”Its okay, you are okay sweetie, ” Sofie was trying to comfort me but I was still sniffing because of what happened. My bare ass and my chest were now in the eyes of many people out there. Something that I have always wanted to keep secret was now being seen for free. I couldn wear that dress if I knew it will embarrass me like that. I looked up and thought of how I could have changed the situation but at the same time, I wasn sure of by changing the situation things could have been different.

I stopped crying and lifted my head from Sofies chest. Her suit was now stained with my tears. She was calmly looking at me. I wonder why she is so good to me. She has a lot of things to be concerned about, she has a life to be concerned about, a business to focus on unlike me who is still sitting down here thinking that I am a damsel in distress waiting to be saved and my savior is still out there celebrating that she is pregnant.

Wearing Xanders coat properly and closing its buttons I mumbled a sorry under my breath to avoid being so awkward with Sofie. She is helped me and I must be grateful. ”Its okay, Vee, I don know anything about you but that situation is not something any of us would want to remember. ”

That was the truth, who wants to remember that situation in their life, who wants to remember that they were seen naked and their nudes gave out in public? No one, but here I am and they have already seen mine with the cameras in their hands and not even leaked. I wonder how they are going to post them in their tabloids. Hope they are not going to post them on pornhub for some horny perverts to ogle on for free or pay for. ”Its okay Sofie, it was my fault, you had warned me about the dress, but I didn listen, maybe next time I will listen to you, ” I said while looking at my hands.

Sofia placed her hands around my neck, I know she is trying to comfort me but there is nothing that is going to keep those pictures from circulating on the internet. There is nothing that is going to stop Kendra from getting angry at me for embarrassing her today. I just hope, I still have a job as a social media manager. I think the little amount I make still helps me to get my sanitary towels or fuel the car to see my papa. So lets hope. Finger crossed.

I wanted to go home and sleep, but which home was I going to now? Joshs? So that he can come over and shout at me for embarrassing everyone? What if I go to my step_moms? I guess she already has the information about what happened and the first thing she will does in the morning lectures me about being a modest girl. I don know, I think I still deserve them, I think I wi just head to Joshs and wait for the wrath of their words to lash me so hard.

Sofia signaled the driver and we were driven out of the venue. We left the music that was playing in the background, the MC who was talking over the speaker. Hope her pregnancy will make her understand the importance of having a child and she won be here shouting at me.

”Please, drop me at Joshs place, I will be okay, ” I said to Sofie. I don think she even heard what I was saying, she was just on her phone. I don understand why people are on their phones every second, I am there because I have to keep monitor of the people who follow Kendra on social media, maintain them, and keep them entertained. Is it because I don have any business to do?

She clears her voice and places her phone back into her pocket not before she clicks and scratches the bridge of her nose. Something that I haven noticed her doing. ”Hey, I don know if this is the right moment, but can you link me up to the social media job that you were talking about? ” Sofie looks at me after peeling her eyes from the window. I know I had declined it because it was for a modeling company. I know Kendra had me on a tight leash and I couldn walk out just that way. After tonight, I doubt if I still earn a spot in her life. Maybe its time I get a little serious. ”So, youve decided to leave your sisters and come to this other side? ” she asks and slides her phone before placing the screen on my lap. I didn answer that. I wasn thinking right the day I declined it.

It was a fashion design not a modeling company as she had said. They were designing clothes of different types, ranging from childrens clothes to adult clothes. This was great, maybe something different. I hope my captioning will be good enough for me to work here.

”They will take you through training, that is a business, so patience is the key, plus you never know, you might be interested in fashion design, remember you styled me tonight, ” she smiled while looking at me. At least someone who can make me smile. I was not sure shout being a fashion designer that people can mimic todays event and use it against me in case I come up with a certain design. I don want that. I nodded to make her happy, in didn want to annoy her.

The door was opened. I hadn realized that we were already home. I walked from the car and said bye but she raised her brows and looked at me, ”we are at my mothers house, where do you think you are going to? ” What? I thought I was clear to her that I wanted to go to Joshs house. Why would she bring me to her mothers house? ”You can be serious, I wanted to go to Joshs, ” she just looked at me and walked out of the vehicle. She asked the driver to pack the car while we walked in the nicely kept garden. The cypress trees were all in shapes, forming the canopy and they looked all in line as if they have been prompted to grow like that. The lamps were placed almost everywhere in the compound, they lit and made the place more lively.

How I missed when my dad was still a businessman, self-made with wealth. He used to carry me around the house and allow me to run around the garden into the small maze that was in the garden. ”look whom I found, ” he would say while holding me high in the sky and catching me before I fall. My little feet stamped on the ground and made no sound. That is no more now, now I am just a homeless person who depends on other peoples mercy to live. I know I am not supposed to be here, but this is going to stir the animosity between Kendra and me, she wi hate me for doing this. Maybe just tonight then tomorrow I will go back and ask for forgiveness.

”My my, who did you bring today darling? ” I was taken out of my thoughts by the sound that I was already familiar with, Mrs. White. I am startled as she hugs me, her tall frame is crushed into my short one and she makes me feel at home.

”Hello, Mrs. White, ” I say quickly to avoid looking stupid. Sofie pecks her mother before walking to the house leaving me with her mother. What is she doing? She is supposed to be walking me to the magnificent house. The chandelier is illuminating its bright lights on us while the spotless clean walls are radiating from the cream and vintage look that they give. I have never been here, there is various picture on the wall but Mrs. white doesn allow me to look around, instead, she grabs me and takes me to the living room where she hands me a glass of water. Sofie has removed her coat and now is sitting with her shirt a bit opened revealing the tattoo on her neck, she places her leg on top of the other drawing number four while the other hand is holding a drink with her shirt a little folded. I don know why I always find her attractive in this manner. To some extent, she portrays a picture of mini_Xander.

”So, how have you been, baby girl? ” asks Mrs. white. I smile and look at the glass in my hands. I have never loved the water but I have to drink this because it has been offered in an expensive glass. ”It was fine, Mrs. white. ”

”Come on, you don need to call me Mrs. White, call me a mother. ” that came out as a surprise to me. Why would I call her mother? I look over at Sofie who smiles instead of being suspicious about her mother wanting me to call her, mother. Kendra never allows me to call her mother that. She would remind me of my place in the house every time.

”Uuh…ok, ” I tried to sound normal but words were stuck in my throat threatening to choke me if I tried to say anything.

”I know you all are tired, I will let you sleep then I will see you tomorrow, I have a headache but I know I will be fine by tomorrow. ” I looked at Sofie standing from her sit when she heard that her mother has a headache. She places her hand over her temple and breaths a sigh of relief. ”Is it continuous or its slow? ” she asked while getting a thermometer from the cabinets. This doesn look like a normal headache to me. Mrs. White smiled and said it was slow. Sofie checked her temperature and recorded everything before walking her to her room leaving me all alone. I wanted to look around but Sofie was already back and she signaled me to follow her. She took me to a room upstairs, it was decorated in gray. Is this how she decorated her room? This is so boring, she should have thought of a different color.

”You will sleep in Xanders room, mine is a bit messed up, plus Xander never sleeps here anymore, he is married anyway. ” why would I sleep in Xanders room? Its so boring and I don want to be bored here just looking at these gray walls and the boring small chandelier that is lonely on the roof trying to call for company. ”Are you sure he didn masturbate in those sheets the last time he slept there? ” I asked sounding a bit cocky.

Sofie hit my hands and grabbed the sheets from the bed. ”Jeez, no, if he did, that is his business don tell me about it, that is embarrassing for me. Thats his life. ” she said while getting new sheets from the closet and placing them on the bed. ”help me spread it then, now that you didn want to sleep in a cum filled sheets. ” she said and we both laughed at that. I wanted to ask about her mother but I decide to keep quiet. She opened the closet, and there were Xanders clothes all arranged in order. They were arranged according to their colors ranging from casual to official. She picked a t_shirt for me and asked me to use it as my pajamas. I was hesitant but she reminded me that her clothes are a bit small for me so I would have to use Xanders. I had to agree since I had no otherwise.

”Are you comfortable? ” she asked once we were done with making the bed and threw me the t-shirt. I looked around, I was okay with the place. It was much bigger than Joshs place. ”Are you sure those babies killed during masturbation won haunt me? ” I asked to annoy her one last time.

”Okay, go to bed now, I want to see you asleep, ” she said and removed the coat from my body and the remainder of the dress fell loosely on the floor. I didn feel like bathing, so I quickly wore the t-shirt and jumped on the bed. She tucked me in and made sure I was comfortable. ”Sleep here, no one is going to barge here and rush you out. Tomorrow I will try and see if you can get some training. ” I nodded and she whispered good night.

”Please don close the lights. ”

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