At the royal castle

In a hallway lit by candles.

(Pounding footsteps can be heard as men dressed in long black cloaks with black gloves on their hands which hold lanterns on sticks. They have a sullen express on their faces. They are twelve in number, the Queens most trusted men who are her seers and most trusted men who are her seers. They match in a straight line and eventually enters a beautiful well lit and decorated room which is the throne room but the queen is not seated there, the throne is empty.

The men stare at themselves and then begin to converse.

The queen is not here.

We should send someone to call the queen.

That would be disrespectful sending someone to call the queen to come to us, (pauses) she is not inferior to us.

Then one us should go and beg for an audience with the queen.

Then hurry, do not tarry for a moment. Tell the queen that we have grave news.

Two of the seers hurry out of the throne room to fetch the queen while the others wait, tensed.


In the Queens Chambers

The queen is dressed in a beautiful black gown. A maid walks up to her and bows low.

Your majesty, your tea is ready.

The queen without looking up to he speaks with a voice filled with so much power and says, Let me have it.

The maid bows again and brings the tray containing the teapot and some teacups. She places it in front of the queen and pours

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