ld not be surpassed, were a tremendous difference.

“Gideon’s a monster, taking first place every time.”

When I murmured involuntarily, several girls beside me glared at me with hard stares.

“Careful what you say.
That’s disrespectful to the Duke of Lancaster.
How can you, a remote aristocrat, not even one of the four great noble houses be a match for Lord Gideon?”

I managed to swallow the retort that I had easily beaten her.

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Gideon, who has always been at the top of his class, comes from a distinguished family, and is well-behaved and extremely good-looking, is extremely popular with some of the girls. 

He was a model aristocrat and a boy with impeccable character.

As a result, and quite ridiculously, there was a Gideon fan club at the academy.

The girls were members of this fan club.

The members were known behind the scenes as “Gideon’s Guards”.

In addition to that, this fan club even charges a hefty admission fee.

Apparently, if you join the fan club, you can even buy “Gideon-sama’s used pens” or “Gideon-sama’s one sock,” who knows where they get them.

With one of them stolen, Gideon would be troubled…

The Guards were unintelligibly pompous when it came to Gideon.
Anyway, they are nasty and troublesome people.

To them, I was like a pesky fly, trying to challenge Gideon.

Cynthia squeezed my arm and glared at the schoolgirls who folded their arms in front of them.

“Don’t discriminate.
We’re all students of magic here.”

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“No matter how much magic you have, that’s not the same thing as this.
You can’t stand on the same footing as venerable nobles like us no matter how hard you try.”

We’re all taking the same tests, whether we’re on a level playing field or not.

Even if I tried to argue with them with correct theory, they wouldn’t be able to understand me.
I don’t want to argue with them anymore because it’ll only make me tired.

On the other hand, Cynthia’s face was red with anger.
The other students around us noticed our uneasy atmosphere, and the entire hallway gazed at us.

“You’re in the way.
If you’re going to fight, take it to the schoolyard.”

It was Maximilian who came to see the report card, pushing aside the Guard.

“Don’t push me!”

 He smiled, ignoring the Guard who complained.

I’m number seven.
–Well, whatever.
Seven is a lucky number!”

“We still have a practical test! I’m going to beat Gideon in the practical test.”

“Oh, yeah.
That’s the spirit! Let’s do our best.”

However, I have never beaten Gideon in the practical test.

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