ame out of and head to the ballroom.

The room is beautifully decorated. White and blue balloons are adorning the area with some flowers all around. I don know what this means but I am sure there is something big being announced here today. I Hope Kendra has received another grand contract and I will be attending college without any problem. I look around the room trying to locate Josh but I can find him. Trying to call him, but his phone goes straight to voicemail, maybe the network here is not that good enough. I rub my body against the visitors dressed in suits and expensive dresses. They have taste in their clothes and their shoes. Maybe I should have worn the dress that Sofie bought me and not this dress, still, Kendra spent some amount on it, so let us be appreciative.

The waitress passes a glass of champagne to my face but I know better than to drink it. I don want to disappoint anyone this evening, I shake my head and look at the ringing phone. Kendra was already here, I find my way to the door where she will be walking through, she is brought in a limousine. The chauffeur opens the door and Xander is the one who walks out. Damn! That tuxedo looks amazing on him. His beard has been trimmed and looks like he got a good facial treatment before the event. He waves his hands to the crowd, attention seeker! he walks to the other side and quickly opens the door for Kendra, I can see Kendras face nicely but they have a peck before he holds out his hands for her to tag along. Thats amazing. Shit, I open the phone and start the live demo for her audience to avoid future confrontation.

Fighting with the paparazzi is not an easy job. I have to lift the phone to capture her every movement. The paparazzi are pushing me to the side but I have to work with them so that Kendras face can be seen. Not even a minute to start the live stream and her fans are already wild on Instagram, they are sending love emojis and shoutouts. This is loud for me, I wish one day I will be wowed like this, whom am I kidding? Dressed in a cream gown, her petite figure shows as she strides her legs across the red carpet. Her curly tendrils are hanging beautifully on her face as she walks, Xanders arms around her waist are tight, just showing how amazing they are. Thinking of how he held me in the electronic shop and I feel my legs go weak but I don have time for that, these hallucinations are going to kill me. The paparazzi give way and I can take a good look at them. Xander and I lock eyes but I assume it and focus on the camera. This way its easy to do what I am supposed to do.

I struggle very much, I step forward to avoid getting close, the paparazzi are also fighting to get my attention, I slightly trip, and someone steps on my dress, I try to move forwards but the gown comes off, and my ass is left bare, **, this was Sofies idea. She said I shouldn wear any panties. I didn get any bra on my chest and now I am all naked. The audience notices that and they start laughing while pointing at me. They point their hands at me and everyone is now looking at me, Kendra turns around realizing she is not the center of attention anymore, her eyes are burning with fire, and the hands that were just holding her dress normally have been folded into a fist making me worry much about her situation than my situation. Xander looks at me and notices my situation, he leaves Kendras side and rushes to my side, throwing his jacket over my body, she walks past the audience and walks away holding me, I see Joshs glare at me, I know I have **ed this up. My eyes well up as they tear up. The cameras haven stopped flushing.

”Have some manners can you see one of you has messed her dress up? ” Xander shouts at the guys who were following with the camera.

”She should have worn a nice dress and not some two-dollar dresses! ” shouts one of them, I could feel the way Xanders angry breath was trailing down my neck.

”Put me down, Put me down! ” I said as I struggle to move from his hands. He looks at me and then places me on the ground. His nose flared and his brows knitted together.

”What the hell? Who got you such a stupid dress? I thought I asked Sofie to get you a dress? ” he shouted looking at me while touching the fabric of the dress. ”This is just some cheap material placed together! Why didn you wear the dress that Sofie got you? ”

Is he serious right now? He knows very well that I got this dress from Kendra, where else could I get this dress? This is so ridiculous.

”You should shift your attention to your wife, I am nothing to you, just a mere step-sister-in-law, stop lecturing me! ” I shouted back at him and decided to walk off but his strong arms gripped my elbows and brought me closer to him.

”See how you have embarrassed yourself and your sister, this was her important day but you have shifted the focus to you! She was supposed to announce to the world how pregnant she is but now you have stolen the spotlight how will you feel seeing your ass and bares chest on the media tomorrow? ” he shouts again while gritting his teeth.

”Like a pathetic little once of shit that I have felt in my life, don remind me! Now, let me go! ”

He quickly lets my arms go and stands aside holding his waist. Behind him walks Sofie with a concerned look. I didn want to tear up in front of Xander, maybe Sofie. Sofia walked up to me and hugged me tightly. She wiped my tears and let me sleep in her chest. I knew this was messed up but I wanted to be a good girl for once, I wanted to make sure that Kendra got the spotlight. Sofie gave Xander my phone since Josh said he could take over being the social media manager. Xander left and Sofie helped me into the car. Shit, I know how I am going to receive bomb shells of words tomorrow from Kendra for stealing her spotlight.

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