The beast killed the men mother, it ripped their heads off their bodies. I don know if anyone else is alive.

Evan groans in pain indicating that he is still alive. Rehabi releases her brother from her embrace and goes to where Evan is laid. She kneels and raises her hand and her fingers glow with white light. She places her hand above Evans body, closes her eyes and moves her hand from his face to his abdomen three times. She then drops her hand and opens her eyes.

He still has hope, I can heal him.

Her mother grimaces and says, When did you become a physician, Rehabi?

I am a white witch mother and one of our powers is the gift of healing. Jack and I got that gift from our late father.

Mother then replies with sarcasm

I didn know that you loved using your healing powers on men as I thought that all you cared was about going to the inn to satisfy their lustful desires.

Rehabi turns and looks at her mother and says, Before you judge me mother please remember that this started after father had died. His best friend took everything that belongs to us and you didn even fight, all you did was to just sit down and cry, cry for days without stopping…..

Mother becomes annoyed and talks back.

Does that justify what you are doing?

Rehabi becomes angry and lashes out at her mother.

You were meant to be strong for all of us but no, all you did was to cry everyday. Did you even care about us? Did you know how many times we went to bed hungry? Can you remember the times when well come crying to you about hunger?

Mother is speechless as her daughter lashes out at her but Rehabi continues.

I went to the inn of one of fathers friends and he told me to go inside a room that he will come to see me, can you remember? Can you remember how old I was when I came home crying that someone had defiled me and taken my innocence away and what did you do mother?

Mother who has began to cry says softly, Im sorry Rehabi.

But this only makes Rehabi more angry.

You are sorry? Tell me what exactly are you sorry for? Are you sorry that instead of you to be strong when father died, you just sat crying? or are you sorry that when I came home crying that fateful night, you just went to the inn and came back with a silver coins and used the money made from my innocence to get us food and water? After you did that mother, you just told me to go and rest, exactly what you tell father when he comes back from his job.

Jack watches his sister with tearful eyes.

Mother apologizes to Rehabi and hugs her gently as they cry together.

Evan groans but they don look at him.

Drax goes to Evan and tried to lift him up but Evan is still very weak and weighs a lot.

Can someone please help me get him up?, asks Drax.

They help him carry him carry him into a room and lay him on the bed.

Jack, Drax, go boil some water. Ill need that for his wounds, also get me some clean clothes, oil and herbs while Ill go see to dinner.

The boys leave them while mother apologizes to Rehabi.

Its alright mother. I will forgive you.

Mother hugs her very tight.

Promise me that you will stop doing this one day, okay?

I promise.

Now I must go make dinner so that you won starve.

Rehabi nods and her mother leaves while she goes over to Evan. Jack brings the hot water in a bowl and drops it on the table and removes the clothe slung on his neck.

Do you need anything else?, he asks her.

No, thank you.

Jack smiles faintly and leaves while Rehabi puts her right hand and her finger glows, she takes one of the clothe,deeps it into the hot water and begins to use the clothe gently on Evans body.

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