Pretty Little Slave

Pretty Little Slave- Chap 5

I float down from the heightened state of an orgasm. Slowly opening my eyes I crack a smile at Akita, I just can help it, he lulls me in. Master sits at the side of the bed.

”Hey Kitty, how was it? ” He says, undoing the handcuffs and stroking my wrists to make sure I wasn hurt.

I purr in response and see his lips tighten. Leaning close to me, he whispers in my ear.

”These men are not your Master. I am your Master; Kitty, me. I granted you a fun time for you to be pleasured, but its not always going to be this fine and dandy. Next time, ” he chuckles, ”next time WE are going to be fulfilled. Your whole body is going to be held back, or else you get put in the corner. ” He finishes with a breath of warm air on my neck and stands up to look at the guys who have just started dressing.

Royan smiles and moves to the side to speak to Hunter as they quietly stroll out of the room. Master follows, probably to plan the next event with all of us. I notice Akita gazing at me from his half clothed state. I turn to look at him and our eyes meet. My heart beats fast, this has never happened all 13 years with Master before. I feel light and full of butterflies every time he takes a slow breath. Before I know it, hes on top of my naked body. I kiss him and he kisses me back perfectly without slobber. Hes experienced and I don want to know how. I long for more of him as we passionately make out, my hands sliding down his toned torso.

He breaks off after a while to take a breath of air.

”Kitty, theres something… Something about you, ” He breathes and slowly kisses my neck. ”I don know why Im so attracted to you. ” He bring his face back to look me in the eyes and only then I realize we both somehow got undressed to our underwear.

”Whats your name? ” He asks. Its a solemn question. Its honest, its gentle, I don know why I don want to answer.

”Kitty; its Kitty. ” I say, biting my lip and looking down.

He brushes my toussled hair out of my face. ”Your real name. Before your ownership. ” He gazes at me, waiting.

I don know why he makes me so comfortable. It only takes me a few seconds to spill a secret, and break a slave rule. ”Aurelia. ” I lean towards him and rest my head on his shoulder. ”My name is Aurelia. ”

A little bit of time passes while he gets up to get our clothes. We aren naked, we didn f*ck, we just made out and Im satisfied. Handing me my light purple lace blouse with short sleeves, he starts to talk.

”Well, Aurelia, run away with me. ” He grabs my hands and pulls me into a kiss.

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