“Lord Tol~ Look at it, I’m finished.
It’s pretty isn’t it?”

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From Sherri’s hand dangled a wreath weaved from the wild flowers that were common in the woods.
Tol, whose mouth had unwittingly curved slightly downwards while looking at her, finally came to at the sound of her calling him.
He adjusted his mouth using his hands, back into its hardened state.
Maybe that’s why.
Once again he unintentionally started to reprimand the lady, then stopped himself. 

“Miss Kasheira.
It’s dangerous for you to go so far into the woods.
And please call me ‘Tolcher’.” 

In vain he cast his eyes around cautiously, as if a wild animal might jump out of the woods. 


Sherri, whose expression had been one of full satisfaction until just then, felt her smile disappearing.
She had turned her head so as not to be seen by Tol, and did not hide her unpleasant expression. Why on earth is it so hard to get to him? As much as she didn’t want to admit it, it was exactly as Hans had said. 

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After experiencing his uptightness on that first day, Sherri had realized that the flirting techniques she’d cultivated would never win him over.
So she had given up openly seducing him and revolved around acting an innocent ingenue.
But even that was gradually revealing its limits. 

Uh, really!

If he was a virgin, he should act like a virgin, rushing into her arms with shyness but without heed; where did he get off defending himself like a new bride waiting for her husband to come back from war?

They hadn’t gone at each other once or twice then worn out their conflict; no, they’d been in this strange confrontation for the past two months, to the exhaustion of them both.

Haven’t I been stealthily holding him to me, while smiling radiantly at him with my beautiful face, my greatest asset, and he still has refused to permit me to address him familiarly? 

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In its own way, that poked at Sherri’s pride.
Enough for her to continue to call him ‘Tol’.
She thought with disgust, how long do I have to wear this stupid expression? It had indeed been only two months, but to Sherri the days seemed much longer.
She just wanted a taste of that widely rumored ‘pleasure’, was that something to be so fussy about? Ha, should I just give up?

Sherri could not hide the small, defeated sigh that came from her mouth.
But after a moment, as she heard the sound of his heavy footsteps approaching, she once again plastered an innocent smile on her face.
Then she turned her head toward Tol, and her lips unconsciously parted slightly.

Give up, not a chance. Ah, look at that.
That cold expression on his face that makes it seem like he’s a little angry at himself for being so self-centered.
Maybe because he’s so utterly handsome, even this look of his is alluring. I will see that face tinged with pleading for the pleasure I can give, so help me. 

With the hope that day would come quickly, Sherri licked her lips without realizing it.

“It is time for you to return.
Please stand, your highness.”

Out of annoyance at Tol for, again, not extending his hand for her, Sherri inwardly glared at him.
No matter the numerous times she had grabbed Tol’s extended hand with the intention of toppling him over toward herself; was she not the lady he serves?

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Sherri, who was pouting as she made to get up, sank back into her chair.
Startled, Tol quickly knelt down and grasped her shoulders to support her.

“Your highness Kasheira!”

Her entire leg was numb and tingling; this time it truly seemed like her legs had fallen asleep.
Sherri inwardly rejoiced.
She was delighted because this had been her aim, and to that end she had been sitting in an uncomfortable position for at least a half an hour.
But the numbness was not exactly pleasant.

Also, she just now recalled that she couldn’t rest her legs properly because she had spent the whole morning looking through paperwork.  She wondered if Tol knew that she was spending her precious resting time on him.

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You’re surprisingly sharp for someone who seems so naive.

This knight is a knight, no doubt there.
If she lied saying she was sick or hurt, Tol somehow always saw right through her.
So perhaps it takes a half-lie, half-truth mixed together like this…

Unbelievable; all to conquer one knight, I’ve been acting like this for the last few days.

Sherri felt once again like she had truly reached her limit.
But her pride wouldn’t allow her to come this far, only to give up.
Besides, Hans’ prattling about wounds and shields still grated on her nerves.

Sherri gathered herself.
Her large eyes brimming with forcefully wrung tears, she slowly lifted her face toward Tol. 

“My… my legs hurt from sitting for such a long time.
I don’t think I can get up, Tol.”

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