Vanessa was sitting at the kitchen counter eating her cereal while trying to edit some of Kandras pictures before posting them. She has music in a blast in the headphones that she got from Sofie. She didn mind getting them since Sofie said that she wanted to focus on her exams and not listen to music. Today she decided to visit her step_mother house who was on a vacation and she had to take care of the house. The only time she enjoyed staying in this house is when no one was around. She nodded her head as she enjoyed the music and edited Kendras pictures.

Kendra came through the door shouting but Vanessa was not listening to what she was saying because her headset speaker was in noise cancelation mode. She strode towards the kitchen arena and found Vanessa all happy. This moment angered her. She grabbed the headphones and threw them on the wall breaking them down.

Vanessa looked at The person who was disturbing her peace but her face was plastered with the cereals from the bowl soaking her clothes wet.

She jumped out of the chair and looked at the intruder who didn have any mercy on her but decided to make sure she get annoyed in the morning. To say that her day is ruined was an understatement. She hated every moment that Kendra stomped into the room and started her drama.

”Whats wrong with you Kendra? ” asked Vaness trying to wipe off the cereal on her face and hair.

Kendra threw the bowl into the wall and it broke into pieces, a piece got Vanessa by the cheeks. She had a scratch that was bleeding but Kendra was not taking note of that, instead, her face was red with anger and she was ready to grab Vanessa any minute.

”Sofie is not in your league, You are not the one married in that family. Quit wanting everything Vanessa, be content with what you have and stop trying to fit where you can ! ” shouted Kendra taking Vanessa by surprise.

Vanessa looked at her and was shocked by what Kendra was saying. She was just trying to be friendly with Sofie and nothing more. That was the only thing she was doing. Listening to Kendra lament how she is trying to fit in a place she can fit made her surprised

”Then you will have to look for a new social media manager! I am just trying to make sure that I keep you on the good terms with the family, Whats your problem? I don want to fit, I know where I am wanted, sis! ” Said Vanessa with finality.

”Step_sis, I still wonder how my father associated with your mother in the first place, I would have been the only child, ” said Kendra lowly but Vanessa heard everything.

”Ooh, sorry for being the last born here, are you worried that he loved me more than he loved you? Don worry, you got everything and I got nothing, am still okay. ”

Kendra threw a slap in Vanessas face and held her by the collar, ”Its by my mercy you are living you bitch. Don make me can take all the funds that I have been saving for you. So, you better stick to your lane. Don steal my spotlight! ”

She threw Vanessa down and she fell on the floor defeated. Kendra threw some notes on her face before walking out of the house. She walked back in and asked her to get dressed, they will be attending parties and she wanted her to be there to take the pictures.

Vanessa was not heading to that. She just picked the notes and placed them on the microwave to dry up before cleaning the house of its dirt and moping it clean to avoid creating more trouble when her stepmom arrives. Done with everything, she picked up the broken pieces of the headphones and she knew that meant trouble. She washed up and quickly went to search for the same headsets to avoid annoying Sofia. she made a note to herself to avoid taking g other peoples things they are going to cost get much than she can afford.

”Excuse me, I… I want this type of headset, do you have one? ” asked Vanessa once she got to the music store. The guy at the counter looked at her and smiled.

”Please, remove the pieces of cornflakes from your head and no, we don have those, maybe you can get it from the store in Mega Mall, they sell and we have our store there. ” Vanessa became embarrassed, she wiped her hair and there were particles of cornflakes on her hair clumped like some lice.

She strolled down to the Mega Mall and on the way, she admired various dresses in the window. There were different types that she has only seen her sister wear but never got a chance to put on. She wanted to try one out but she didn want to be in debt with another drama. She walked past the clothes store and got inside the Mega Mall. She had never been to the Mega Mall. She always passes by it once in a while to go to the cheap store to get either the reused items or the fake earpods or some pirated music. Watching the way the building was decorated with various colors of the rainbow on the inside, she loved it. She took a picture of it and went to the side of the electronics. Passing by, she saw a dozen of the headphones that she wanted. They were in different colors, she didn want to touch them, since there was a sign on the glass written, ”Do Not Touch! ”

She stood at the far end and daydreamed of owning various items there. There were various light rings. Something she has thought of getting to start some youtube videos is a tripod stand, the things were just amazing.

”Hey, what are you doing here? ” she was startled by a hand that was roaming on her back while the other hand was on top of hers. The manly voice that was pressed on his ears and the mouth on her cheeks made her alert. Her body was ticklish feeling the presence of the person around her. She wanted to move but she couldn . The hand roamed until it arrived on her bare back. She felt the chills running through her body and she kind of liked the touch but at the same time, she remembered that she had a boyfriend and quickly removed the hand to stop it from moving.

Looking at her side, it was Xander! He stood there with shades on and a cap. He had a white polo T-shirt with blue jeans. They made him stand out and more handsome revealing the tattoos on his arms.

”Stop it, somebody will see us, what are you doing? Someone will see us, ” said Vanessa lowly while anger danced in her words.

Xander placed his hands on the back of her neck and pressed his mouth deeper into her ears. ”Don worry, no one is going to see us, I have very good security. ”

Vanessa wanted to turn around and look at the people he was talking about but the salesman arrived at their station.

”What can I do for you? ” the guy asked looking between Vanessa and Xander. Vanessa was not saying anything, it was like she was waiting for Xander to say something but he was not saying anything. Xander slowly let his hands go and retrieved his mouth from her ears.

”How much is the gray headset? ” asked Vanessa. Xander watched the way her voice was low and afraid. Looking at her face, he saw the slight cut that she was trying to hide using some foundation. He was sure about it, he quickly place some saliva on his hands and started removing the makeup. The salesman widened his eyes and looked between them. He was afraid that maybe Vanessa was in trouble or she was forced to do something she didn want.

”Im, are you okay? ” asked the salesman.

Xander looked at him with an angry stare, ”She is fine, she would have shouted if she was afraid. Get her what she asked for! ”

Vanessa was shaken and she looked at Xander. The wound was now visible, he looked at Vanessa and Vanessa just said it was a light scratch from a stray cat. Xander was not convinced. He waited for her to get what she wanted.

”How much are they? ” asked Vanessa as she went into her pocket to get the amount that she has.

”Wait, why are you getting the same headsets as Sofie, did she ask you to do that? ” asked Xander.

”Its none of yo businessmen, I can get what want. ”

”one thousand Dollars mum. ” its was now Vanessas turn to raise her brows and keep quiet. She felt the few notes she had in her pocket and left them to be.

”Can I get cheap ones? ” asked Vanessa in an embarrassed voice.

”Give her those, on my bill. ” Xander didn finish what he was saying, he grabbed Vanessa and took her in an opposite direction. He sat her down and looked at her cut again.

”I need to know what happened to your face before I….. ”

”I need to go, I have some work to do. ”

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