Sherri, however, grabbed Tol  and pulled him in and their lips collided without warning.
Surprised by the sudden action, Tol gasped and water poured into Sherri’s mouth, who could barely swallow half of the water.
She lightly scanned his lips as she put a slight distance between them, saying, “Tol, Tol.
I’m soo… thirsty.
Just a little more, yeah.”

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“Madam Kasheira…”

Tol, whose face was crimson from the series of sudden events, raised his hand and covered his mouth.
His mind raced.
What on earth just happened? It was the first time in his life that a woman’s lips had touched his? If so… If so, this is my first ki…

Before his brain, scattered from bewilderment, came back to reality, Sherri’s eyelids fluttered exaggeratedly again.
In the end, he closed his eyes, took one more gulp of water, and put his lips on Sherri’s lips one more time.
With his eyes tightly shut, Tol failed to see the faint mischief in Sherri’s eyes.

Sherri was actually very thirsty, so she hurried him by deliberately encouraging him as she clung to his neck.
His quivering lips were wet with water, so she felt strangely excited at the smooth feeling he’d transferred to her lips.
Amidst this, Sherri was annoyed by the stream of water that slowly flowed down instead of coming out all at once—perhaps because he was considerate of Sherri’s lips that were smaller than his—so she pulled his lower lip.

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“Ouch, Madam Kasheira!”


Because of the sudden pain inflicted on his lip, he couldn’t deliver the water into her mouth completely and, backing his face away, groaned.

When he moved away from her, her already half-blurred olive-colored eyes and a few strands of her red hair, which was slightly wet and flowing down, clung to her white skin, irritating his eyes.
It was a sight that could hardly be seen in a sober state, so he closed his eyes for a moment and tried desperately to calm his raging heart.

He opened his eyes again but found a stream of water overflowing from her mouth to her chin and collarbone.
He instinctively took a breath without realizing it as he was about to look down further.
To make matters worse, when he thought that even a small trace of his saliva would flow in the stream his whole body heated up as if he were on fire.

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Sherri tugged on Tol’s neck again which was in endless self-pain.
Slowly sucking his already swollen lower lip, Sherri glanced at the glass of water in his hand.
The action must have meant to give her water again.

It wasn’t that Tol didn’t know that eye gesture, but it was true that he was still hesitant because not only his lip but also the lower half of his body had already heated up to the point of discomfort.

“Tol, are you hoping that I, oh, pass out like this?”

“It’s not that…”

His purple eyes had a hint of trouble in them.

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There was a subtle difference in the focus of the subject, but seeing that the young lady’s gaze had shifted to his lips, she seemed to want to remain face to face.
However… if someone else were to see this situation he would be the one in trouble.

Who would believe such an excuse that he’d kissed Sherri to make her drink some water? Even if they asked if that was true, could he say that what he’d done was really pure loyalty as an escort and that he had no other dark schemes in his heart? Sherri was already looking forward to the next one, even though he had already disrespected her body.

Tol, who was filled with agony for Sherri and began to demean himself, only chewed his poor bottom lip.
He had never brought it up first himself, but it was clear that this young lady also knew about his past.

Even though they were the same aristocrats, Sherri and he had been in different situations since birth.
The word ‘illegitimate child’ was branded on his chest.

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* * *

Although his mother had been belatedly recognized by the count, Tol had been a low-life man and treated as an illegitimate child until just a few years ago.

However, his natural appearance and physique were noticeable, and his blue-green hair had been handed down from generation to generation by the count; on top of that, his five older brothers—who had a different mother—had been persistently interested in him as a young man, perhaps because he had stood out in swordsmanship from an early age.

“Hey, you’re saying he’s our younger brother?”

“Anyone can tell that he’s your son.”

No matter how beautiful his parents—Count and Countess—were, the type of child who had grown up as quickly as Tol quickly understood the situation and became silent.
Tol had given up most of his rights as a count for his mother, who loved him consistently despite the public clamor that she had given birth to an illegitimate child.
This stemmed from the fact that his brothers didn’t annoy him as much as their mother did.
Plus, the evil words that others whispered on the low always hurt him.

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