Pretty Little Slave

Pretty Little Slave- Chap 2

I groan as master plunges me underwater. Im naked, and his slave. Underwater, I can breathe.

Its only because hes given me a tube, running from the side of a 5ft kiddie-sized hot tub.

His hands grope for my breasts, and he finds them, playing with them like he knows i like. I open my eyes looking at his shirtless body from the side of the tub. The water moves a lot as he picks me up, out of the water.

”Come here kitten, I have a surprise for you. ” He says, eyeing me lustily. He towels me, feeling me longingly as he finishes and hands me a bra, t-shirt, and some jeans just my size. We must be going somewhere for me to dress normal.

We arrive at Le Monte La Mart, a restaurant, one, in fact, that Ive always wanted to go to. ”Kitten, ” he says with a sparkle in his eye. ”lets go over the rules, shall we? ” I nod, longing to go taste the food, not recite a list of rules.

”Rule one? ” He asks waiting for me to answer.

” No speaking unless spoken to. ” I say.

”Very good, Rule 2? ”

” Try to turn you on, and make sure its a public display. But some things in private. ” I say hurridly.

”Great job, ” he says stroking my inner thigh. ”Now rule 3. ”

I look at him puzzled. There is rarely a rule 3.

” We go to a family bathroom and get it down. ” He says with a smirk.

We exit the car and walk in. After we are seated, a waitress comes by our table and asks what well drink. I, get water, and he get wine. I frown, then tap him on the shoulder. When he turns, I kiss him, and our tongues touch. I sneak my hand under the table cloth, over his growing bulge and rub it. I break away from the kiss, and ask him why I cant get wine.

”Because you only get wine when you kiss me. ” He responds neglecting to correct me on rule 1, because I turned him on. Our drinks arrive, and the waitress takes our order.

Master points to me.

”Shell take fried shrimp with scallion sauce, and Ill take King Crab, spicy. ” I nod, so that she doesn think anything weird is going on. We wait, for a while, until he scoots next to me. He plants a kiss on my forehead and runs his hand down my body. He carefully unzips my zipper. I tremble as his hand rubs my lips from behind my panties. I want him, and he knows it. His hand goes deeper, past my underwear and into my hole. He rubs it furiously causing me to bite my lip so that I draw blood. He notices, stops for a little, then goes on. I want to cum, but thats not allowed. Thatll only cause him to eat me in front of everyone. His middle finger slides in, going deep. I sink into my chair, and luckily we are seated close to a wall. I hold in a moan as he withdraws his hand, zips and buttons me back up. The waitress comes, gives us our platters and I sigh, beginning to eat. I want to cum, but Ill cum so much. I look at him and he licks his middle finger clean,and wipes the others off on the top of my jeans.

”Kitten you did very well, ” He whispers in my ear, ”You want some wine? ”

I nod and toss in a little purr. I glance down at his pants while he swirls the glass to take a drink… Yep, full on boner.

I turn to him, his mouth full of wine and i kiss him. He blows some of the Red Port into my mouth. It tastes so good after hes tasted it! I gulp it and kiss him longer, even though no wine is left We break apart and silently eat our meals.

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