The two people who were coldly looking at each other stopped talking because of Xu Ze’s sudden shout. UkAOCa

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The two looked at Xu Ze, who’s beautiful face had no expression.
At that moment, it seemed that if the two of them said one more word, he would immediately say ‘stop the car’ and get out.

A breath of anger was blocked in Yang Yan’s chest, and he couldn’t vent because of Xu Ze.
He couldn’t be angry with someone who was pregnant with his child.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Everything that happened right now had made Yang Yan’s anger increase exponentially.
Xu Ze suddenly had an accident, yet even though Xu Ze had his phone number, he refused to contact him first.
Instead, he called Xie Chengzhou and asked Xie Chengzhou to pick him up.

Didn’t Xu Ze say that he had no interest in Xie Chengzhou at all? Then what was the situation right now? Being right in front of him, yet asking Xie Chengzhou to carry him. 1Xjfhy

He slept in the same bed with Xu Ze every night.
Yet when Xu Ze had a problem, the first person that came to his mind was not him.

Yang Yan’s eyes were dark and unclear as he slowly exhaled.
He pressed the tip of his tongue against his teeth, staring at the back of Xie Chengzhou, who was driving in front.
If it weren’t for the fact that they were still on the road, Yang Yan wanted Xie Chengzhou to get out of the car and directly fight him.

Just as Yang Yan thought of this, his body suddenly lightened.
Xu Ze, who was originally leaning in his arms, got up and left before sitting back down.

When Yang Yan’s stunned gaze chased after him, Xu Ze didn’t even bother to give Yang Yan a look, only leaving the side of his indifferent face toward Yang Yan.


Yang Yan clenched his fists so hard that his phalanx almost made a crackling sound.
The back of his hand was protruding with blue veins, and the wind and waves were rolling under his eyes.

Sitting with Yang Yan, although he didn’t turn his head to see what was going on by Yang Yan, Xu Ze had a keen sense of perception and knew that Yang Yan’s expression would be ugly.
His mood would be even worse, but Xu Ze’s mood was also not that good.

He already was not feeling well and his head was dizzy, so he just wanted some immediate silence.
Yet in the end, what did these two do? Even knowing that something happened to his body, they still had to fight right in front of him and even argued about who he and his child belonged to.
Xu Ze couldn’t feel their respect for him nor how much they really liked him.
He only felt that in the eyes of these two, he and the baby were commodities.

Yes, that’s right.
He was exchanging the baby for 10 million yuan, but that was with preconditions. nmG7 g

If he could have aborted the child and not endangered his life, Xu Ze would not have any hesitation. BxZN02

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But at any time like Xu Ze’s current situation, there was a difference between passiveness and activeness.
He could take the initiative to sleep with Yang Yan, but if Yang Yan dared to force him, then being peaceful or not wouldn’t even matter.

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Lf ibnfv wbcfs, yea tf ralii tjv tlr bkc geifr. znDv2X

Leaning on the car seat, Xu Ze put his right hand on his abdomen.
The pain was relieved a lot compared to the previous time in the woods.
Xu Ze guessed that this might have been him exercising too much.

It looked like an appropriate amount of exercise meant not climbing up a hill.
He had to minimize such walks in the future.

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Xu Ze leaned his head back as he closed his eyes and rested, ignoring the other two people in the car.
Whatever they were thinking, it had nothing to do with him as long as they didn’t disturb him.

There was a pregnant person in the car, so Xie Chengzhou deliberately drove the car smoothly.
After the car went down the mountain, he drove into the city and towards the hospital. ugcy13

The obstetrician who was in charge of Xu Ze was currently busy, so Xu Ze sat on the seat in the corridor and waited, while two people stood beside him.

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Both of them stood by Xu Ze’s side like door gods.
The people who came here for checkups were all pregnant women.
Three young men suddenly appear and they look more handsome than the next.
Even just standing/sitting there, ignoring how cold their expressions were, it was just like a beautiful painting.

Especially the one who was sitting.
When someone passed by, their eyes fell on Xu Ze involuntarily.
Then the pedestrian would be curious, wondering what kind of girl could become Xu Ze’s girlfriend.
With such an outstanding appearance, most girls would feel ashamed when they stood by his side.

After waiting for more than half an hour, the doctor came. Xklpwj

The doctor walked out and before Xu Ze even got up, the two men beside him went up to surround the doctor.
The two men didn’t seem to notice the other person.
As a result, their shoulders collided with each other.
After the collision, they turned their heads in sync, their eyes containing sparks as they looked at each other coldly.

The doctor of course knew Xie Chengzhou.
After all, the hospital was the industry invested by the Xie family.

But he saw the unusual atmosphere of tension between Xie Chengzhou and Yang Yan.
The doctor has seen a lot of situations in the hospital and from the hostile expressions between the two people, he can guess a little bit of the situation in an instant.

Then the doctor shook his head inwardly.
Young people nowadays really have quite colorful love lives. R4WAKC

While the two faced each other, the doctor bypassed them directly.
He walked up to Xu Ze and saw that Xu Ze didn’t seem to be looking very well, so he asked Xu Ze, “Your stomach feels uncomfortable right?”

Xu Ze stood up slowly.
When he got up he shook a bit, so Yang Yan hurried over to support Xu Ze.

Xu Ze glanced at Yang Yan as he said thank you to him.
After thanking him, Xu Ze took his arm away from Yang Yan’s hand.
Xu Ze ignored Yang Yan’s changing face and turned to the doctor.

“En, I just walked around the outskirts mountains for a while.
When I returned, I suddenly started to have a dull pain, and my head was inexplicably dizzy…” Xu Ze described his physical condition in detail. 4nzLTc

The doctor nodded and asked Xu Ze to go inside with him for an examination first.

Yang Yan and Xie Chengzhou were also there during the examination.
They stood side by side, but no one paid any attention to the other.
What happened today could be said, to a certain extent, to have created some cracks in the friendship between the two.

First, some routine examinations were done and then Xu Ze lay down on the examination table.
His clothes were lifted up on his body, his abdomen was exposed.
A small and clear figure quickly appeared on the color Doppler ultrasound screen.

Compared to the last examination, it seemed to be a bit bigger again.
The little guy was curling up his little body, and at some point his little hands seemed to be moving. 7nW9pb

Yang Yan stared at the screen without blinking.
Meanwhile Xie Chengzhou saw this picture for the first time, his heart being equally shocked.
At this time, a thought appeared in Xie Chengzhou’s heart.
If only he could meet Xu Ze first, otherwise at this time, the little guy on the screen might have been his baby.

Xie Chengzhou looked away from the screen and turned to Xu Ze, who was lying flat.
If it was said that he only had a playing around mentality on Xu Ze before, on this day, in this color Doppler examination room, some changes occurred deep inside Xie Chengzhou’s heart.

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This change made it clear to him that maybe it was the same for Yang Yan.
It was no longer just a temporary whim towards Xu Ze.
Such a person was unique and one of a kind.
There was no way there could be a second one in this world.
Xie Chengzhou took a step forward, wanting to see Xu Ze more clearly.

Judging from the color Doppler ultrasound, the baby was healthy and there was no problem.
The doctor also carefully observed the baby’s fetal movement and saw everything was normal. cKivZV

As for why Xu Ze suddenly suffered from abdominal pain, according to the information provided by Xu Ze, one reason was that he exercised too much by going hiking.
There was another reason that could not be ignored.
That was Xu Ze’s physical condition.
Xu Ze has two sets of reproductive organs in his body.
To be precise, the female set had just matured, yet soon became pregnant with a child within a short time.
The organs were relatively fragile, so to a certain extent there may be a risk of miscarriage.

Regarding this point, the doctor did not conceal it and directly made it clear to Xu Ze, Yang Yan, and Xie Chengzhou.

When Yang Yan heard that there was a risk of miscarriage, he walked over in a hurry, fiercely grabbed the doctor’s hand and asked him to repeat it again.

Thin strings of red blood appeared in Yang Yan’s eyes, the entire person seemed to be on the verge of exploding.
The tone at that time gave the doctor a feeling that if he really said it again, maybe Yang Yan would immediately attack him. Zer5ab

Although Yang Yan was younger than the doctor, he was stronger than the doctor no matter in terms of height or strength.
The doctor was really nervous and his heart trembled fiercely.

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Walking down from the examination table, Xu Ze took a tissue to wipe the examination fluid off his abdomen.
After wiping he threw the tissue into the trash can beside him.

Then Xu Ze came to Yang Yan’s and the doctor’s side.
He grabbed Yang Yan’s hand and at the same time stared at him coldly.
His eyes were apathetic, but the strength in Yang Yan’s hand slowly loosened.
After knowing that Xu Ze might have a miscarriage, he didn’t dare at all to exert any force on Xu Ze now.

“Sorry doctor, are you okay?” Xu Ze apologized to the doctor for Yang Yan. mYgEPk

Facing Xu Ze’s warm smile, the tone the doctor had just raised dropped a little this time.

“It’s alright, try your best to pay attention when you go back.
Be careful not to fall and don’t do excessively strenuous exercise either, let alone things like mountain climbing.
Your constitution originally was not suitable for pregnancy, so you must rest more to nurture the fetus.” The doctor talked to Xu Ze about some important considerations.

Maybe miscarriage was a dangerous thing in the eyes of the doctor and the other two, but it wasn’t much for Xu Ze because he knew some things.
He was not the original host.
When he transmigrated, he saw some future trajectory of destiny belonging to the original host.

In that trajectory, the child lived steadily in the original host’s belly.
Later, when the original host knew that he was pregnant, he run to the hospital to have an abortion.
The child was only aborted at that time and not accidentally miscarriged.
Maybe does not necessarily mean definitely. UOoRS9

At the same time, Xu Ze had a secret hunch.
He knew that the child would be born healthy .

Sometimes Xu Ze would wonder why he came to this world.
He didn’t think he just transmigrated here just casually.
There must be a reason for coming here.

If that was really the case, Xu Ze pondered, perhaps bringing this child safely into this world was his mission.

Xu Ze put his hand on his stomach gently.
As the baby grew up day by day, Xu Ze could feel the heaviness of his abdomen. caOg82

This body was not his, and the child was also not his.
He just accidentally became a father, that’s all.

But now he was the one who was bearing the child.
The one who was spending every day with the child was him.
Xu Ze was not a completely cold-hearted person.
He had no feelings for Yang Yan, but gradually he had some feelings for the child.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As for after the child was born, whether Xu Ze would be able to immediately leave after taking the money, Xu Ze was not worried about this issue.
No one knew himself better than him.
He could be easily moved, but he could also easily cut ties.

After leaving the hospital, Xu Ze walked in front while two people followed behind.

Both of their gazes were fixated on Xu Ze.
If it were someone else being fought over by these two, they most likely would have a difficult time choosing.
After all, they were both rich and handsome.

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It’s a pity that Xu Ze’s heart was like a mirror.
He was completely spotless.

Turning around, Xu Ze looked at Xie Chengzhou.
Because he was looking at Xie Chengzhou and not Yang Yan, Yang Yan clenched his fists again and his fingernails sunk into his palms.
It seemed that only the sharp pain could restrain the constant savageness gushing out of his heart. GyCdPS

“Thank you for today, thank you for rushing to pick me up at the first moment after receiving Jiang Li’s call.
Also thank you for driving me to the hospital just now.
Thank you very much.” Xu Ze sincerely thanked Xie Chengzhou.

The smile hanging on Xie Chengzhou’s face slowly disappeared after hearing Xu Ze’s thanks.

Xu Ze thanked him politely and distantly, which meant that in Xu Ze’s eyes, they didn’t have much of a relationship.
Thinking about it carefully, they really didn’t have any relationship.
The child in Xu Ze’s stomach was not his, but Yang Yan’s.

The corners of Xie Chengzhou’s lips curved, but it was a smile that wasn’t a smile.
It was the first time he hated the phrase ‘thank you’ so much.


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“No need for thanks.
You can find me anytime and I’ll be there when called.” Xie Chengzhou said with a warm smile.

“I presume you probably still have some things to do, so I won’t be taking your car to go back.
I’ll just call a car.” Xie Chengzhou did help him, but at the same time, Xu Ze also knew what kind of thoughts Xie Chengzhou had on him.
He had thanked him when he was supposed to, but other than that, Xu Ze’s attitude was still the same as before.
He didn’t want to have any more interaction with Xie Chengzhou.

Let alone give him any opportunities or whatever.

“Let’s go, it’s getting late.
I want to go back, lie down, and have a good rest.” Xu Ze looked over to Yang Yan. bAyds4

Yang Yan passed by Xie Chengzhou, leaving him behind.
As he went to walk in front of Xu Ze, his eyes lined up with Xu Ze’s gleaming peach blossom eyes when he looked down.
Yang Yan’s heart couldn’t be more clear.
For Xu Ze, there was no difference between him and Xie Chengzhou.

However, was there really nothing?

Yang Yan lowered his eyes and focused on Xu Ze’s abdomen.
The child inside was his.
Just based on this point alone, Xie Chengzhou wouldn’t have the slightest chance of winning if he wanted to compete with him.

Yang Yan called a high-end car with his phone.
There were taxis driving by the roadside, but those taxis were generally cheap and also uncomfortable to sit on.
It was better to call a high-end car.
As for the cost, that amount didn’t matter to Yang Yan at all. zRrG60

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The online car came very quickly, only taking a few minutes.
Yang Yan and Xu Ze got into the car.
While outside the car, Xie Chengzhou was still standing there and did not leave.

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The car started and Xie Chengzhou was left behind.

Yang Yan glanced sideways at Xie Chengzhou behind them for a moment, then retracted his gaze without a word. EoulKO

Yang Yan then turned to look at Xu Ze who was beside him.
Xu Ze was pursing his lips and his eyes blinking slowly as if his thoughts had drifted to some other place.

“No need to worry too much.” Yang Yan went to hold Xu Ze’s hand, telling Xu Ze not to worry about his body and the child.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Ze’s neck turned slightly and he stared down at Yang Yan’s hand that was holding his.
Right before Xu Ze wanted to take his hand away, Yang Yan let go first.

“Your hand’s quite cold, is it a little chilly?” Yang Yan asked, but without waiting for Xu Ze to reply, he turned around and told the driver to increase the temperature in the car. sxDwZI

The driver turned up the temperature and the inside of the car quickly warmed up.

The driver noticed the situation between the two boys in the back of the car.
He could see that the two were probably a same-sex couple.

Judging by their age, the two were still in college.
They were both handsome and attractive.
When such two people fall in love together, some girls might feel sad.

The driver made some stuff up in his head for a while, before he continued to concentrate on driving. cgx1Hr

The car stopped outside the community.
They went out for a trip and originally wanted to have a good time on the mountain, yet the unexpected situation occurred, which led to the complete loss of the picnic mood and coldness solidifying on Yang Yan’s face.
Yang Yan brought Xu Ze back home.

Aunt Dong was cleaning the rooms.
When she saw the two suddenly come back, she seemed a little curious.
However, she was obviously aware of the abnormal atmosphere between the two, so Aunt Dong didn’t ask any questions.
She poured the two hot water, sending one cup to Xu Ze’s hand.

After Xu Ze said his thanks, he took the water and drank most of it.

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“If your body isn’t feeling well, then you should change to sleepwear and lay on the bed.” Yang Yan’s gaze was heavy. spgOin

Xu Ze took another sip of water, and nodded, “En.”

“I’ll pour it for you.” Seeing that Xu Ze was about to get up to get more water, Yang Yan motioned Xu Ze not to move and took the cup away.

After pouring more water, Yang Yan didn’t give Xu Ze the water cup but stood by the sofa.
Xu Ze squinted his eyes and met up with Yang Yan’s eyes.
Seeing the meaning in Yang Yan’s eyes, Xu Ze got up and walked toward the bedroom.

The water glass was placed on the bedside table.
Yang Yan brought the sleepwear from the side for Xu Ze to change into.
Seeing Xu Ze change into sleepwear and sit down at the head of the bed, Yang Yan took the remote control and turned on the air conditioner.
After turning it on, Yang Yan went to check the window.
It was not completely closed, leaving just a tiny little gap.

After doing these, Yang Yan wanted to say something to Xu Ze but then his phone rang.
Yang Yan left the room and went outside to answer the phone.

Someone from his family called him and asked him to pick up someone at the airport.
His Uncle Li’s daughter came back from abroad.
They told him after picking her up, to have dinner together along the way.

Yang Yan furrowed his brows.
It was only after the other side had urged him a few times, before he nodded and said yes. lOMZY8

Uncle Li’s daughter?

Yang Yan vaguely remembered that there seemed to be such a person who went to study abroad a few years ago.
He did not know what they wanted to do coming back at this time.

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Yang Yan’s car was not driven back and was still on the mountain.
He called Cao Mingyong and asked Cao Mingyong to find someone to help him drive it back.
He had another car, but that car was not here but at his previous residence.

Yang Yan took a taxi over to his house, switched into his car, before he drove to the airport.
The person from his family sent Uncle Li’s daughter’s phone number, and at the same time mentioned the time she was getting off the plane. R4HYmF

Yang Yan didn’t call that girl.
It was only after the car drove over and parked in the parking lot, that he sent her a text message.
He simply said to call him back after getting off the plane.

Sitting in the car, Yang Yan listened to music with headphones on.
He turned off the music after listening for a while, then called Aunt Dong at home.
He asked about Xu Ze’s situation there.

“He is holding his phone and watching TV in his bedroom.” Aunt Dong replied.

“Bring some sweets and pastries to Xu Ze.” The doctor mentioned that Xu Ze’s physique was not that good and his dizziness was due to anemia.
So he told Aunt Dong to bring sweets to Xu Ze. dCRjw

“En.” Aunt Dong nodded.
After hanging up the phone, Aunt Dong went to get some snacks and delivered them to Xu Ze’s room.

When putting it on the bedside table, Aunt Dong mentioned one more thing.
She said, “Yang Yan just called, asking me about your situation, and asked me to prepare these for you.”

Xu Ze put down his phone and turned to look at the sweets that Aunt Dong brought into the room.
It seemed that just looking at them was quite appetizing.
Xu Ze reached out his hand and took a piece to eat.
He tasted the sweet and flavourful taste when they entered his mouth.
It was quite good.

“When did he leave?” Xu Ze asked while eating. Ps9EfX

“It seems that he answered a call before leaving.” Auntie Dong said.

“Will he be back for dinner tonight?”

Aunt Dong then heard Xu Ze continuing.

“I will call and ask him in a moment.” The corner of Xu Ze’s mouth raised to a smile. x64gHY

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