ll be leaving to attend college. I want you to be good. If you feel interested to start designing thats when I am going to pick you for another level. This is my home office but tomorrow, we will head to our head office in town. ”

Sofia was blurting out, I was mesmerized by this building. Its a small office but cool. The way people were organized, they walked in order, and they dressed magnificently for you to think that they are designers. I looked over at different portraits on the wall. They all have what I wanted. I dont know if I felt a sense of fulfillment or if I felt a want to belong here.

”Morning, Henry is working in the main office today. The designs will be out by next week. We still need three models for the design. ” a young-looking blond gentleman walked to her. He had files in his hands, his clothes were neatly pressed and the glasses that were on his face made him look cute. I smiled at him but he didn smile back at me. Did they fear Sofie? Was there a problem with people smiling in here?

Sofia nodded to the man and removed her phone and quickly texted. I was still standing next to her, in her brothers t_shirt and nothing below. This is their house, they don care about anything at all.

”Lets go, ” she pulled me over and directed me to another room. The room was dimly lit but she turned off the lights and spread the curtains.

A tall dark guy walked through the door with a tablet in his hands. He settled his bag on the desk and walked over. He greeted Sofie with respect before looking at me. This shirt was making me a little shy. As much as I loved to stay like this with Josh, I was not used to other people looking at me.

”Alphonse, this is Vanessa, Vanessa, Alphonse. Alphonse, please take Vanessa through the various steps, I want you to guide her, she has basic information but at the same time, she is the source of inspiration you were talking g about. She manages Kendras account. ”

I looked over at Sofie and raised my brows. Source of inspiration? Is there a way they can make me feel less honored at this time? I don think my words were that powerful to many people, it was just captioned to make sure that she gets views and followers. She has sold almost four accounts already each half a million dollars. Maybe that isn the work of my hands but at the same time, I think its because she is a celebrity.

Alphonse stretched his hands and met mine. He had a strong grip and I liked it.

”Nice to meet you, Vanessa, ”

”The pleasure is mine. ” I made sure my smile was visible though I hated it because I had not brushed my teeth. Alphonse walked out as he was preparing before starting our classes. Sofie had to drag me out through her messy room.

”Make your room, Sofie, this doesn look like you, ” I said while stumbling on a shoelace and hitting my face on the floor. She stepped on the clothes and pushed them over to a corner using his feet and looked at me. ”there, arranged, happy? ”

Jeez, what is with her? Maybe I will help her arrange it when I am done. I have never loved to see a dirty room like this one. She allows me to take a shower and change into one of Xanders t-shirts and shorts. She gave me one of the big flops that were making it hard for me to walk.

”Vanessa, in there or our main office, its business. There is time for pleasure, today we have a business and that is what we are doing. So focus. Do not let those men lure you. They eat well and they have wives and kids. ” I lifted my hands. This now looks like someone telling me not to open my legs to every Dick, Tom, and Harry.

”I do not hear to spread my legs, I am here to work! ” I said and she kept quiet. I wanted to ask what my pay would be but I kept it cool, I didn want to sound so desperate for cash, though I am.

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