Ch19 – Hug Hug Hug

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Yang Yan deliberately did not mention where he was currently living to his friends.
However when he went out to eat or play, he stopped going the same way as everyone else when they separated.
A friend casually asked Yang Yan if he changed his living place.
Yang Yan replied that he moved to the house he bought that was outside the school. 

“Didn’t you say before that you weren’t used to living there? Why did you move back?” The friend Cao Mingyong still remembered this matter.
In the beginning, he went to live in that house for two days, so his memory of this was quite deep.

“It’s almost the final exam.
I’m staying there to review.” Yang Yan lied without any effort at all.



No one believed this explanation of his.

Cao Mingyong sized up Yang Yan: “There can’t be something or a certain someone…” There were some hidden meanings in his words. 

Yang Yan did not refute.
The expression on his face even seemed to admit Cao Mingyong’s guess.


Later, Cao Mingyong talked to other people and learned that Yang Yan has been recently coming late and returning early.
It was obviously because there was someone beside him, hooking him completely..

This circle was only so big.
The story of Yang Yan being bewitched reached Xie Chengzhou within two days.
Xie Chengzhou didn’t come out and play with everyone these days because he had to deal with a matter.

When he learned that Yang Yan had moved to the house outside the school, Xie Chengzhou, as one of the insiders of this matter, almost instantly guessed who was the person that captured Yang Yan’s heart.


This was very easy to guess, basically without any difficulties.
But for Xie Chengzhou, although he hasn’t seen Xu Ze for some time, his interest has not diminished at all.

Xie Chengzhou found a boy that looked a little similar to Xu Ze.
That boy even followed Xie Chengzhou.
Xie Chengzhou didn’t really sleep with the boy though.
He was just a fake.
He found him only to relieve his greed.
He wanted even more to get and own the original and not just some stand-in.

The time when Xu Ze bore the child should be September and now it was almost December.
Calculating according to the time, it should be three months.Xu Ze’s belly should probably have the sign of protruding a little.
However, this season’s weather was cold.
Everyone was wearing thick clothes.
Especially when the loose down jacket was put on the body, even an eight to nine months pregnant stomach might not be so visible.
Xie Chengzhou still wanted to see Xu Ze again though.

Xie Chengzhou and Yang Yan were friends.
They were in one circle, so they also had mutual friends. 

Cao Mingyong got in touch with Xie Chengzhou one day.
He asked some people for a picnic on the mountain during the weekend and asked if Xie Chengzhou had time to go.

Xie Chengzhou didn’t first say whether he was free or not, but asked who Cao Mingyong had invited.
When he heard Yang Yan’s name, Xie Chengzhou was suddenly a lot more interested.

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“Wasn’t it said that Yang Yan has been hiding someone recently? It seems like quite a number of people are curious.
Maybe you should go talk to Yang Yan and ask him to bring his treasure along?” Xie Chengzhou deliberately proposed for Cao Mingyong to go ask Yang Yan.

Cao Mingyong was actually quite curious.
He was curious about what kind of character could capture Yang Yan’s heart. 

“You don’t say, I really do want to meet him.” Cao Mingyong didn’t know that Xie Chengzhou actually knew Xu Ze.
Even in their group there were a few that knew Xu Ze.

After talking to Xie Chengzhou on the phone, Cao Mingyong immediately called Yang Yan again.
He didn’t mention Xie Chengzhou on the phone and he didn’t beat around the bush.
He just asked Yang Yan to bring Xu Ze out, not let the person stay at home all day and come out to feel the winds when they have time.

Cao Mingyong talked in a joking tone.
He actually was not that confident.
If Yang Yan really held that person tightly and refused to bring them out, then being friends, Cao Mingyong would have his own limits and would not go too far.

But to the surprise of Cao Mingyong, Yang Yan directly agreed. 

Yang Yan replied: “En, I will bring him along when the time comes.” Choosing to bring Xu Ze with him was not to take Xu Ze to his friends to see each other like showing some sort of commodity.
Instead, it was when Yang Yan heard the one line Cao Mingyong said, “Come out and feel the winds when you have time.” Xu Ze’s stomach was currently bearing a child, so he needed to appropriately go out and walk sometime.

Going for a picnic outside, finding a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters, getting closer to nature, and breathing fresh air.
Yang Yan thought it should be good for Xu Ze’s body.


And so he agreed.

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Pinching the boy’s chin, Xie Chengzhou smiled and said, “I’ll take you to meet someone in two days.”

The boy’s expression was obedient as he asked in a low voice, “Meet who?”

“It’s the person that you look like.” Xie Chengzhou’s eyes contained a smile in it, but that smile made people get little goosebumps. 

The boy pursed his lips and didn’t dare to speak again.

“I’m guessing you‘ll be happy to meet him.
Since you wouldn’t have even been able to get to my side otherwise.” Xie Chengzhou let go.
He was not interested in the boy.
He only liked the boy’s face ever so little, that’s all.

The boy’s eyes drooped and his fingers bent.
His eyelids concealed the anxiety and tension under them.
He knew from the beginning that Xie Chengzhou didn’t like him, but got together only because he looked like a certain someone.

But Xie Chengzhou also told the boy clearly that he liked obedient and untroublesome types.
The underlying meaning was that the boy shouldn’t ask what he shouldn’t.
The boy has always been curious about that person and now he finally has a chance to meet the person he looks like.
But the boy was worried whether Xie Chengzhou would let him leave after meeting each other.
Xie Chengzhou looked handsome, was very generous, and also had no special hobbies.
The boy did not want to leave. 

But he didn’t dare to ask even a single extra word because Xie Chengzhou was staring at him.
Although he was looking at him, he was actually looking at another person through him.
A wave of discomfort suddenly gushed out in the boy’s heart.

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Regarding the matter of the picnic, while Yang Yan and Xu Ze sat at the table eating one night, he mentioned it to Xu Ze.

Not waiting for Xu Ze to say his refusal, Yang Yan continued to say the reasons that he had thought of in advance: “You’re bearing a child right now so you should go out and walk more.
The air quality in the city isn’t good.
The air in the suburbs is fresher, which should be good for you and the baby.”

It could be said that this reason couldn’t be any more justified, not to mention Yang Yan said it with a serious expression.
Xu Ze pursed his lips to consider it for a moment. 

“When is it?” Xu Ze asked.
If he was asking this, he was expressing that he’s half agreeing.

“This weekend.
They have already found the place.” Yang Yan said.
He stared at Xu Ze’s eyes before moving down, landing on Xu Ze’s chopsticks.
Xu Ze was picking dishes, but there were only ribs in his bowl.
He didn’t touch the carrots.
Yang Yan frowned and suddenly changed the subject, “Don’t be picky.”

Xu Ze’s hand that was holding the chopsticks paused.
He looked up at Yang Yan and the latter was frowning at him, his expression being especially stern.

“I don’t like to eat carrots.” Of course he knew that carrots were nutritious and should be eaten more.
But the carrots cooked in this way still had a strong carrot flavor.
Just smelling that scent made Xu Ze not want to move his chopsticks . 

“But if it’s carrots meatballs, then it would be fine.” Xu Ze thought about his time before he transmigrated here.
His family would buy carrots and lean meat to make their own meatballs for New Year.
He especially liked that kind of meatball.

While Xu Ze recalled the taste of the meatballs, his eyes instantly lit up.
There was a cluster of fire leaping inside his peach blossom eyes.


Suddenly there was no sound coming from Yang Yan.
Xu Ze looked over a little confused and saw Yang Yan staring at him unblinkingly.
It felt like he had turned dumb from staring at him.
Xu Ze lowered his gaze.
There were no ups nor downs in his heart.
He knew from early on that Yang Yan had some thoughts about him, but he didn’t plan to make any responses.
He and Yang Yan only had a relationship of 10 million yuan.

Once all the ten million were in his hand, everyone would go their own separate ways and live their own lives, becoming irrelevant to one another. 

“Then let Aunt Dong make carrot meatballs some other day.” Yang Yan nodded and noted down that Xu Ze liked to eat carrot meatballs.

Xu Ze did put Yang Yan’s occasional concern in his eyes, but he wouldn’t put it in his heart.
He didn’t plan to live with a man for an entire lifetime.
It was basically impossible. Moreover, in his opinion, Yang Yan’s heart would be moved for him today, but it couldn’t be guaranteed that his heart also wouldn’t move for other people in the future.
This was mainly because of how Yang Yan had behaved in the past, which made it hard for him to believe that he would be a dedicated person.

Presently, the only point that Xu Ze recognized about Yang Yan would probably be that technique of his.

Thinking about the issue of techniques, Xu Ze seemed to have some needs again.

People were very easily controlled by instincts.
Especially in the dark night, when some instincts deep in the body showed signs of emerging again. 

After eating, Xu Ze sat in the living room, though the TV was not turned on.
He took a pillow to cushion his back so that he would feel more comfortable while he leaned.
Although his pajamas were loose, his clothes collapsed when he sat down, exposing the slightly protruding belly.
The little life in his stomach seemed to be growing stronger day by day and occasionally Xu Ze seemed to be able to feel the baby breathing inside.

Xu Ze leaned on the sofa as he played with his phone.
At least that was what it seemed like to Yang Yan.
But in fact, Xu Ze was in contact with the real estate agency.
A few days ago, he went to see a few second-hand houses, one of which he was quite satisfied with.
The owner also just bought the house not too long ago.
But because they were temporarily missing some cash flow for their business, they were in a hurry to sell.
Xu Ze immediately liked the decoration and design of the entire house when he entered it.
With one look, it could be seen that the ceramic tiles on the ground were of good quality.
The various household appliances inside were all branded ones.
Almost none of their prices were low.
If he bought that house.
Xu Ze could immediately move in and he doesn’t need to buy any more furniture.

There were still a few houses he hadn’t checked, but Xu Ze was not satisfied after seeing their photos so he didn’t go.
It could be considered luck.
It just so happened that he wanted to buy it and it just so happened the house’s owner was in a hurry to sell it.

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Xu Ze expressed that he could pay out the full amount and let the agent negotiate the price with the landlord.
The landlord was also happy, saying that if Xu Ze didn’t want home appliances, he could pay 50,000 yuan less. 

Xu Ze checked the range hood in the kitchen.
Just that alone was worth tens of thousands, let alone the other refrigerator and washing machine.

So Xu Ze wanted all the home appliances.

When talking about this with the agent, Xu Ze noticed that Yang Yan was coming over.
Yang Yan was holding a woolen blanket in his hand.
After he came over, he spread the woolen blanket and laid it on Xu Ze’s leg.

Xu Ze smiled slightly and said his thanks.
Yang Yan glanced at the screen of Xu Ze’s phone, though he didn’t look closely.
It seemed that Xu Ze was watching a video, since he was wearing headphones in one ear. 

Yang Yan sat next to Xu Ze, turned on the TV with the remote control, and lowered the volume of the TV.
The two people sat, with one playing on their phone and the other watching TV.
This picture seemed quite peaceful and harmonious from a distance.

During the night, before Yang Yan went to sleep, his door was knocked on by someone once again.
This time he didn’t feel any shock.
As soon as the door opened, Xu Ze, who was wearing sleepwear, walked into the room.


The door was gently closed and Xu Ze walked to the bedside.

Yang Yan grabbed Xu Ze’s hand and pulled the person over to sit sideways on his lap.
He held Xu Ze as he asked a question he had in his mind with a smile.
He asked Xu Ze if he was using him as a tool, as a person at his disposal.
That he would find him if there was a need, and when there wasn’t, he would be lazy to even give him an extra glance. 

Xu Ze asked rhetorically: “What do you think?”

Yang Yan pulled the back of Xu Ze’s neck and kissed him.
He gently gnawed on Xu Ze’s lower lip.
He saw the answer from Xu Ze’s eyes.
The answer that he already could have guessed long ago.

“Should I move downstairs and live in your room? Lest you keep running upstairs.
The stairs are quite steep, I don’t want you and the child to be in any trouble.” Yang Yan was very good at finding excuses.

This was in accordance with Xu Ze’s expectation.
He tried Yang Yan several times for free.
The other party asking to sleep on one bed together was something Xu Ze expected. 

“Okay, you can move down if you want to move.” Xu Ze had no problem.
He even thought that Yang Yan might even be aesthetically tired soon.
At that time he would move away by himself.

Yang Yan actually did not expect things to go so smoothly.
He was even thinking that if Xu Ze refused, he would use the reasons he had thought of in advance to get Xu Ze to agree.

It was of course a good thing that it went smoothly.
But at the same time, Yang Yan had a clear understanding that he just confirmed with Xu Ze’s words.
Although Xu Ze was asking rhetorically, no matter his expression or his tone, both were expressing a meaning.
That for Xu Ze, Yang Yan’s function was really a massage stick.

When did it begin, that he unexpectedly only had this function left? The person who once liked him suddenly became as if they had no remaining feelings for him, even becoming more casual and indifferent than him. 

When Xu Ze ran up to him and told him that he was pregnant with his child in the beginning, the fragility that Xu Ze showed at that time made Yang Yan have an inexplicable desire to protect.

It was precisely the kind of physical instinct that urged Yang Yan’s heart to become more and more fascinated later on towards this person.
Now, after several more close contacts with Xu Ze, Yang Yan discovered that Xu Ze actually still had this side of him.

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It seemed like the person he had been in contact with in the past and this one were like two different people.
It’s just that the two had the same face, but the person inside was different.

Of course, this was just a momentary thought of Yang Yan.
He couldn’t be more clear that Xu Ze was still the same Xu Ze.
He was still someone he knew well. 

Maybe these so-called changes were just because of their breakup, which made Xu Ze sensible.
Now that the person was in his arms, he could hold him at any time.
There was still time, Yang Yan did not believe that he would not be able to chase Xu Ze back.

This person’s body could not be separated from him.
Yang Yan was very sure of this point.
He would slowly make Xu Ze like him again like before, then make him unable to leave him.

Yang Yan’s gaze was like a torch, focusing deeply on the person in front of his eyes.

Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes were rippling with soft, charming 

spring light.
When he blinked slightly, it made people’s hearts ripple.
Yang Yan looked at his figure in Xu Ze’s eyes, and his heart trembled.

Xu Ze’s eyes were dyed with a flirtatious smile as he looked at this man who was obsessed with him.
Speaking of Yang Yan, there were a lot of people around him in the past.
Xu Ze didn’t know if there was something wrong in his head, actually being very interested in this


head turning grass.
He even called everyone around him away.
His behavior these days seemed like he was going to develop in the direction of a good man.

Everyone was living together so occasionally helping out was fine.
It was still better to not talk about other things. 

Yang Yan didn’t know that even if he would be with Xu Ze this time, Xu Ze’s heart was thinking that he would not be moved by people like Yang Yan.

The night was long.

The dark night spread as the night outside the window became darker.
Yang Yan looked into his arms, at Xu Ze’s sleeping face.
He couldn’t bear to move his eyes.
It took a long time before he fell asleep with the person in his arms.

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Mini Theater:

Yang Yan: I’ll be able to hug both my wife and child soon! Really happy!

Xu Ze: Eat some cephalosporin and drink more wine.


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