He paused for a minute; Sherri groaned.
She was very excited, and he could tell by the swollen bud between her lower lips.
Sherri clung to him, moving closer to reassure him with a kiss.
Her sweet saliva flowed into his mouth once again.
He started to move his lips along hers as he clung to her.

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“Ah, mm..”

Wh-what… ugh, what is…”

The man gasped with disbelief as Sherri pulled her lips from his.
With his glass-like eyes having become murky, he went beyond just the level of excitement and pressed down near her insanely racing heart.

He could feel the energy flowing through his veins like he’d taken some drug.
Apart from a sharp pain in his chest, his thirst for her sweat ultimately cornered his brain.

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He had to taste more.
His logic, which only had one piece left, was different from normal s*xual desire.
But it wasn’t enough to suppress the man’s excitement.

The man rubbed Sherri’s exposed petals gently against his thigh as if he were going to eat her up in one bite.
He held her tightly in his arms and tickled her back while the spring sprang out of control, and before long, his thigh and the bed sheets were wet.

Gasping at Sherri’s embarrassment, he soon buried his face between her legs.
Her scream grew louder when he swept his tongue from the base of the v*gina to the sensitive tiny bead; before long, he had licked her petals clean.
He placed his lips on the liquid flowing up, sucking it, while Sherri’s hands came down to his head, her fingers almost pulling his hair out.
It had been a while since the sweet moan had turned into something clingy yet urgent.

He put his lips on her ever-rising spring, and as he’d reached another level, he decided to dig in further.
He spread Sherri’s bent legs and hurriedly pulled her pants down.
When he did, his evil twin, which had been pissed for a long time, wiggled with dignity.
Compared to his delicate, holy face, something was naughty about what hung below his waist.

When they swapped each other’s spit with a kiss, his d*ck was excited to get a taste of her juices.
He quickly took off his underwear and tossed it away.
Then he slowly caressed Sherri’s pale, smooth legs, as he rubbed his d*ck on her.

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The juices flowing out from her made him hesitate and wonder if it was her first time.
He decided to check for himself, so he placed the blunt, thick tip on her wet v*gina.
 The heat swamped his entire body like a flame.
He wasn’t a power holder, so he’d never used magic before, but this sensation that could only be described as magic eventually rendered his self-control inept.

Logic flew away as he managed to hold back what he had almost driven in, and when he gradually pushed the tip of his thing a moan came out of his mouth at the same time as Sherri’s.



He’d only barely inserted the tip, but the man couldn’t endure the tightness anymore and pushed in with all his might.
It was a tightly packed path like a first s*xual experience, but it was overflowing with her creampie that acted as a lubricant.
Slowly, she started to accommodate his p*nis.

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He thought he had barely pushed it all in with all the strength in his hip, but after that, his body completely lost control due to the sporadically tightening movements.
Grabbing Sherri’s waist which was slim enough to hold with two hands, he moved his body like crazy.

Whenever he moved his body, her p*ssy gripped his manhood tightly.
Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.
The pleasure from that, however, shot through his entire body and caused his mind to go hazy.
He felt like he was having a seizure episode.

“Yes! Yes!” he moaned excitedly.

“Ah ah,” Sherri’s moan wasn’t any less louder.

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The man, drunk from the pleasure she gave him, grated his hips.
It felt like the pleasure would consume him if he didn’t move his body even faster.
He had no idea what this ridiculous tightness was.
When it got too tight and difficult, it expanded slowly, causing him to become careless, and before processing it, it would clamp tightly without warning.

Had it only been tight from the beginning, he wouldn’t have lost his wits like this.
Rather, he couldn’t come back to earth as this feeling had taken him to a world beyond paradise.

He knew very well that he should not be doing a skinny young woman so seriously like this, but he couldn’t possibly control his body.
Second by second, his head repeatedly flashed white like a blown fuse for a split second then returned to reality.

He moved his waist instinctively with all his might thanks to the unrealistic, dream-like pleasure, and Sherri’s moaning rose to a breaking point.
She seemed to have reached orgasm.
Soon, he too would in a matter of seconds.

When he started to pick up his speed, it became so fast he thought her torso would get torn off as her body began to tremble and shake.
A little more, just a little bit more and he would reach his peak.

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