his eyes were better then, maybe the way he and Xu Ze got along right now wouldn’t be like how it was today.

Unfortunately, the past had already become the past.
Time could not go back.
Yang Yan’s gaze sank.


But then when he thought of Xu Ze who was living at home, Yang Yan’s mouth hooked up once more.
His fleeting smile was instantly captured by Zhong Min who was sitting in the passenger seat.
Zhong Min wondered what happy matter Yang Yan was thinking about.

Zhong Min has studied abroad in these years and might return to China only once or twice a year.
However, although the time she was back was short, Zhong Min had always known some matters about Yang Yan.
She knew that Yang Yan ate a lot of men and women and that Yang Yan had constantly changed the lovers around him.
If today was this one, then tomorrow was that one.
It could be said that Yang Yan was quite promiscuous since none of his lovers lasted for a long time.

But recently, there was a certain matter that made Zhong Min a little curious.
A friend Zhong Min knew was also in the circle that Yang Yan often played with.
Zhong Min learned a lot of things from her friend, including the fact that Yang Yan seemed to have started restraining his heart recently.
She also knew that he liked a certain someone and was currently living with that boy outside of school.
He used to go to bars or clubs to hang out, but Yang Yan suddenly seemed to have changed into a different person.
Not only did he restrain his heart, but he also restrained his body.
He used to ‘go out early and return late’, but now it has become ‘go out late and return early’.

Speaking of which, Zhong Min had always liked Yang Yan and wanted to be together with him.
She fell in love with Yang Yan at first sight. CmpTB9

In addition, the two of them had similar family backgrounds.
It could be said that they were the perfect match.
In terms of appearance, Zhong Min felt that her appearance was enough to match Yang Yan’s.
As for Yang Yan keeping little lovers outside, Zhong Min was open-minded.
She was quite aware that with a character like Yang Yan, it was obviously impossible for Yang Yan to really like someone.

There were a lot of people who had pursued Zhong Min.
Each time Zhong Min would subconsciously compare them with Yang Yan.
When compared, all the others were just scum.
Naturally, Zhong Min was not interested in scums.

She didn’t mind Yang Yan playing around outside.
She wanted to be with Yang Yan because Yang Yan was excellent in other aspects.
Good grades, handsome, smart, and learned everything quickly, just like someone else's family’s child.
In high school, Yang Yan already began to get in touch with his family’s business.
While others were still studying hard to get into a good university, Yang Yan, with his own strength, had already earned wealth that many people could not get even after working for their entire lives. nc0xhY

With such a person, Zhong Min felt that if he became her boyfriend, she would have feelings of superiority and pride.

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Zhong Min had thought about these things in her heart.
Before this, Zhong Min wanted to meet the person who had Yang Yan’s heart.
She didn’t know what kind of person the other party was, actually being able to capture the prodigal heart of Yang Yan. dEDZwi

Zhong Min pulled the seat belt over her body then the car started.
Zhong Min occasionally glanced at Yang Yan from the corner of her eye.
This stunning handsome face was much more pleasing to the eye than those she had seen abroad.
Although it was said that foreigners were born with a racial advantage, having long legs and heights.
But other than their height and looks being passable, not saying everyone, but many people’s body odor were rather strong.

The main point was that even after their body odor became heavy, they still like to spray good-smelling perfume, wanting to use them to cover up their body odor.
Zhong Min belonged to the type of people with sensitive noses, so what she smelled was a mixture of body odor and perfume.
Those kinds of smells, some were able to almost make Zhong Min faint.

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She had absolutely no intention of staying abroad.
She would come back as soon as she graduated. oVJpxm

The car was going fast.
Yang Yan didn’t take the initiative to find a topic in the middle and sat there concentrating on driving.
On the other hand, Zhong Min just wanted to rest because she had just gotten off the plane.
She listened to songs with her headphones on.
Because she knew of Yang Yan’s character, Zhong Min knew clearly what type of person Yang Yan probably liked.
Although she didn’t have that kind of docile character, she didn’t mind acting once in a while.

Zhong Min’s family had a female cousin who was a few years older than Zhong Min.
Her cousin was pregnant and gave birth to a cute baby not long ago.
The baby was very beautiful, practically combining the good genes of her cousin and their husband.
This made Zhong Min, a person who already liked children very much, become more excited after seeing the pictures and videos of the baby.

Zhong Min’s personal thoughts were that she didn’t actually care who the father of the child was.
She wanted to have two babies, preferably a boy and a girl, and both babies had to have her surname, being part of their Zhong family.

Zhong Min looked over at Yang Yan.
Yang Yan’s personal genes were very good, which was one of the reasons why Zhong Min wanted to be together with Yang Yan.

“Brother Yan, my birthday will be in a couple days.
When it’s time, can I invite you?” Before they arrived at her house, Zhong Min took off her headphones and asked.

Yang Yan’s gaze was deep: “If I am free that day.” Yang Yan did not directly refuse.

“It’s alright, if you’re really busy, just wishing me on my birthday would be fine.” Zhong Min’s tone seemed indifferent, but she had already inquired whether Yang Yan was free on her birthday or not. NScvf0

Yang Yan pursed his lips.
It wasn’t that he couldn’t see the meaning in Zhong Min’s gaze when she looked at him.
He believed that Zhong Min was a smart person.
Some matter didn’t need to be said by him, Zhong Min herself should know.

To explain everything single matter wasn’t that necessary.

When the car arrived at Zhong Min’s home, Zhong Min invited Yang Yan to sit upstairs for a drink.
Yang Yan replied, “I still have something to do.” There was indeed something he had to deal with.
Yang Yan had some matters about funds that he needed to take care of.

“Then see you tonight!” Zhong Min’s round almond eyes smiled gently. ZsiGJ6

On the other hand, Yang Yan’s handsome face didn’t have much expression.
He nodded and made a sound of ‘en’, then turned the steering wheel and drove away.

Standing on the side of the road for a while, Zhong Min watched Yang Yan’s car drive away.
When he was almost out of sight, Zhong Min’s expression changed slightly, becoming no longer harmless and gentle.
The hook on the corner of her lips even showed some coldness.

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She hasn’t fought with someone else for a man yet.
Under usual circumstances, it was always others that were chasing her.
The target here was changed to Yang Yan, but Zhong Min felt that it was quite a challenge.
People always liked things that were taken more than those that were easily obtained.

Yang Yan didn’t know that Zhong Min was going to do something to snatch him.
After picking up and returning Zhong Min, he drove to the company.
On the way there, Xu Ze surprisingly called.
When he saw Xu Ze’s number, Yang Yan subconsciously wondered if Xu Ze was feeling uncomfortable again. vx2rZe

After answering the call, Yang Yan asked in a concerned tone, “Xu Ze, what’s the matter?”

“Aunt Dong asked me to ask, will you be coming back for dinner tonight?” Xu Ze’s voice was calm and did not have any fluctuation.

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But because he was the one who asked this question, even if Xu Ze didn’t have much emotion, Yang Yan felt a little warm in his heart.

“I won’t be coming back tonight, I will be eating outside.” Yang Yan said. ViQEns

“En, then alright.” Xu Ze called to ask Yang Yan about dinner.
Since Yang Yan wasn’t coming back, then the call should also be hung up.

Just as Xu Ze was about to hang up, Yang Yan suddenly asked him, “How is your body? Are you feeling better?”

“It’s much better, thank you for your concern.” Xu Ze curled his lips and there seemed to be laughter in his voice, but the thank you at the end obviously represented indifference.

Yang Yan was silent for a moment before he suddenly said something inexplicable: “If you have any problem in the future, call me directly and I will rush over as soon as possible.” flbZp

Xu Ze was stunned for a while and realized the meaning behind Yang Yan’s words.
He originally didn’t want to contact Xie Chengzhou at that time on the mountain, but Jiang Li moved too fast and before Xu Ze said who to call, he already contacted Xie Chengzhou in advance.

Xu Ze remembered that to explain the reason, he had already thanked Xie Chengzhou at the meeting in the car earlier.
As long as Yang Yan’s ears were fine, he should know that it was Jiang Li who called.

It seemed that Yang Yan was still brooding a little about Xie Chengzhou going to help him, Xu Ze couldn’t help but laugh in his heart.
He really didn’t find out that Yang Yan was able to eat vinegar so well.

One less thing was better than one more.
Xu Ze didn’t want to confront Yang Yan on such a matter, so he nodded and said, “I understand.” uPeWO7

“Have a good rest at home.” After Yang Yan exhorted this sentence, he waited for Xu Ze to end the call before he hung up.
Yang Yan held the steering wheel, as his eyes gradually darkened.

Yang Yan went to the company to deal with some matters.
At dinner time, Yang Yan received a call from his father again.
His father asked him, “…Where are you right now? Why didn’t you accompany Zhong Min after picking her up? After all, she just returned to China.” rnTXo

Yang Yan pursed his lips.
He waited for the other side to finish speaking before he said: “The company had some matters so I came to deal with it.”

Knowing that Yang Yan didn’t deliberately leave her and run to other places to hang out with those friends of his, Father Yang’s tone softened a lot in an instant.

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“Then are you finished with it now?” Father Yang asked casually.

“When you’re done, go over immediately.” Yang Yan knew that the two families had dinner together in the evening.
His memory wasn’t so bad to the point that he’ll forget in an instant. baEDd6

“You should hurry up, don’t let everyone wait for you.” Father Yang always had a good impression of Zhong Min.
Recently, when Father Yang had contact with Zhong Min’s father, the other party’s words revealed a bit of meaning.
That was, Zhong Min liked Yang Yan.

Regarding the matter of Yang Yan playing with men and women outside, Father Yang knew but had never bothered with it.
He knew that Yang Yan had a sense of propriety.
Those who could enter their Yang family could not be those random men and women from outside.

Father Yang was quite satisfied with Zhong Min and even thought that a person like Zhong Min would be the most suitable to be their daughter-in-law.

To a certain extent, some of Yang Yan’s ‘strong’ character was inherited from his father.
His father was the kind who married Yang Yan’s mother, who was from a well-matched family, then raised little three little four outside.


Yang Yan’s mother was not a weak person.
She knew the existence of the mistresses.
For ones who want money, she would not bother with them.
For those who want to occupy her position, such as becoming pregnant and wanting to occupy the magpie's nest, Yang Yan’s mother would never be good to those people.
She would send those people to the hospital for surgery.

Some of Yang Yan’s notions of doing things and his views on feelings were largely influenced by his family.

But under this influence, Xu Ze suddenly appeared.
Xu Ze was a man yet he became pregnant with his child.
In fact, Yang Yan himself sometimes didn’t know why his heart was moved by Xu Ze.

Even if Xu Ze was no longer in love with Yang Yan like before.
Even if his gaze on Yang Yan was even more indifferent than what Yang Yan had shown in the past. adfZVx

There was a saying, how did it go? Love would grow at a time unknown, from then the love would grow to be deep.

If he was to spend his whole life with someone, Yang Yan suddenly felt that it could be no one else besides Xu Ze.
He would not be with another person again.

Driving his car, Yang Yan rushed to a restaurant.
His father arrived earlier, but rather than having dinner with his father and the Zhong family, at the bottom of Yang Yan’s heart was a thought.
He wanted to have dinner together with another person- Xu Ze, and the baby in Xu Ze’s womb.

Thinking of the baby, Yang Yan’s original cold gaze instantly warmed a lot.
At the same time, Yang Yan thought that the baby was more than four months old now.
There were only a few more months until the baby would be born.
He should buy everything the baby would need in advance. jOudFY

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First of all, there must be a baby room, and the nanny must also have a good reputation and be able to take care of people well.

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Yang Yan walked to the right where there was still a vacant seat.
After sitting down, the person on the left greeted him.
Yang Yan seemed to only now notice that the person on his left was Zhong Min. dI 45q

Yang Yan didn’t have much expression, nodding his head indifferently.

Yang Yan didn’t have much appetite for this meal.
It wasn’t because the restaurant’s food was not delicious.
On the contrary, this restaurant was considered one of the best in the city.
Yang Yan didn’t move his chopsticks too much after eating a few bites.
Yang Yan never wanted to participate in this kind of dinner meeting.
Looking at the dishes on the table, he was thinking about what Xu Ze was eating at home right now.
He didn’t know how Xu Ze’s appetite would be after experiencing the situation in the afternoon.
Some time ago, Xu Ze seemed to have gained a bit of flesh.
Yet in the past two nights, while Yang Yan hugged Xu Ze, he only felt that Xu Ze seemed to have lost weight again.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Xu Ze has lost weight, Yang Yan looked even more concerned and worried than Xu Ze himself.

Zhong Min talked to Yang Yan from time to time though Yang Yan showed a lack of interest.
Zhong Min didn’t feel unhappy because of this since she knew that there was someone in Yang Yan’s home. TDudXb

After dinner, the elders left first.
Zhong Min’s father walked up to Yang Yan with a smile.
He asked Yang Yan to be the elder brother and help them accompany Zhong Min well.
He also said that while Zhong Min was abroad, she would talk to them from time to time and say that she wanted to return to the country.

As for what she wanted to do returning to the country, Father Zhong didn’t say.
He stared at Yang Yan with piercing eyes and Yang Yan’s heart knew the underlying meaning immediately.

The older generation seemed to, more or less, had a desire for control, wanting their children to follow their own arrangements.

Yang Yan wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t see that both his father and Zhong Min’s father seemed to want to match them. BCeg5j

Yang Yan smiled slightly and listened to him; “Okay.” Then walking out of the restaurant, Yang Yan brought Zhong Min to separate from everyone else.
The two of them walked by themselves.

Zhong Min carefully noticed that Yang Yan didn’t like this kind of arrangement.
Just imagining if it was her if she had another person she liked in her heart yet her parents had her get in touch with other people, her mood would definitely not be much better.

There was no perplexion on Zhong Min’s face.
She knew how to deal with such a situation.

“Brother Yan, do you have someone you already like?” Zhong Min knew it in her heart perfectly, but she acted as if she didn’t know anything. yLkZqD

Yang Yan’s deep gaze stared straight in front of the car window, not turning to look at Zhong Min.

“I have one.” Yang Yan’s voice was also cold like his eyes.

“How long have you two been dating? Uncle Yang and the others must not know about this right?” If they knew, this meal today might not have happened at all.

“Just directly say what you want to!” w2YHaM

Just at this moment, the red light in front of him came on and the car stopped.
Yang Yan turned his head and told Zhong Min not to take corners with him.

Zhong Min was stunned for a moment, not expecting that Yang Yan wouldn’t tell her even a bit of polite words.
But this was good too, saving everyone time.

“I told my dad that I like you and want to be with you, that’s why there was this dinner today.
But I can see that Brother Yan has someone in your heart.
But I don’t care about that, and I can even help.”

“If I’m not mistaken Brother Yan, most of Uncle Yang and others won’t acknowledge the person you like.” If they did, Yang Yan wouldn’t be to the point where he’ll hide this matter. B GAz8

Yang Yan’s pupils suddenly shrank and he asked indifferently, “How do you want to help?” It was indeed similar to what Zhong Min said.
His family would not accept Xu Ze, but in Yang Yan’s opinion, he didn’t feel like this problem would be any hindrance.

It was always the same.
Whoever he wanted to be with was always his own business.
No one could ever control his life.

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Him asking Zhong Min how she’ll help was also just on a whim.
Yang Yan would not let Zhong Min interfere with his life.

“We can pretend to be in a relationship, or even pretend to be married.
I don’t really have any interest in other men.
Having me give birth to children for them, I don’t think they deserve it.
But Brother Yan, you’re different.
I think your child will definitely be as excellent and smart as you.” Zhong Min put Yang Yan on a high pedestal. qTymGg

She felt that this suggestion of hers, everyone’s heart should definitely be moved.

But unfortunately, her expectations were wrong on a lot of things.

“You take your kindness back.
As for you saying to give birth to a child for me, there’s already someone who has conceived my child.
The person who can give birth to a child for me, other than him, will not be any other people.” Yang Yan’s words successfully made the calm on Zhong Min’s face collapse.

“She’s pregnant? Are you going to marry her?” Zhong Min was extremely shocked.
She never thought that her so-called love rival would actually be pregnant with Yang Yan’s child. I47teY

She didn’t believe it, and even for a moment felt that this was Yang Yan finding a temporary reason for rejecting her.

But when Zhong Min connected with Yang Yan’s deep gaze, she had a feeling that Yang Yan didn’t lie to her.

“Can I see her? At least let me know who I was defeated by.” Zhong Min asked.
She wouldn’t let go of Yang Yan immediately just because someone was pregnant with Yang Yan’s child.
Not to mention that the child was not born yet, Everything still had a lot of variables.

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“He’s nursing the fetus right now, it’s inconvenient.” The first sentence was true, and the second was a lie.
It was clear that Zhong Min had some thoughts about him.
However, Yang Yan was not worried that Zhong Min would do something unfavorable to Xu Ze after seeing him. 2hKLZS

On the contrary, what he worried about was that if Zhong Min really met Xu Ze, he was afraid that this woman, who was originally interested in him, would immediately change and become his love rival.

Yang Yan couldn’t be more clear about Xu Ze’s face and personal charm.
It could make him fall in love and was also able to make his friend Xie Chengzhou take Xu Ze to heart in a very short period of time.
Yang Yan had reasons to believe that people like Zhong Min, who were face-cons, were most likely unable to resist Xu Ze’s attraction.

So Yang Yan couldn’t let Zhong Min go and see Xu Ze.

“If it’s inconvenient, could it be that she’s about to give birth? Is the baby a boy or a girl?” There was a moment of loss in Zhong Min’s expression.
After that, her eyes flashed slightly with interest.
She was originally curious about Yang Yan’s little lover that he was hiding at home.
But now that she knew that the little lover was actually bearing Yang Yan’s child, it could be seen that this person was completely different from those around Yang Yan before. SzVqen

She doesn’t know what kind of person they were, but their appearance must be super high.
It was needless to say that his personality was probably also very attractive.

“I don’t know the gender for the time being, but I’ll like them no matter if they're a boy or a girl.” While talking on the topic of the child, Yang Yan’s eyes were filled with tenderness and warmth.

Staring at these changes in Yang Yan’s expression, Zhong Min’s eyes flashed with more interest.

“I won’t be accompanying you tonight.
You can take this card and swipe it as you wish.” Yang Yan handed over a bank card to Zhong Min.
It was impossible for him to accompany Zhong Min to play outside for the night.
There was still the person he liked at home, and his unborn baby. hy7Vlc

It seemed that Yang Yan had only been away from home for a few hours, yet Yang Yan already missed the person at home a little.

Family! The word “family” had always been dark and dim in Yang Yan’s life.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

He was born with everything, but his childhood didn’t have much of his parent’s company.
His family had hired a nanny to take care of him.
Sometimes he would not see his family busying outside for ten days to half a month.

Yang Yan could see clearly.
He knew that he had so much, so not having some things was very normal. o26Mn3

He never would have thought before that one day, his heart and love would be moved because of someone.

And that with another person, they would have their lovely baby.

This was fate’s gift to him.
Yang Yan for the first time thanked fate for giving him preferential treatment like this.

Zhong Min was also not courteous to Yang Yan.
Although she was not short of money, spending other people’s money felt different from spending her own.
Yang Yan left her on the side of the road because he wanted to go back to accompany his baby.
It was completely understandable for her to spend a bit of Yang Yan’s money. bSrmdj

Holding the card between her light-white fingers, Zhong Min’s apricot eyes were filled with a bright smile: “So generous, aren’t you afraid that I’ll blow up the card for you?”

“You’re able to blow it all up?” Yang Yan also hooked his lips and smiled.
The smile was fleeting, becoming a handsome face that couldn’t be more solemn in the blink of an eye.

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Zhong Min shook her head and laughed: “Just joking, I wouldn’t do that even if you let me max it out.”

“Stop at the intersection right in front, I know your returning heart is like an arrow!” 3CAJE7

Zhong Min jokingly said.

Yang Yan squinted at Zhong Min.
It seemed that Zhong Min was very aware of current affairs.
He liked to deal with smart people anytime.

“If you really like my type, there isn’t none around me.
If you have time, I’ll introduce them to you?” Yang Yan stopped the car at the intersection and said something before Zhong Min pushed the door and got off.

Zhong Min politely rejected Yang Yan’s kindness: “No, there’s no meaning in introducing any.
I personally like love at first sight, it’s romantic and beautiful!”


Yang Yan’s gaze didn’t fluctuate much as he watched Zhong Min get out of the car.

However, when Zhong Min got out of the car, she just took a step then suddenly turned back.

Zhong Min was lying on the open car window, and she probed in: “Seriously, you really don’t intend me to see that darling at your home? I really really want to meet her, I’m afraid she’s an angel, right?”

Yang Yan didn’t speak.
The corner of his mouth seemed to have a faint smile.
He stretched out his hand and pressed then the car window that had originally been opened quickly closed. kq0SuU

Zhong Min withdrew in time before her head was caught.

Seeing the indifferent man and the car driving speeding away, Zhong Min shook her head and laughed.
At the same time, she was thinking that the more Yang Yan held his lover tightly, the more she wanted to get to know her.

So she’s pregnant ay? Zhong Min bent the corner of her mouth, Yang Yan’s child!

Yang Yan drove home.
In the living room, Xu Ze was currently watching an English movie on the sofa.
During the afternoon, Xu Ze slept for a few hours.
He basically had enough sleep, which caused his current spirit to feel better. bw3qLK

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Aunt Dong took a blanket and put it on Xu Ze’s lap.
Xu Ze watched a movie while peeling pine nuts to eat.
When Yang Yan returned and was at the door, Xu Ze noticed and turned his eyes to look, before focusing back on the movie.

Yang Yan walked upstairs, took a shower, and changed into sleepwear before walking downstairs.

Sitting next to Xu Ze, Yang Yan put his left hand behind Xu Ze and lightly embraced Xu Ze.
Xu Ze concentrated on watching TV and didn’t pay attention to the small movements by Yang Yan.

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Xu Ze put the pine nuts in his hand on the coffee table.
This kind of thing’s nutrition was good, but you can’t eat too much since you would get fire if you eat too much. vJINUD

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Ktf kjafg kjr kjgw.
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“I have something to tell you, I will be returning to my family’s home to spend the new year.” After the exam, he would live here for now.
Xu Ze would tell his family that he needed to do some part-time jobs, which was why he could only go back two days before the Spring Festival. YnZCmB

The original host basically didn’t stay at home for too long during the winter and summer vacations.
He would mostly stay at school.
Even for the original host, the dormitory was not as cold as his home.
The original host’s parents were educators, having the original host practice high-pressure education since he was a child.
They treated the original host more as a student than a son.
In that home, the original host did not feel much affection since he was a child.

This also created some of the original host’s character to a certain extent.
Because he couldn’t get affection, he turned toward other places.

He clearly knew that Yang Yan would not be a good person, yet he still seemed to fly towards Yang Yan like a moth to the fire.

As for Yang Yan, he knew from the beginning that the original host was different from the other lovers he had been with.
The original host wanted Yang Yan’s love, but Yang Yan could give anything but he would not give love.
Because the original host’s face was beautiful and his body was good to sleep with, Yang Yan knew that he would hurt the other party yet he didn’t stop immediately.
He originally only needed to tell the original host that he didn’t like him.
That one sentence was enough.
The original host was not a person that would be entangled till death. 86HKBi

However, Yang Yan didn’t say anything, treating the original host warmly, and gave false feelings to the other.
As soon as the freshness passed, he turned his head and kicked the person away.

Now Yang Yan seemed to like him because he was pregnant.
Xu Ze would not like Yang Yan.
No matter if Yang Yan really loved him or not, he would not love Yang Yan.

Xu Ze knew this matter very clearly from the very beginning.

After watching the movie, more than two hours passed in a flash and Xu Ze gradually became a little sleepy. 2lNrxU

Before going back to his room to sleep, he drank a bowl of nourishing soup that Aunt Dong made especially for this pregnant body of his.
After drinking the soup, his whole body felt warm and fuzzy.

In the room, Xu Ze didn’t wear much.
The hem of his clothes fell on his abdomen and the protruding marks made by his abdomen seemed to be more obvious.
When walking, Xu Ze could even clearly feel that his lower abdomen began to have a sinking feeling.

Returning to his bedroom, Xu Ze briefly washed himself with hot water.
When he went out, Yang Yan also came in and sat on the end of the bed.
The other party stared at him with burning eyes, making Xu Ze feel that a fire in his body seemed to be ignited.
This body had been adjusted and taught by Yang Yan before.
After Xu Ze transmigrated over, every time he slept with Yang Yan was quite nice and pleasant.

Just physically, the two of them were very compatible. OTgJ6x

Xu Ze walked over, lifted the quilt, and sat down.
He turned to look at Yang Yan, his peach blossom eyes were tender and affectionate.

Unlike before where Yang Yan took the initiative, this time Xu Ze leaned over first without waiting for Yang Yan to make a move.

Xu Ze covered Yang Yan.
When Yang Yan raised his arm, wanting to embrace Xu Ze, Xu Ze grabbed Yang Yan’s hand and warned Yang Yan with his eyes not to move.

Yang Yan’s eyes were slightly surprised.
He stared at Xu Ze and was a little puzzled by the current development. 158U4m

A seductive smile formed on the corners of Xu Ze’s lips.
Xu Ze’s crimson lips opened and he said to Yang Yan with words that seemed to deceive people’s hearts: “Do you remember what the doctor said in the afternoon?”

Yang Yan raised his eyebrows immediately.
Of course, he remembered it, but he didn’t understand why Xu Ze raised this point at this time.

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“The doctor asked me to calm my heart and rest more.
Say, a matter like this could definitely not be counted as that right?” Xu Ze’s eyes flashed with a smile inside.

Yang Yan raised a brow.
Since Xu Ze knew that he should take more rest and reduce strenuous exercise, what does he mean by crawling on top of him now and deliberately trying to seduce him? X4z9j3

Yang Yan’s black pupils were heavy and deep as he focused on Xu Ze’s glittering peach blossom eyes: “Then what do you mean?”

Yang Yan didn’t beat around the bush, and simply just asked him directly.

“What I mean is to help each other this time.” Xu Ze’s gaze went down, dropping under Yang Yan’s clothes.
Yang Yan instantly understood what his words meant.

Yang Yan leaned back against the head of the bed.
His fierce and sharp gaze stared at Xu Ze’s delicate and picturesque face for a few seconds. SxfZP

“Alright, then you first!” Originally, Yang Yan only wanted to purely sleep being covered by the quilt tonight, because he knew that Xu Ze’s health had a problem in the afternoon and he needed a good rest.
Yet unexpectedly.
Xu Ze’s needs in certain aspects seemed to be stronger than he imagined.

Yang Yan didn’t reveal the thoughts in his heart.
He didn’t say it, but Xu Ze’s eyes were sharp and he could basically guess what Yang Yan was thinking when he looked at Yang Yan.

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