he moment she was chosen to become a saint.
She caged him even though he was engaged to her best friend and then suddenly abandoned my son while she had him break off the engagement with her best friend.
It was as if she had had enough of her new toy.”

“Don’t tell lies!”

A middle-aged woman advanced towards the angry king as if rolling in front of him.

Everyone’s eyes were black and white, wondering what was going on this time.

The woman folded her trembling hands in front of her chest, looked up at the King and began to speak in a voice that was husky from nervousness.

“It’s not a lie, Your Majesty.
It was my daughter Mia who had her engagement with Benjamin broken off.
Immediately afterwards, she attempted suicide by poisoning herself and has not awakened from her coma!”

The air in the room had clearly changed.

Everyone looked at Mia’s mother and the Marquis Trevor alternately with a puzzled look on their faces.

The king, however, remained bullish.
He shouted at them.

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“Marquis Trevor, this is a plot against the Marquis of Zephyr, the family of the competing saint’s parents, isn’t it? It’s nothing more than an accusation.”

Following Mia’s mother, Catharine advanced next to her.

She stepped out on shaky legs and kneeled down to face the king.

Painfully aware of all the attention being directed at her at once, Catharine pulls out two pieces of letterhead with her right hand, which is bobbing up and down with nervousness.

“The evidence is here.
I present this to His Majesty.”

A chamberlain comes and takes up the letterhead dedicated by Catherine and hands it to the king.

The King unfolded the letterhead and began to read it, his face clearly changing color.

No wonder.

One of the letters was a letter that Catherine had received from her sister.

Mia had received it from Iris, who had written to comfort her.

The other letter was from Iris to Benjamin and it was a letter of passionate love.
This one was collected by Mac, who had become close to Benjamin.

Both had the same handwriting.

After reading them, the king crumpled the letterhead.

“What’s this? What’s the point of this? Everyone has the blunders of youth.
It’s just a game of love.”

Just as the murmurs were about to be forcibly hushed with a single word.

The door to the audience chamber was slammed open, and two men entered with a thud.

Their black and silver uniforms belonged to the Royal Guard.

The one who appeared was Mac, accompanied by his boss.

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The two men walked with stately steps to the back of the audience chamber and kneeled before the king, ignoring everyone’s consternation.

“The king’s guards captain! What do you want!”

“I have an urgent matter to report.
It was discovered that the fire at the ballroom in the royal capital the other day was caused by arson by a janitor who came in and out of the ballroom.”

The audience room buzzed.

The captain of the guard snapped his hand, and several guards brought in a skinny young woman.

They drag her to the king’s front and made her kneel.

“The cleaner confessed that she had been paid by the saint’s lady-in-waiting to set the place on fire.”

The people present gulped, their eyes widening in astonishment.
The king’s voice was very low.

“Where is this maid-servant of hers?”

“She has been missing since the day after the fire.
A search was conducted and the body of an unidentified woman was found in a well in the royal capital.
Most likely, she was killed to keep her mouth shut because she saw the extent of the damage and made a fuss.
The lady-in-waiting told her family only that ‘the saint asked her to do something that could not be undone.'”

“It’s not true!” The saint cries out.
The crown prince rushes to her and embraces her protectively.

The king turned his steely eyes on the captain of the royal guard.

“What do you want to say? It has long been decided that anyone who harms a saint is guilty of death.
I hope you are ready for such a daring plot?”

The King’s Guard is upset and Mac braces himself.

I couldn’t take it anymore.
This king really believes that the saint is innocent.
That’s why it’s so bad to deal with.

I walked slowly from the corner of the audience hall to get closer to the king.
The king’s eyes turned to me as if to say, “What is it this time?”

“On the night of the fire, the saint had a collision with a wagon.
A man was caught in the body of the wagon, but instead of taking care of him, she overrode my attempts to stop her and headed for the scene of the fire.”

“Your Majesty, that’s nonsense! I would never do such a thing!”

Clinging to the crown prince, the saint shakes her golden head.

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