“Madam Kasheira! H-hold on.”

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Sherri’s slender fingers had a firm grip around Tol’s neck, and this caused him to lose balance, his body ending up on the bed, sending his mental world into a collapsed state.
Utter confusion filled his eyes while he tried to process how she had gotten enough strength to control him.
Salty liquids also fought to escape from his eyes, due to the force she had on his neck but he wanted to look strong so he blinked repeatedly to control the tears.

On every attempt to break free from her grip, her bre*sts end up grazing his skin, sending him goosebumps.
In a total state of dilemma, Tol decided to remain stiff, his eyes avoiding any exposed part of her body, especially her chest area.
He needed to remain sane or he wasn’t sure what kind of mistakes he would end up making.

Tol, who’d given up on pulling away from her, decided to grab a pillow to help create distance between them.
But who was he kidding, she was always one step ahead of him as she reaches for the pillow first and tosses it aside while still pretending to be asleep.
Sherri loved how little the distance between her and Tol was.
She loved how fast his heartbeat against her chest was and also how his hot nervous breath felt on her skin.

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In the end, Tol whispered to her in a begging tone, “Madam Kasheira, please let go of me.”

It was her turn to flinch this time around as she hadn’t expected him to whisper right into her ear.
All the hair on her skin had somehow managed to stand upright as his words replayed in her ear, sending chills down her spine.
Tol’s words left a tingling sensation in her and Sherri’s body couldn’t help but react by heating up.
Her cheeks had also become a light shade of tomato and before she could process anything else, she unknowingly took a big gulp of her saliva.

Trying to ward off this strange feeling, Sherri placed her cold soft lips closer to the back of his neck, which had become hotter than before.
Just as her hot breath blew against his skin, Tol’s body trembled in response as if he was convulsing.
To him, who was immune to women, this sort of stimulation was overkilling.

She didn’t bite or suck his skin, but before he knew it, his hormones had gone haywire as he couldn’t hide his harsh breathing.
As he was supporting both their bodies, his veins rose prominently through the skin of his hands extending above the sheet.

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“Ah, ugh.
Please Madam Kasheira,” he pleaded again as he was starting to reach his limit.

Despite hearing Tol’s desperate request, Sherri raised the tip of her nose and inhaled his scent which she was starting to get addicted to.
Perhaps because he had just finished taking a shower, the scent of his shampoo smelled so good.
She suddenly got the urge to nibble on his neck just once.
If not that, then licking him would be a great option too.

However, Sherri released the strength in her arms at the shaky voice coming from Tol, whose facial features reflected discomfort.
She stared at him with a blank expression while pretending to just be waking up.
Her eyes were a little dark and red as she pretended to scrunch at the reflection of the sunlight.
And seeing that his lips were pressed into a thin line, he reeked of nervousness.

He always had this cute side to him.

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She had always thought of him as the usual noticeably handsome knight, but for the first time, she considered him cute, even though he was older than she was.
She didn’t exactly consider him special but just a virgin who was fun to tease around.
Since he had no prior experience, it was just refreshing to see him struggling with the woman he served.

On top of that, she’d heard that he was the most clueless of the unyielding knights.
That part of him turned her on, so she just wanted to keep him by her side a bit longer while pretending to play innocent.
But this was it for the morning.
She would just have to continue her fun another time.

Like that, Sherri shamelessly opened her mouth pretending not to know, “Oh, what brings you here, Tol? I’m still sleepy.”

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“I’ll bring in a servant,” he says almost immediately.

As soon as he left her side, his eyes caught a glimpse of her naked skin, which caused his face to heat up and eventually turn pink.
It took him a lot of will and self-control to avoid her gaze and hold his breath as he left the room to call someone.

Sherri burst into laughter once Tol was out of sight.
She remembered how nervous he looked as he bowed and walked away awkwardly.
She could easily tell that he had not known any women so far and was very sensitive.
However, for the time being, it would be another entertainment to watch him struggle in reaction to her s*xual advances.

Sherri stretched with a relaxed face, pushed her body up then readjusted her somewhat messy clothes.
Nothing good would come out from the servants learning that she had been with Tol dressed like this.
Above all, in this castle, she was an innocent and cheerful young woman birthed from a royal figure.
She had that image to maintain.

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