The next morning

In the Royal Palace

A beautiful woman with lovely black curls and beautiful black eyes is taking long strides along the corridor. A young handsome fair skinned man is lying on the bed, facing the window which is still hidden by a beautiful curtain. The woman walks towards the curtain and opens it. Rays from the sun travels through the window and shines on the mans face but he keeps sleeping.

The woman then walks towards the figure and shakes him gently.

Prince Evan.

No response

She shakes him gently again and calls his name and this time he groans, turns away from the window.

Wake up Prince Evan, its another day.

Evan shifts to the middle of the bed and covers his face with a pillow to prevent the sun rays from touching his face.

Prince Evan, please wakeup.

Prince Evan groans and says, Oh Leah! Must this happen everyday.

I know I am just your nurse but you have to be strong and punctual. You have to form the habit of waking up early and remember, you are the future king of the Black kingdom.

But Evan keeps on sleeping. This makes Leah to walk to the place where he is sleeping and she removes the pillow off his face and he sits up in defeat.

Alright Leah, Im awake now.

He starts getting out of his bed really slowly while Leah looks at him like a loving mother looks at her newborn son.

Leah sighs and says, When you were born, I was there and I can never forget the joy that filled the face of your mother especially your father. When your father who was the queen consort lay dying, he summoned me to his bedside and made me swear that I will take care of you and your children to come no matter what.

Evan who has already gotten out of bed walks to her and hold her hands.

Thanks Leah, for everything.

Leah smiles weakly when suddenly the queen enters the room unannounced thus startling Leah.

Good morning Queen Becca.

Becca the queen just looks at Evan and says to Leah without sparing her a glance, leave us.

Leah bows and walks to the extreme of the room and begins to prepare Evans bath.

Evan walks up to his mother pecks her on the cheek and hugs her lovingly while Becca reciprocate.


Good morning my son.

Good morning mother.

He releases her from the hug and looks her in the eye and then he frowns.

Is everything alright mother?

Yes my son , she then touches his face gently and continues, everything is alright. She then removes her hand from his face.

Then why are you worried mother, what….

I just wanted to ask you to join me for breakfast at the royal dinning room.

She then looks at Leah who is almost done with preparing Evans bath.

But I can see that you are about to have your bath so Ill leave you now.

She then leaves Evan and walks out of the room.

Leah is finally done with preparing his bath.

Your baths ready. You have to bathe it before it gets cold.

But Evan doesn reply, this makes a worried Leah to walk up to him.

I wonder why mother has called me to the royal dinning room for breakfast when I normally have it here. The times I can remember when this happened was when the former king of our neighbor kingdom wanted to fight a war against us.

Don worry my lord, Im sure its nothing.

But I could feel her worry.

Are you going for hunting my lord?

Evan nods and leah guides him to the bathtub.

Even if there is actually a problem, nothing will go wrong because you are a good and great man and your mother wasn crowned the queen of the Black kingdom for nothing, she earned it.

She looks at Evan who smiles faintly.

Now you should take your bathe before the water gets cold.

Evan goes to where the tub is placed and Leah closes the screen to hide the tub.

Hurry up so that you won be late for breakfast.

I know I am not an infant.

This makes both of them to laugh heartily with each other but leah fails to realize that there is a figure with a grave look peeking at her from behind the slightly opened door.


The royal dinning room

Queen Becca sits at the head of the table awaiting the arrival of her son. Suddenly the chief butler who is a skinny man with normal features walks to her and bows low. She nods and signals for him to come forward, he does, bows again and whispers something to the Queens hearing alone.

The queen then says, Let him in.

The butler bows and leaves while Edward one of the seers comes in with a grave look and bows low to the queen and says in a solemn voice, May you live longer than your enemies and may your reign know no end.

Why are you here?

A very important mission must be carried out but if delayed, it might spell doom for us all.

Tell me what the matter is.

I will not question you as you are the queen of the black kingdom and I am your humble servant. We have an evil in our midst which if not taken care of, the evil will begin to manifest and the prophecy will eventually come true.

Becca becomes serious when the prophecy is being mentioned and says, Tell me what, where and who the evil is.

The evil my queen, the heartless and wicked soul who wants to put an end to your reign on the throne and crumble us to dust until we beg for mercy is here with us in the black kingdom.

The queen Becca has now become very impatient and irritated with Edward.

Who is it?

The nurse of our prince,Leah. For I saw her when she was trying to be affectionate with our prince but he refused her. This are dangerous times my queen.

The queen Becca inhales deeply and says with resolution.

I will not let the child of a commoner sit on my throne. Terminate her, let the job fall to any twelve of my seers. I don care how it is done but I don want to see the evil woman walking, eating or drinking. She can fulfill the prophecy not when I breathe not when I am still queen and the most powerful sorceress of the black kingdom. Leave my presence and make sure it is done.

Edward bows and leaves the royal dinning room leaving the queen in a tensed mood as she awaits her son for breakfast.

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