Yul busily went around the table for a while, filling his hunger.
He was so hungry that he forgot this place is now the obsessive maniac’s mansion, and that he was eating the obsessive maniac’s food.

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Yul, who concentrated only on eating without knowing what would happen, ate the pomegranate of Hades in the underworld, and became Persephone1.

He ate two grapes as if he would die if he didn’t eat them today, and he ate bread the size of a finger.

If that wasn’t all, he also ate a slice of cubed steak cooked to medium rare.

“Ahh, I can finally live now.”

Finally, Yul, who drank freshly poured water filled with lemons, laid down in a large bowl.

Yul himself was skeptical as to how he could eat and digest food with this body made of only pieces of cloth and cotton balls, but somehow it went into his mouth and he felt a sense of fullness.

Yul patted his fat stomach filled with cotton and smiled satisfactorily.

“Have you been starving all this time?”

When he glanced up at Mikael’s voice, he noticed that Mikael’s red eyes were staring at him.
He felt a little ashamed to think that he had seen him devouring food like a goddamned man.

“Yeah, well… Because there was nothing to eat…”

Yul, who was embarrassed but answered the questions steadily, rolled his big eyes around.

Previously, he was so hungry that he was busy eating, but after he finished eating, he was at a loss for what to do next.

He didn’t have anything to do, of course, and Mikael didn’t seem to have anything to do with him either.
Well, of course.
Where else would he use such a tiny doll?

Yul, who had been thinking about it up to this point, carefully opened his mouth, examining Mikael’s countenance.

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“By the way, are you really not going to let me go?”

“For the last time, I don’t want to hand over anything that has come into my hands, so don’t make me say the same thing over and over again.”


In the end, Mikael’s words were a reflection of the obsessive maniac’s useless possessiveness.
In response to Mikael’s calm voice, Yul nodded his big head and responded quickly.

He’s like a guy who doesn’t even leave anyone with choices.
Well… that was why his character was a maniac, damn it.

Yul grumbled in his heart and pouted.
His tiny lip popped out.
Yul, who did not know how insignificant the appearance was, quickly turned his head toward the ceiling and folded his arms as if protesting against Mikael.

Of course, he could not actually cross his arms with his absurdly short arm length, he could only put his arms on top of each other.


‘What ‘right’, what are you talking about now.’

At Mikael’s murmur, Yul was unable to speak out loud and muttered inwardly.
Yul, forgetting that he himself had been babbling alone countless times, thought that Mikael had a talent for talking to himself like a madman.

“Caleb said it.
You are wearing a ring.”

Oops, goosebumps came up on Yul’s back.
Frightened, Yul looked down at his arm.
The arm with a diamond ring the size of a wide eye was proudly crossed and shown to Mikhail as if telling him to look here.

Swallowing dryly, he slowly unwrapped his arms and hid the arm with the ring behind his back.



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“What are the penalties for stealing under the imperial law?”

“It varies depending on the amount of money and the number of offences, but basically, it is ruled with a whip.
The punishment starts at 30 counts and continues up to 100, and even for first-time offenders, if the amount stolen is large, penalties such as cutting off the wrist can be added.”

At Levi’s kind yet kind explanation, Yul’s heart, the size of a pea, seemed to freeze.
The diamond ring he was wearing on his arm felt like handcuffs, and the image of himself being dragged and whipped like that was pictured in his mind.

“Levi, how much is the diamond ring sent by Count Wilson?”

“According to the words of the butler, it is 350,000 bergs.”

“I see.”

Yul slowly got up and sat down.
The arm with the ring was still hidden behind his back.

Yul looked at Mikael and Levi alternately with big eyes.

He didn’t know the exact amount because he didn’t know the unit of berg, but he could tell that it was not a low value since it was a diamond ring that was given by the Count’s family.
He had tried to steal something like that, so the punishment would not have been ordinary.
He felt like he was having indigestion after all that good food he ate well.

“Then Levi, assuming there is a thief who stole 350,000 bergs, how much punishment will that thief receive?”

“…He wouldn’t be able to steal that much money.”

“Suppose he does.”

Yul was truly devastated to hear that it wasn’t even a stealable amount.
His eyes darkened even more than when he realised that he had possessed a doll.

At least back then, he hadn’t even felt anxious that something big was going to happen to him right away, but now he was not only going to be whipped but also lose his hands.

“Well… Of course, there will naturally be 100 whips, then wouldn’t they cut off both his wrists and ankles and then their neck? Oh, no.
With that amount of money, beheading may be done or after a lot of leniency, burning at the stake.
Of course, that is after they cut off his wrists and ankles.”

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At Levi’s words, Yul let out a shrieking groan involuntarily.

As he listened to him, a terrifying future unfolded for him naturally.


He didn’t know, but it was clear that if he was hit 100 times, his back would be torn and tattered.
In such a state, even if his wrists and ankles were cut off, and in the end, burned at the stake…

It was a terrifying end to imagine.
It was said that the most painful way to kill a person was to kill them by burning, and that was going to happen to him.

Yul looked up at Mikael with an expression that looked like he was about to cry.
He wanted to say something, but he had no idea what to say, so his tiny mouth opened and closed over and over again.

There was no way Mikael would be able to accuse the doll and take him to the court of justice without sounding like he had gone insane, but the sinful Yul did not even think about it and only painted a dark future for himself.

That’s why people… No, dolls should live a good life.

“That’s right, Yuri.”

“Sob, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry! Spare me!”

As soon as Mikael finished speaking, Yul immediately knelt down on his short legs and began to grovel.
He lay down with his large head on the table and rubbed his hands together.

“Here’s the ring, I’ll return it to you.
Forgive me once, it will never again, please! Sob, sob.”

Yul hastily pulled out the ring and held it out.
The diamond ring on his trembling hand also trembled.
The cloth around his eyes, which had barely dried after eating, was once again wet with tears.

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If Mikael’s personality was like without blood or tears, he would have sent him to court right away without any mercy.
Yul cried out in fear like a person who had already been dragged to the prison.

“Sob, please spare me, sob, sob, sob.
I’ll live a good life from now on, sob, forgive me just once, if you forgive me just once, I’ll really…”

“If I say that I will overlook this, will you do what I tell you?”

At Mikael’s words, Yul lifted his shaky head.
There was little hope on his tear-stained face.
He felt like a rope came down from the sky while he was being chased by a tiger.

Yul quickly nodded his head several times.
The fist-sized head moved busily.

“Yes! Yes! I will do anything!”

Anything to keep his limbs attached?!

Yul answered without thinking.
He forgets that his opponent was none other than the madman Mikael.

Changhyun always said that ‘you are a graduate student by nature’.
Yul did not understand the meaning of those words, but those words were representative of the current situation.

Then I’ll close one eye on this.”

“Sob, thank you! Thank you!”

Mikael raised the corners of his mouth with satisfaction at the sight of Yul answering with his blue eyes glistening with tears.

He thought to himself that he had gotten something quite interesting.


In mythology, Persephone who tasted of the food of Hades (pomegranate seeds) was forced to forever spend a part of the year in the underworld

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