Ch21 – Injured

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Yang Yan replied with a short message: “I recognize him.” 

“This person is being so sneaky, just looking at him and you can tell he’s up to no good.
Brother Yang, what do you want us to do?” The other party asked Yang Yan what he meant.

“Find the person first, then take him to a place where there is no surveillance.” Yang Yan turned around and looked into the living room.
As much gentleness that was between his brows, was how harsh his tone was.



“Okay, don’t worry.
When we do things we do it absolutely cleanly and neatly.” The other party took the money and was ordered to do things.
They also knew the background of Yang Yan’s family, so he didn’t have any worries.

“After you find him, don’t do anything yet.
Wait for me to go over.” Yang Yan wanted to personally ask that person what he wanted to do to the person he liked and also his child. 

“Yes.” The other person’s voice contained obvious respect.


After hanging up the phone, Yang Yan put his phone in his pocket.
In the living room, Xu Ze was still concentrating on playing the game, not knowing that Yang Yan had already found the target person and wanted to act against him.

Yang Yan went out for a trip after eating dinner.
He couldn’t always not go to his friend’s arrangements.

The arrangement was at the club he often went to before.
Almost every friend brought someone with them.
Xie Chengzhou was also there, still taking the boy last time.
In contrast, Yang Yan came here alone.


When Yang Yan walked into the club, all the friends’ gaze went over to him.
Yang Yan’s sight paused for a moment on Xie Chengzhou and his lover, though there was not much fluctuation on his face.
Yang Yan walked into the room and someone immediately got up, giving him the seat.

A friend next to him pushed their lover towards Yang Yan, teasing that during this period of time, Yang Yan had been keeping himself pure for that little baby in his home.
It’s as if he had completely changed as a person.

Men ah, rather than the red flag at home, it’s only the colorful flags fluttering outside that are interesting.
Occasionally pretending to have a deeply affectionate character was fine.
However, being deeply affectionate all the time would be quite strange.

Not one of these friends believed that Yang Yan was actually serious this time.
After seeing him playing around for so long, it was really hard to believe that he suddenly decided to settle down. 

When the woman was pushed into Yang Yan’s arms, a pungent perfume smell rushed to his face.
Yang Yan’s brows narrowed.
Although he didn’t push the woman away, he stared with an icy chill at the woman’s smiling yet not smiling eyes.

That coldness was not any ordinary coldness that makes your back feel chills.
The woman only felt that she was like worthless rubbish on the roadside that was thrown away by someone casually.
Her entire body was stiff.
She wanted to raise her lips and smile, using her usual coquettish that raised people’s goodwill to say hi to Yang Yan.
However, facing Yang Yan’s cold indifferent eyes that were looking at her, let alone making a sound, the woman couldn’t even breathe normally.

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The friend noticed that the woman was frightened by Yang Yan.
At any rate, it was the person they had brought.
If Yang Yan wasn’t interested, It could only be said that Yang Yan didn’t like this type.
The friend hugged the woman who had been pushed out back in his arms.
His tone was gentle as he comforted her: “Yang Yan’s sight is too high, uninterested in you.
It seems that you still have to follow me at the moment.
Don’t be afraid, there’s still me here!”

Those words of his made it seem like the one who just pushed the person out was not him. 

The woman leaned in the arms of the friend, not making a sound.
Her posture was obedient and humble.
She was clear about her identity.
In the eyes of these people, those like her were only their plaything.

“After two more days, we’ll be able to see the baby that Yang Yan is hiding.
I’m guessing they must look like a national beauty!” Cao Mingyong who was on the side cut into the conversation.

“Ay, Yang Yan, aren’t you holding them tightly? Willing to bring the person out, are you not afraid of scaring your baby darling?” That friend who was hugging the woman was also curious.

“He’s not that delicate.” Yang Yan replied. 

Cao Mingyong suddenly turned towards Xie Chengzhou: “Chengzhou, aren’t you the closest to Yang Yan? Have you seen that darling in his home?”

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Xie Chengzhou lied without blinking: “I haven’t, I’m even more curious than you guys.”


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Po sbe tjv rjlv sbe xcfk atfw, P wluta yf uefrrlcu ktfatfg atja kjr yfmjerf bo atlr rqfmlji yjys!” Jjb Zlcusbcu kjr pbxlcu.
Ktlr mlgmif kjr cba rb ylu rb atfgf kfgf rbwf atlcur atja rqgfjv delmxis.

To a certain extent, this joke of his was really close to the truth. 

The two parties in the know looked at each other, neither admitting it nor would they admit it.

After playing until it was about ten o’clock, Yang Yan got up and left first.
There was a pregnant person at home, so he didn’t want to go back too late and make noises, annoying Xu Ze.

Yang Yan had already taken some things from the second floor to the first floor.
When he said he wanted to live in Xu Ze’s room, he was not just talking nonsense.
With a soft body in his arms at night, his sleep quality could be said to have risen straight up.

Since he drank a little wine, Yang didn’t drive the car himself.
He called a diver to drive him back. 

The street lights in the community were dim.
Yang Yan paid the driver and got out of the car and walked towards the single-unit building.
In the darkness, a black shadow silently followed Yang Yan.
That person was holding a short knife in his hand.
He slowly approached closer to Yang Yan.

Just then, Yang Yan’s phone rang so he stopped to answer the call.
The one who called him was the person that he called to investigate previously.
While he was in the car, Yang Yan also answered a phone call.
The other party told Yang Yan that they had found the person.
That person bought a fruit knife from a supermarket.
The investigator hesitated since the other party was walking in crowded places, so there was no way to get that person into a sack for the time being.

Yang Yan told the investigator to follow the person first, seeing what he was going to do with the knife.

Afterward, he received some more text messages, which revealed that the man had sneaked into the community where Yang Yan lived with a knife.
He kept hiding in the darkness, looking like he wanted to hurt people.
Yang Yan called Aunt Dong and asked about Xu Ze’s situation at home.
Aunt Dong said that Xu Ze went back to bed to sleep.
Yang Yan didn’t reveal anything to Aunt Dong.
He hung up the phone and thought about it, basically guessing the man’s thoughts.
After being harshly beaten up by Yang Yan, he must be holding a grudge in his heart.
Him wanting revenge was something that could be guessed. 

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Since someone was watching the man and it was already late at night, the personnel watching the man expressed to Yang Yan that they could put a sack on the man immediately.
Yang Yan impromptu changed a bit of the plan.

Sacking and teaching him a lesson was too cheap for human scums like him.
It was much more appropriate to send him to prison for a few years.

Yang Yan told people to not do anything for now and let him deal with him.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Yan slowed down his steps a bit.
The man hiding in the dark didn’t know his whereabouts had been exposed long ago, even thinking that he was hiding very well.
However, his gaze that was on Yang Yan, which wished to peel off Yang Yan’s skin, was too vicious.
Yang Yan already had some perception of where he was. 

He knew it but Yang Yan pretended not to notice.
He continued to walk forward while listening carefully to the surroundings.
There was the sound of cars passing by outside, causing the sound of man’s footsteps to be almost hidden.
Though if he used his heart to feel it, he could still hear faint traces of it.

When the man rushed fiercely out of the darkness, holding the knife in his hand and about to stab Yang Yan, Yang Yan was already prepared so he immediately turned and avoided it.
However, he didn’t avoid it too much, so the knife grazed Yang Yan’s arm, directly cutting Yang Yan’s hand.

Yang Yan clasped the man’s wrist and violently snapped it.
Since the strength used was quick and fierce, the man was struggling with pain.
Yang Yan didn’t give the other party a chance to react.
He twisted around and clasped the man’s arm, and harshly gave the person a shoulder throw.
He was thrown directly onto the ground, creating a dull and loud slamming sound.

Yang Yan had been prepared long ago.
Not to mention Yang Yan had practiced his skills, he spent a period of time practicing Sanda.
Even if the sneak attacking man had a knife in his hand, Yang Yan knew that this scum would not be his opponent just based on the last time he beat the man.

Even with the knife, he was still an out and out dross. 

He threw the person over the shoulder and harshly slammed him to the ground, and just like last time, Yang Yan didn’t show any mercy.
He stepped forward and ruthlessly kicked the man’s chest, who was trying to get up with much difficulty.

This kick used even more strength than the last one.
There seemed to be the sound of bones breaking.
Yang Yan had kicked broken one of the man’s ribs.

The light here was dim and no camera was installed.
Just after the man’s sneak attack on Yang Yan failed, several people walked out from the other direction.

Originally, towards Yang Yan’s sudden request for them to stop and not to interrupt the attacker immediately, the few people looked at each other and didn’t know what Yang Yan wanted to do. 

When they were in the darkness and saw the man rushing to Yang Yan with a knife, they all sucked in a breath.
They knew Yang Yan’s identity.
If something really happened to Yang Yan, they were afraid the Yang family would find them.
They absolutely won’t have any good fruit to eat.

Therefore, after the few people ran out, they immediately and nervously asked Yang Yan if he was injured at all.

Yang Yan’s arm was scratched by a knife.
Fresh blood was flowing out and someone’s nose smelled it.

That person’s face immediately had huge changes. 

“Brother Yang, you’re injured?” that person exclaimed.

Yang Yan seemed to only feel a little pain in his arm right now.
He covered the bleeding area and felt the pain come in bursts.
Although the wound wasn’t really that deep, it could be said this was the first Yang Yan received this kind of injury in his life.

“It’s fine, it’s just a small injury.” Yang Yan’s black eyes stared coldly at the man lying on the ground who couldn’t get up.
He grew tall but was obviously only strong on the outside.
The little bit of fighting power he had was destroyed with a few hits from Yang Yan.

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“Then this person…” One of the people with a ticked hair style asked Yang Yan how they’ll deal with the person who sneak attacked him.

The location here was not really that remote.
A pedestrian started walking over here from the intersection.

Yang Yan already had an idea and a plan.
The appearance of this person was to a certain extent helping Yang Yan, helping Yang Yan to chase a certain someone.

“You guys leave first, I will deal with it by myself.” Yang Yan told the few people to withdraw. 

Someone was curious and wanted to know how Yang Yan would deal with the man.
Ticked Hair glared at that person, and their neck shrank back.
Then the three of them turned around and left quickly.

The pedestrian came over and saw Yang Yan and the person lying on the ground.
The person on the ground seemed to be groaning.
Due to the awe-inspiring momentum emanating from Yang Yan’s whole body, the pedestrian were frightened.
Bearing the idea that one less problem is better than one more, they avoided Yang Yan.


Yang Yan took away the hand covering the wound.
The smell of fresh blood was pungent.
With the faint light on the side of the road, Yang Yan stared at the fresh blood in his palm, yet the corners of his lips suddenly rose.

Yang Yan took out his phone and dialed the police.
He could privately teach this person a lesson before sending him to the police station.
This person could not get out of his palm.
But then Yang Yan thought it would delay too much of his time.
He didn’t want to spend his time on such scum.
It was better to leave it for the police to deal with. 

After the phone call, Yang Yan stood there waiting for the police to come.
In the middle of waiting, he called Xu Ze.
He didn’t say anything about the attack and asked Xu Ze if he was going to sleep.
Xu Ze had just taken a shower and was lying on the bed.

So Xu Ze said: “About to sleep.” As soon as Xu Ze’s voice ended, he heard the rapid sirens coming from outside the window.
The sound was getting closer and closer.
It was not passing by right outside the community, instead it seemed to have stopped over there.

Did something happen inside the community? It was already so late, what could even happen?

Xu Ze walked to the window and looked downstairs.
Under the street lights, he could see a police car parked outside.
There was a policeman that got out of the car.
He didn’t know why, but Xu Ze felt a kind of unspeakable feeling in his heart at this time. 

He subconsciously asked Yang Yan: “Where are you right now?”

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On a much more interesting note, want to read a Russian folklore about a gay cat and a cock?


Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s just a rooster.

So, I stumbled across this wonderful folklore called “The Cat and the Cock.” 

Yes, that is the translated name.

It’s not completely groundbreaking either, but it’s surprising to me that an old folklore had a pair of male, homosexual, protagonists.
You can’t even deny it since as far as I’m concerned, only lovers “loved one another dearly”.

Not to mention the Cat is totally an overly possessive lover, not letting the Cock go out nor let anyone see him.

It is a nice novel idea. 

Overly Possessive Husband Cat x Obedient Dumb House Wife Cock

The Cat is definitely a lean and smart hunter.
While the Cock could be a strong, dumb, muscular housewife, or a small, adorable, dummy, obedient cutie.
They could be switches too, aka they both top and bottom.

I could think of a few chapter ideas.
One plot idea is the Cat playing with the Cock, and another is the Cat trying to make the Cock lay an egg like a hen.
As for how, well… I think you know what I mean.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Currently TLing Chapter: 22 

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