“Th-that’s Tolcher.”

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There was a drastic change in Sherri’s expression as her smile slowly faded away.
She could feel her face heat up as well as her blood boiling just by standing there and watching what played in front of her.
Her gaze lingered on the maid who approached Tol with a flushed face.
She looked oddly familiar and Sherri was sure she had seen her work in the building where the training grounds were located.

The unscrupulous maid went ahead to hand Tol a towel and water which was accompanied by a flirty smile.
For unknown reasons, Sherri felt some kind of displeasure but tried to convince herself that Tol would do her a favour and reject it.

“What the…”

Contrary to Sherri’s anticipation, he accepted the woman’s towel and water with a small smile.
Naturally, his hand came in contact with the cunning woman’s hand and her cheeks became more flushed than before.
A few seconds later, the maid scurried away like a hyper squirrel.

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From her location, it was hard for Sherri to pick up the words being exchanged between Tol and his colleagues, however, she could see him nod his head excitedly.
Her olive eyes flamed up in anger from just staring at his figure.

He had always reacted to her advances like she was the only woman he knew but just standing there and watching him tilt his lips at another woman irritated her.
Sherri could feel her inside twist as she stormed away from the training ground after she saw Tol’s retreating figure.
Her lips also quivered in anger as the scene from earlier kept replaying in her head.

She couldn’t place her fingers on what Tol was thinking while he was around her.
Seeing him all smiley and different with another woman got on her nerves.
And the thought of putting off her nightly endeavors for the past two months just to pursue him riled her up.

“Today I’ll be resting in my room, so don’t let anyone in,” she said to one of her servants as she shut the door to her room hastily.

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Once inside her room, Sherri began looking for the robe and magic ring she used for her disguise regardless that it was still broad daylight.
Her insides brewed, and she didn’t know why.
All her focus was on leaving the castle to grab a drink and subdue her anger before she did something crazy.

Sadly, after more than two months of not using them, she couldn’t remember where she had put the robe and the magic ring.

“Are you there, Madam Kasheira?”

There was a soft knock coming from her door while she rummaged through the drawers.
After a long line of silence had passed, Tol cautiously opened the door to the living room and entered.
The tip of his hair stuck together as they fell on the side of his face effortlessly.
He smelled nice as he had just taken a shower and Sherri had an odd urge to drive her fingers through his wet hair.

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She ignored his bewildered expression from just staring at how messy her room was as they made eye contact.
When her gaze met his eyes again, she suddenly remembered those lips curving into a small smile while he spoke to the maid earlier.
From what she knew, he never smiled, but right now, she had pictured him as a cheap man who smiled at anything wearing a skirt.

“Don’t worry about me! You don’t have to escort me or anything,” she raised her tone suddenly and caught him off-guard.

“Madam Kasheira, what do you mean? How can I not perform my duties?” He was surprised by her sudden outburst.

The words, Madam Kasheira, didn’t sound pretty in her ears today.
It had been a while since she’d told him to call her Sherri, but he was still stuck on Madam Kasheira.
Even his handsome and innocent appearance looked despicable right now that she just wanted him out of her sight.

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“I don’t want to see you, just leave!”

Sherri wanted to yell the reason behind her displeasure and tell him not to have anything to do with the maid but that would say a lot.
He’ll be able to tell she had been secretly watching him and that didn’t fit well with her pride.

She clenched her teeth as she strode confidently towards Tol, stopping once they were just a few meters apart.
She could hear his calm breathing but could still tell he was nervous and embarrassed as he tried avoiding her unfazed stare.
Stopping herself from admiring him any further, she grabs his toned arm and pushes him out of her room, slamming the door shut behind her.
He banged on her door repeatedly, but she turned a deaf ear.

Having found the robe and ring, she puts them on and escapes through her secret passage.
She had never snuck out in broad daylight so she was a little anxious as to whether the bar would be open.
Despite how her heart hesitated, her legs wouldn’t stop moving.

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