Ch22 – Blackening

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Editor: Anna

Yang Yan lied: “Still outside.” Actually, it really doesn’t count as a lie.
He was indeed outside, but the outside here referred to the outside of the single unit building where Xu Ze was in. 

“What’s the matter?” Yang Yan knew that Xu Ze must have heard the police siren.
He probably guessed that something had happened, and that’s why he suddenly asked where he was.

“It’s nothing, just asking.” Xu Ze’s tone was calm and plain.



“En, I have something to deal with, so I will be staying outside a bit longer.
You should go to bed early.
By the way, don’t open the window too wide.” Yang Yan’s arm was still bleeding, yet he still didn’t forget to care about Xu Ze.

“I know.” Xu Ze said as he stood by the window.
The wind blowing in from outside was indeed a bit freezing. 

Closing the window and leaving a little gap, Xu Ze hung up the phone and returned to bed.


When Yang Yan hadn’t moved from the upper floor to his room, Xu Ze slept directly in the middle of the bed since he was by himself.
Now that he wasn’t, he slept on one side and left out the other side.

He didn’t know how long it had been when Xu Ze semi-consciously noticed a little movement beside him.
He opened his dazed sleepy eyes and saw a tall figure in the dim light opening the quilt and approaching him.
Xu Ze moved a little bit subconsciously.
Yang Yan bathed and changed his pajamas upstairs.
When he got into bed, he saw Xu Ze opening his eyes and staring at him.
The half asleep and half awake Xu Ze seemed to have removed all his defenses around him.
The entire person became so soft and lovely.

Yang Yan lowered his head and kissed Xu Ze’s lips.
He didn’t kiss him for too long, only for a while.


Yang Yan rubbed Xu Ze’s soft silky hair and said softly, “Go back to sleep.”

Xu Ze made a soft sound of agreement before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

After reaching out and turning off the bedside lamp, Yang Yan originally wanted to hug Xu Ze.
But when he raised his arm, a feeling of piercing pain came so he slowly retracted it.

When he was injured, Yang Yan even wanted to use the wound to gain some favor.
He didn’t think that anything was weird at the time.
Now that he had calmed down, he only wondered whether or not his brain was broken.
There were still so many other ways to pursue Xu Ze, why would he choose to use an injury to obtain Xu Ze’s sympathy? 

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Xu Ze was pregnant with his child.
At this stage of nurturing the fetus, it’s best if everything was stable.
If his injury made Xu Ze emotional… Yang Yan thought this was probably the worst thing he has ever done in his life.

The person beside him fell asleep very quickly, and after a while, the sounds of shallow breathing came over.
Listening to Xu Ze’s breathing, Yang Yan shook his head and laughed.
He’ll just pretend his head was a hot mess in the heat of the moment.
As for the matter of getting injured, he would hide it and not let Xu Ze know.

The person was right in front of him.
There was no need to obtain Xu Ze’s sympathy to make him fall in love with himself.

There was clearly another fundamentally inseparable relationship between them.

Yang Yan’s gaze went down, towards Xu Ze’s abdomen that was under the blanket.

Inside there was their baby.
That was their child. 

Regarding Yang Yan being attacked and having the police take the attacker away, Yang Yan did not disclose any information yet Xu Ze found out within two days.

He learned about it from his classmate, the one who was pursuing the attacker’s ex-girlfriend.
After learning about this from the girl, he immediately told Xu Ze.


The classmate knew the general situation, though the police knew the specific situation better.
He said that the man ran to assault someone yesterday late in the night and even took a knife.
However, the man did not expect that the other party had a bit of skill.
The man didn’t even hurt the person and he himself was even arrested for assaulting someone.

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Lf qegrfv tlr ilqr jcv jrxfv, “Szjmais ktfc vlv atlr tjqqfc?” 

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“Cgbecv afc b’mibmx?” We If gfqfjafv.

“Yeah, it seemed to be in a community.
I don’t know who the man ran to sneak attack.
He was beaten by someone again and it was worse than Yang Yan’s beating last time.
It seemed like a rib was even broken.”

There was still time before class started.
Xu Ze had a certain guess in his heart.
He took out his phone and looked at the time when Yang Yan called him the night before.
It was about 10:20, which coincided with the time that the classmate said. 

At that time, he wondered why Yang Yan had suddenly called and asked him if he was sleeping.
He also just so happened to hear the sound of the police siren during that time.
Too many coincidences were not a coincidence anymore.

In addition, Xu Ze remembered that when he woke up in the morning, Yang Yan’s hands weren’t on him.
Usually, Yang Yan would always hug him when he slept.
He hadn’t hugged him since that night.
But from the time of him waking up to before sleeping, Yang Yan had shown no abnormality.

So if nothing surprising happens, the person attacked by the man was Yang Yan.

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Yet Yang Yan didn’t reveal any information, completely as if nothing had happened. 

The class bell rang and Xu Ze opened his book.
The teacher was standing on the podium, but at this time, Xu Ze’s thoughts were still on Yang Yan.

He was thinking about why Yang Yan didn’t say anything, pretending that it didn’t happen.
Was it because he was afraid that he would worry, or was it… Xu Ze’s sight moved to his abdomen.
It was likely that Yang Yan didn’t want it to affect him and the child.

If it was someone else, after knowing about this matter, they would probably be moved by Yang Yan’s concealed act.

But as for Xu Ze, he didn’t seem to be moved much.
To be precise, it was Yang Yan who took the initiative to pull the man’s hatred over to himself.
The man attacking him was actually something to be expected.
But after thinking about this point, Xu Ze was stunned.
He remembered that someone had secretly followed him during the morning of the day the incident happened. 

Xu Ze’s hand that was turning the pen suddenly stopped and his pupils widened slightly.
So in fact the man had originally planned to attack him.
But because he felt it in advance that he was being followed, he didn’t go out at night.

He usually walked around the community at night.
If he went out that night, he might have been the one who was sneak attacked.

And he wouldn’t expect anything dangerous to happen. This body also wasn’t as good as Yang Yan in terms of physical abilities.
The consequence of what would’ve happened could be imagined. 

It was also only at this time that Xu Ze seemed to develop a bit of fear.

It was Yang Yan who was helping him and the baby by keeping the danger out.
Whether emotionally or logically, he should be saying his thanks to Yang Yan.


Yang Yan was at home when he received Xu Ze’s text message.
At home, elders were coming.
It happened that Yang Yan didn’t really have any classes that day.
There were only two public classes so Yang Yan directly escaped.

He opened the text message and saw that Xu Ze only sent two words “Thank you”. 

Yang Yan squinted his eyes.
Of course, he knew these two words, but he didn’t know why Xu Ze would suddenly say thanks to him.
Yang Yan replied with a message, “Why thank me?” He asked Xu Ze about the reason.

“Yesterday night.” Xu Ze didn’t say much.

These few simple words immediately let Yang Yan know that Xu Ze knew something.

“How did you know?” Yang Yan thought he had concealed it quite well, yet in the end, Xu Ze still found out. 

“There is a classmate that’s pursuing that person’s ex-girlfriend.” As for who exactly, Xu Ze won’t be saying it.

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Yang Yan held the phone.
After a moment of silence, Yang Yan wrote, “No need for thanks.
Protecting you and the child is what I should do.”

Staring at the sentence on the screen, Xu Ze smiled silently.
If the person who saw this sentence was the original host, he probably would be very moved.

However, Xu Ze was not the original host after all.
He may be a little touched, but for him to change his original intentions, this wasn’t even close to a tenth of what’s required. 

Xu Ze was wondering if he should talk openly and honestly with Yang Yan.
After he gives birth to the child, he’ll be taking the money and leaving.
In his future life plan, there’s no child, let alone another man.

He liked living by himself.
He doesn’t feel like his soul was empty or lonely to the point that he needed someone else to accompany him.

The two didn’t continue messaging.
Xu Ze ended the conversation with the excuse “I’m going to class”.

On the other side of the phone, Yang Yan was not as calm as Xu Ze.
Xu Ze’s one line of thank you seemed to clearly reveal his attitude to Yang Yan.
That is, even if they slept on the same bed, Xu Ze’s heart was still not moved by Yang Yan. 

After knowing what Yang Yan did, Xu Ze was not moved.
His estranged and polite thank you seemed to have completely clarified the relationship between them.

At the same time, he was also expressing to Yang Yan that he was grateful for what Yang Yan has done for him and the baby.
But it was only gratitude.

Yang Yan rejoiced that he didn’t bring up the injury to Xu Ze to try to arouse Xu Ze’s sympathy.
He was thinking, fortunately, he didn’t do that, otherwise, he would only be even more disappointed at that time.

Does he have to lock up that person so there’s only himself in his eyes before his heart will slowly fall in love with himself? Yang Yan suddenly had this kind of crazy idea in his mind. 

At the same time, he found out that he seemed to understand a little of the person who he sent to the police station.
That person probably had a similar psychology toward his ex-girlfriend.
Seeing that the person he liked ignored him, talking and laughing with others, he would only feel abnormally angry.

Yang Yan immediately shook his head and smiled again.
He was different from that scum.
He would not hurt the person he liked.
He couldn’t even wait to spoil him, so how could he even bear to hurt Xu Ze.


When the two returned home that night, neither of them took the initiative to mention the things they had talked about during the day.
They sat at the dining table together for dinner.
After eating, Xu Ze went to the sofa and turned on the TV to watch just like usual.

Yang Yan peeled an apple and passed it into Xu Ze’s hand.
He also peeled one for himself to eat.
It seemed like they couldn’t get along anymore harmoniously. 

At around nine o’clock, Yang Yan got up and said that he was going out.
As for where he’s going, he didn’t disclose it to Xu Ze.
Although the two were living together, they were not dating nor were they lovers.
Whatever Yang Yan wanted to do when going out was Yang Yan’s freedom.
Xu Ze won’t cross the boundary by going over and asking questions.

Yang Yan took the jacket and wore it.
He walked to the entrance and opened the door.
When he was changing his shoes, he looked up at Xu Ze on the sofa.
He thought that if Xu Ze told him not to go out, he would immediately not leave.

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Putting on his shoes, Yang Yan opened the door and left.
He knew Xu Ze wouldn’t say anything like that.

Drinking in a bar outside, surrounded by the hustle and bustle, Yang Yan was absent-minded.
The person was here, but his heart seems to have gone elsewhere.
The friends saw that he was lacking in interest.
Someone thought of a way, wanting to make Yang Yan happy.
But Yang Yan waved his hand to tell them to play by themselves. 

Xie Chengzhou saw all of this.
He had Xu Ze’s phone number and he hadn’t contacted Xu Ze for a while.
After all, Xu Ze and Yang Yan were living together.
It was too inappropriate for him to chase Xu Ze at this time.

However, looking at Yang Yan’s current situation, it was as if he had lost his love.
Xie Chengzhou thought Xu Ze’s charm was really that great.

No matter what, it was still his brother, so he couldn’t really let this person frown all day.

Xie Chengzhou patted Yang Yan on the shoulder, then invited him to go out and run a few laps. 

Yang Yan indeed felt uncomfortable in his heart that he wanted to vent a lot, so he agreed to Xie Chengzhou’s suggestion.

The two left the bar, driving the car out of the city.

On a wide section of the suburbs, Xie Chengzhou and Yang Yan made a gesture, which meant one match.
In addition, Xie Chengzhou also made a number two sign, which meant 20 million.

This number instantly reminded Yang Yan of his previous loss to Xie Chengzhou.
Plus knowing that Xie Chengzhou still hadn’t given up on Xu Ze yet, Yang Yan’s expression instantly darkened. 

Author has something to say:

Third update has come! Happy!

Mini Theater:

One day, Xu Ze discovered that Yang Yan, the entire person, was broken from the inside out.
So he found a large-sized garbage bag and put Yang Yan in it, and then threw the entire person with the bag into the garbage can altogether. 

Yang-Trash-Yan crawled pitifully out of the trash can and ran home to look for the wife, but the wife ran away with the money, leaving only his son who was wailing and waiting to be fed.
The big one and small one hugged their heads and cried bitterly right then and there.

It could be said to be they were used to being miserable ^_^


Slow transmigration.
Baby will be born.
When this plot is finished he’ll be born.
Will try to make that happen as soon as possible. 

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