Before noon

In the Black Kingdoms forest

Prince Evan, the huntsmen and some guards are moving in the forest on their horses. They look surprised as they look around the forest. They stare at each other and then look at their prince who is ahead of them. The forest is unusually quiet and Evan stops his horse.

The chief huntsman rides his horse to where Evan is. Justin then says to Evan, Excuse me my lord.

Evan then turns and looks at him and Justin continues.

My lord the forest is quiet today. Its unusual.

Evan moves his gaze from Justin back to the forest but Justin continues to speak.

The birds my lord, we can hear their usual chirping or singing even the wind is silent. Its… its strange my lord.

Evan reluctantly moves his gaze back to Justin and says, I know that. He then keeps turns away.

Justin looks at the forest and back at the guards and the huntsmen who are still gazing at the forest as if in a trance.

May I suggest that that we go back to the palace my lord?


Im sorry my lord but I don think its safe to venture into the forest in this situation and….

Evan interrupts him and says sharply, Is the forest on fire?

No my lord but…

I asked a simple question and all I need is an answer.

No. He pauses and continues, My lord?

What is it?

Pardon me my lord but I wish to say something.

Speak then.

Its strange and dangerous that there are no animals in sight, we can even hear their individual noises. In my experience, when this happens it means that the animals are asleep or they are hiding away from something, something very dangerous. If the beast…

I know what your trying to say but no one has ever heard of the prince going for a hunt and coming back empty-handed.

I understand.

Im glad you do. Now tell your men and the guards that we go further until we get a game.

Justin nods and goes to the men and informs them of the princes words. They then proceed with Evan and go deeper into the forest. As they move deeper into the forest they suddenly her a growl.

Did you hear that?, asked Justin.

The men stop and look around but the forest is quiet. The men look at one another with questioning glances.

Maybe its gone, says one of the guards.

But suddenly a strange beast leaps out of the forest and claws the guard who was unsure about its presence. The guards horse neighs loudly, throwing the him to the ground and it then gallops away from there. The men stare at the guard who is now unconscious. They marvel at the sight of the beast as it has the head of an ostrich, the body of a gorilla covered in scales with sharp claws on its hands and feet with the tail of a lizard and horrible teeth. The beast itself is a horror to look at.

The horse becomes frightened and the men struggle to keep them calm. Some get thrown off their horse to the ground while some horses gallops away with their riders on their back.

One of the guards pick up a spear and charges towards the beast but the beast simply holds him by one hand and digs Its claw into the guards throat. It then snaps off the mans head from his shoulder and throws the head at one of the huntsmen.

The huntsman becomes angry when this beast throws the head at him. He then picks his spear, takes a sure aim and lunges his spear at the beast but the spear simply hits the beast body without hurting it and falls to the ground.

The beast then becomes furious and kills the men by snapping their head off their bodies with its claws.

Evan returns back with his horse after coaxing it and is shocked to see the headless bodies.

He comes down from his horse unsheathes his sword and shield and proceeds to fight the beast. Although he makes powerful strikes with his sword, the beast is unharmed. He tries to pierce the beast with his sword but the sword breaks. The beast then raises him by the neck and flings him to a tree.

Prince Evan hits the tree with full force. He felt pains and his head begins to spin.

The beast then walked slowly to Evan who was helpless to kill him.

Evan who is now on the ground looks at the beast and tells it to go away but the beast still moves towards him.

Then suddenly, the beast is surrounded by flames and it crys out in pain as the flames swallow it and vanishes. Evan whose vision is getting blurry looks and sees two figures just ahead of him, unsure of what just happened blacks out.

The figures turn out to be two teenage boys and they walk towards Evans unconscious body and stare at him.

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