e the moment but Tol was likely to get anxious.

Getting herself into position, she heard a soft knock on her door, of which she shut her eyes in reaction.

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“Madam Kasheira, are you awake?”

No response.

Normally, he would storm in if she didn’t answer, but like yesterday he only called her name repeatedly.
Just when Sherri was reaching her limit, the door opened carefully.

Although she couldn’t tell what clothes he had on, she could tell the distance between them from his footsteps.
He stopped dead on track once he had a better view of her while out of words.
However, with a reasonable distance between them, he continued,

“Madam Kasheira, it is time to wake up”

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He got no response again and that got him questioning his style of waking her up.

However, there was a variable that Sherri had overlooked.
Tol wasn’t shameless enough to touch her, whose skin was exposed in sensitive areas, from her chest down to her thighs.

Tol continuously called her name in a low tone as he could not dare lay a hand on the princess not raise his voice at her.
Sherri, who was tired of feigning ignorance, deliberately tossed as she let out a slight groan rather than waking up.

How could a guy be this innocent!

After tossing a few times, not only did her breast become more visible, her pyjamas on her thighs ran to the level of danger.
Tol, whose gaze never left her for a second, realized his body was starting to react similarly to yesterday and he wasn’t sure a cold shower would stop his urges.

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“Maybe I should call the butler” Tol considered.

But wasn’t the butler also a man? Unlike earlier, hot blood circulated through his heart, his breathing pace increasing from just staring at her.
Eventually, Tol shut his eyes then carefully shifted towards Sherri, grabbing her arm.
His touch showed signs of hesitation as his finger brushed her arm slightly.

“Madam Kasheira, please…”


At the mumbling voice, he lowered his head without thinking.
Just then, Sherri hastily yanked his arm, pulling him to the bed and on top of her.
In disbelief, Tol’s eyes widened so largely they couldn’t have gotten any bigger.

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