fresh response from a handsome man like him.

After Tol had broken contact with Sherri, they both avoided each other’s gaze for a split second.
However, when Sherri directed her attention back to him, her lips curled up in a small smile.
Tol just stood there breathing with one hand over his mouth, slightly bent at the waist.
Her eyes widened as she looked at Tol’s posture, which was awkward and uncomfortable no matter how much she thought about it.

Why was he positioned that way?

Once her senses clicked, Sherri couldn’t hide the smile of achievement that took over her face from just staring at Tol.
The sun was far hidden behind the clouds and the moon, still, a little shy, left the room dark, impairing her visuals.
The lamp was also slightly blocked but the reflection of his bulging pants was enough to confirm her suspicions.

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Sherri held in the gasp that tried to escape her mouth.
How could this thing be so massive? With that boy-like appearance?

His body was itching because he hadn’t been sexually active for two months now.
On top of that, he was the first to be turned on, and with his body in this state, she wondered if he would be dissatisfied that they didn’t take things further tonight.
Sherri’s gaze shifted past his flexing forearms but she didn’t want to give him orders to hug her.
It was more fun to play with him this way.

She had to put a stop to tonight’s activities because once she revealed her true nature and desires to him, she would no longer be able to maintain her pure and innocent image.
This was somewhat disappointing because things were just starting to get interesting.

“Th-then I’ll be going.

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While Sherri couldn’t decide so easily, Tol, who was anxious, quickly disappeared with a rather clumsy walk.
Looking at his retreating figure fade away, she sucked her teeth and shrugged.
She had all the time in the world to finish what she had started today.

Her eyes not leaving his back, watched him open the door next to the living room and enter as if he were being sucked in.
Given his frenzy state, he probably didn’t notice that the room door wasn’t even locked at all.

He was a man with a body almost double the size of Sherri’s with strong arms and defined thighs.
A young man who she could never overpower even if she bound both his hands and feet.
Yet there was a tingling feeling in her chest, leaving her happy at the thought that such a man couldn’t withstand being embarrassed in her presence nor could he hide the effects she had on him.

Was it because of his lush hair colour or the undeniable effect he also had on her? Strangely, she felt like she had driven a large herbivore into a small room.
Even now, judging by the screaming silence that overtook the room, he must be nervous about her seeing his reaction behind that wooden door.

Sherri smiled languidly, silently raising only the corners of her mouth, in the pleasure of suddenly getting the chills.
She had never understood those who take pleasure in hunting, but now she was convinced for the first time how exciting it was.
She just has to decide when and where she should take each bite?

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