The royal dinning room

The queen is having breakfast with her son. Evan is about to take the teapot to pour some tea for himself but his mother slaps his hand off and signals a servant to come. The servant pours the tea for Evan who mutters a thank you, he then bows and leaves.

But the queen does not like the fact that Evan thanked the servant.

Evan, how many times have I told you that you should not thank a mere servant for serving you?.

I was just showing appreciation mother, he is still human.

They are paid for it.

Yes mother but you sure do have to commend them for a job well done.

Becca hits the table in anger, her eyes glow red and some stands bearing unlit candles falls to the ground while a servant rushes to pick up the stands.

Im sorry mother please forgive me.

Becca looks at him with a stern expression. They continue eating quietly until Evan breaks the silence.


Becca looks up at Evan.


Whats going on you asked me to join you for breakfast.

Is is wrong of me to ask my son to join me for breakfast?.

No mother, Im worried mother. Are we under a threat again?.

Becca breathes in deeply then looks at Evan.

I need to ask you a question Evan and I need your honest opinion.

Alright mother.

What do you think about the rules guiding the black kingdom.

Evan inhales.

Mother in my own opinion, most of the laws are alright mother but I think some of them needs changing.

Which of them do you think needs to be changed?

Evan becomes very curious about his mother.

Mother, why are you asking me all this?

You are the crown prince of the Black kingdom, the heir to the throne and so there is nothing wrong if I ask you about the rules that guide our kingdom.

But mother you mostly ask me about the protection of our kingdom and the battles that we fight.

And now I am asking you prince Evan.

Evan breathes in deeply and sighs then he says, We have several rules that makes life difficult for the commoners and they would want this rule stop be changed.

How do you know they want some of the rules to be changed?

Leah told me. She is a nurse so she sometimes go to treat some major cases there together with the chief physician.

The rules do not need to be changed.

But mother…

A true ruler is meant is meant to do what he knows will be best for his people.

No mother, a true ruler is meant to meet the needs of his people first, he is meant to care for his people because without the people, the kingdom will fall.

You are wrong Evan.

You asked for my opinion mother.

Your opinion is not different than the words that came out of your mouth when you were just an infant.

Evan becomes embarrassed.

You scold me in the presence of our servants.

Like you said they are human so there is nothing wrong if I say that in their presence.

You use my words against me mother.

Next time you think before talking.

She then continues eating while Evan looks at her. After a while Evan stands up.

I should go. Im going hunting today.

He places the sit back and begins to walk away.

You do not walk out of your Queen without her consent.

Evan stops, turns and bows to Becca.

Your majesty.

He then walks out of the dinning room as his mother watches him leave.


In another part of the palace

Edward who is one of the seers is talking to another seer named Duncan.

Edward says to him, Your powers of transformation are very great even greater than that of the snarfs.

Yes, the snarfs were my teachers, very sly and cunning for they could transform sand into water, stone to bread and bird into a man.

And that is why Duncan you are needed for this task.

Duncan then looks up at Edward

Transformation spells are very dangerous. We the sorcerers who perform this know it. We defy nature by changing one thing to another. We put ourselves in grave danger. If the earth refuses to grant our wish of transformation, nature will unleash its anger on us for trying to change what it sees as a perfect creation.

Edward moves closer to Duncan and says seriously, If Duncan, you do not perform this great task with your mighty powers, the evil will prevail and the prophecy will be fulfilled and we the twelve greatest sorcerers after the queen will be trampled upon just as the dust of the earth which is trampled upon by men. Is that what you want?

Duncan inhales deeply and exhales

Tell me what must be done and it will be done.

Edward smiles satisfactorily.


Queen Becca is in her chambers in deep thought, she walks in front of her big, beautiful mirror and begins to look at her reflection. She closes her eyes for a moment, opens them and her eyes glow red. She sees that her reflection is looking pale.

She then holds the her ring which has a red diamond in the middle and two yellow diamonds by its side, looks at her reflection with so much power and says a spell, Nevos esto.

Her reflection then changes from its pale form and becomes healthy while the yellow part of the ring glows with much light. Her eyes glow fiery red and after a while returns back to normal. She then begins to breathe rapidly and goes to sit down on her chair.

She then hears faint neigh so she stands up and walks slowly to her balcony and sees her son Evan about to mount his beautiful mare. The royal huntsmen and some guards are behind him. Evan then mounts his horse and flips the reins gently, the horse begins to trot slowly and the other horses with their riders follow behind. Becca watches as they leave the palace gates.

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