Princess Sherry’s Tale

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Sherri’s body trembled with the weight of her tumultuous emotions, and she felt her eyes start to burn with unshed tears. 

Tol looked stricken, standing perfectly still as he watched the emotions move over her beautiful face.
It was rare that her perfect composure ever cracked, and for him to witness her so momentarily flustered was a bit of a shock for him. 

She just couldn’t figure out what to do with his rejections.
His nervousness around her and innocence had been endearing, but she was growing more frustrated with each passing day.
She felt like sulking.
She couldn’t recall ever having been denied like this, by anyone for any reason, in her whole life.
It was difficult to mask the disappointment in her eyes, but she tried.
Tol was a challenge that she planned to conquer.

Don’t be so flustered; hurry up and embrace me! Pick me up, you silly idiot, Tol!


“…this is inappropriate, but will you get on my back, Miss Kasheira?”

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Ha! Finally, he’d agreed.

As soon as Tol turned around and bent down with his back towards Sherri, she fervently blinked back the tears.
It would have been better if he had hugged her, but instead he offered to give her a piggyback ride? Well, it was bizarre, but at least it was progress.

This place was a forest deep inside the castle.
So, it meant that he had to spend a considerable amount of time walking to her room.
In the meantime, Sherri would have to find a way to use the piggyback ride to further seduce the innocent young man.

It had been two months.
Two months! It was the first time she had endured for this long since she had learned the joys of the night under Hans’ introduction.
However, when she had seen the wide, broad shoulders in front of her, those complaints melted away.

“Madam? Miss Kasheira?”

“Y-yes, one moment.”

Sherri, who had gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with her delicate pale fingers, gently put her hand over his broad shoulder.
Then, she felt the tension in the corded muscles of Tol’s back as she climbed on him, wrapping her arms and legs around his large torso, a dangerous smile on her face.
Once she was firmly settled on him, her legs looped through his strong arms, she reached over his shoulders to briefly rub his thick chest as if to soothe his pitifully tense muscles.

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Was it because their bodies were touching? He was so tense, and with her body pressed against him she could feel every twitch, every flinch in his muscles.
She grinned to herself triumphantly.

What is this? A strong reaction to me? One he cannot hide.
I guess it wasn’t that he didn’t feel anything, but perhaps that he felt too much? 

Many have accused men of being nothing more than animals.
Slaves to their desires.
The truth, however, whether male or female, was what made people crazy was when they could not predict where their desires would take them.
Similarly, stimulation while blindfolded, and being forced to feel through your other senses, including through your imagination, could drive a person’s desire to dizzying intensity.
And Sherri knew that fact too well. 

Until now, Tol had defended himself by refusing to acknowledge her subtle invitations and her brief touches.
He had been blocking her from the beginning.
Now, however, with Sherri on his back, he would be at her mercy for at least the next ten minutes.

If he’s this tightly wound already, he’s more sensitive than I thought.

Adequately enjoying his stiff response, Sherri hugged Tol’s neck harder.
In this position her bre*sts were pressed tightly against his back.
As Sherri had intended, Tol’s back became tenser against her.
And more, Tol’s earlobes were burning red.
So red, in fact, that she worried for a moment.
When she realized that he was just reacting to her proximity, however, she relaxed again, and pressed even closer to his back, enjoying her body’s own warm reaction to his.

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Hmm… Should I just shift his balance, and knock us both down? Down into a delicious heap? No, Sherri, control yourself just a little longer.

Of course, she could just always ask him to lower his pants, saying it’s an order.
However, Sherri didn’t want that sort of coerced relationship.
And she was enjoying watching his futile battle against himself.
Against his own desire for her.
She could not force his hand, even if he resisted her in the end and the time she’d spent pursuing him was a waste of time.

And finally, above all, if she conquered Tol with an order, her campaign to seduce him would become a crime, and though she was many things, she was not that. 

Still, their situation was not easy to define.
Their relationship was somewhere in the grey, where Tol struggled with his feelings, never acting on his desires but also never rejecting her.

What in the world is his problem?

He was the first man to withstand her advances, and her beauty which she’d been told on many occasions was incomparable to any other woman in the empire… This had never happened before, and she hoped it would never happen again in the future. 

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From her vantage point on his back, she looked appreciatively at his short turquoise hair and thickly corded neck.
A neck, which she noticed, was tanned, but also reddening under her scrutiny.
As red as his ears. 

Sherri, shook herself out of her thoughts, and suddenly put her lips close to his neck, her breath whispered against his neck, “Tol, am I not heavy?”

“…not at all, Madam Kasheira.
With your petite size…”

Look at him. Every time he took a breath, his body stiffened further, and his earlobes and neck heated up even hotter.
Sherri knew that he was feeling it.
Feeling the intensity between them. 

I’m not immune to this strange pull between us either.
If he ever chose to unleash his sexual energy, he would be a force.
Even if I was more of a player than Hans, I’d still need to fight off the line of women who would be hanging onto him.

Sherri didn’t know a lot about swords, because she had never had much interest in them, but she knew that Tol was an expert swordsman.
He was even more of a promising knight than she’d first thought, as soon became clear when she’d heard the reviews about him these past days.
On top of that, even though his right to succeed had been pushed back, as the youngest son of the count, and the official knight of the marquis, he met all the conditions required to one day become the most beloved and powerful knight in the capital.


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