the unique, old-fashioned scent of wood from the desk and floorboards.

When the encirclement was gone and his vision opened, Gideon twists his upper body to look at me. 

He smiles at me and waves his left hand with a flutter.

“Long time no see, Liesel… right?”

Yes, it’s been a long time.

The last time I met you in my previous life was at the court in King’s Landing when I was in the defendant’s seat. 

I remember you telling the saint “she deserves it” right after I was sentenced to death.

“Yes, it’s been a while, Mr.

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I dare to act like a stranger.

“I never thought I’d see you again, in a place like this.”

Neither did I.” 

Really? So why did you come to the Academy of Magical Arts?

“Baral Province is really beautiful, I remember it well.
I wanted to see you again.” 

I didn’t think that was true at all.

“What? Do you and Liesel know each other?”

Mac blinks his eyes and looks at me and Gideon alternately. 

His neck seems to be busy as he looks forward and back.

“He visited my grandfather’s estate last year.”

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As soon as I said that, I pulled out some handouts and other materials from my bag, put them on my desk, and started to organize them. 

I didn’t want to talk to Gideon any longer.

As I continued to pretend to read the printouts, Gideon turned back to the blackboard. 

I sighed in my mind and looked up to see Mac turn his chair around and smile at me.

His eyes, like a cloudless, blue sky, shone brightly.

He asked in a whisper, “Do you dislike him by any chance?”

By “him “, I assume he means Gideon.
When I was at a loss for an answer, Mac rolled his eyes mischievously.

“You and I seem to be kindred spirits.
You and I would get along great.
You’ve got to join the Shern Society!”

“The Shern Society…?”

When I asked him in puzzlement, he slapped me happily on the shoulder.

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