Queen Becca steps down from her throne and walks with an unusual gentleness towards the men.

She stops and asks one of the guards, Where is my Son?

The guard trembles and looks at the other two men standing with him and cowers in fear. This makes Becca very irritated.

I asked a question and all I get is mere silence. I will ask this last time, Where is Prince Evan.

The men look at the floor but they give Becca no answer. At this moment, Beccas ring glows faintly, she turns and walks then stops in front of her throne.

She then looks at one of the guards and says a spell while her eyes glow a faint red colour.

ad mee volare.

The guard floats a little on the air and he is suddenly pulled towards Becca who expertly catches him by the neck while he is still floating in the air and says with rage:

Not even a mad king will keep silent while I, Queen Becca Roy Cypher speaks and you a mere guard dares to ignore me? For this, you don deserve to dwell in the land of the living. I will send you to where you belong.

She begins to mutter a deadly spell

ie yus fort tiudo virtus an santitas mea sinto.

The glow of the ring is about to fade but as Becca mutters the spell, the ring begins to glow brightly. Beccas fingers dig into the flesh on the poor mans skin. His face begins to wrinkle and so does his body, he gasps for air and wees on his pants while he sobs. He begins to age and then his skin becomes dry, his bones begins to crack, his complexion changes to green and then he rottens. Becca loosens her grip and the mans full armour and clothes falls to the floor but there is no body in it.

Becca walks to the remaining two and asks again:

Where is my Son?

The other guard trembles and replies,

I am sorry your majesty but we lost him in the forest after we were attacked by a strange beast with the head of an ostrich, the body of a gorilla covered in scales with the tail of a lizard. It was horrible your majesty.

Immediately the seers hear this, their eyes are wide in shock and they gather together and begin to converse with one another.

Becca does not notice the agitation that her seers have shown to the words spoken by the guard. She walks to the knight and says:

Let me get this right, are you trying to tell me that my son, Evan, prince of the black kingdom is missing?

The knight trembles as he replies, He can still be alive your majesty. He is brave and strong.

Ohhh, but are you?

Becca stretches her hand towards the neck of the knight and grabs his neck with her sharp nails. She lifts him up while digging her nails into his flesh. Her eyes glows bright red and her hand wrinkles from the influence of the magic. The knight opens his mouth to scream but he can because of the pain that he is in. Luckily, Queen Becca drops him to the floor while he pants, she kicks his stomach with her foot and he yelps and holds his stomach in pain.

Becca turns to her personal guards and says, Take them away.

She walks to Justin and says

You, I saw you leaving with my son, your horse was beside his.

Justin says nothing and he trembles not as he is not afraid of Becca and never will be. Becca senses his courage and whispers in his ears so that no one will be able to hear her words.

You must love my son.

My intentions are pure.


I told him not to venture into the forest. I told him that the forest had no life in it but he insisted on bringing home an animal slain by himself. Who am I to refuse.

Do not sweet talk me, find my son…or die.

Justin bows and leaves the throne room while walks and sits on her throne. The seers stare at her with concern.

Now what is it?

They all look at Sir Miko and urge him to speak.

The beast the man talked about is an ancient one spoken of by the old men of andar. It was said bring misfortune on any land that it was seen on. Mere men referred to it as the beast but the old men of andar called it the Rucellius. It killed men not to eat them but because it hated every living thing that had life. It has three weaknesses, fire conjured by a white witch, the fiery breath of a dragon and the might of the Dragon Queen. I strongly believe that this is linked to the prophecy.

Becca raises her hand up to quiet them and they gasp when they see her wrinkled hand.

Its time to renew your powers my queen, says Sir Edward.

I know but first I must visit the witch of Durren concerning the prophecy.

But my queen, the witch is sly and cunning….

But all knowing.

Sir Nobert looks at the queen up and down and says seriously

No, you must first renew your powers because you are getting weak.

You dare defy me?, Becca asks angrily.

You took the guards strength and his essence of life and added to your own because your ring is flickering poorly. Its a sign.

Becca looks at him menacingly but Nobert speaks softly to her but gets on his knees

Forgive me my Queen but we cannot underestimate the witch. You alone rule the Black kingdom. We are in this together, if you go down, we all will go down. You need to be at the fullest of your powers.

Becca looks at him and Miko speaks

There will be a bloody moon tomorrow night at the cave of fire, it is said to bring strength, power and youth to the ones who go to the cave to renew their powers if we go tomorrow by dawn we will get there in time.

Becca looks around and sees her seekers looking up to her with great expectations.

Tomorrow we leave for the cave of fire, prepare a carriage and we will need everything that will be of great importance to us in the journey. You can go.

They bow and leave while Nobert still kneels. Becca looks at him and not having any further strength she dismisses him too. She looks at her ring and red diamomd stops glowing while the yellow ones begins to glow. She sighs.

Well Becca, Its time we renew our powers.

In the Queens room, no one is there not even the queen. She is still in the throne room but her reflection appears pale and smiles faintly before vanishing.

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