Lobelia knew, of course. The half-brother of the male lead belonged to the east wing of the Academy, she thought.
In the Original, Elyan Regretina, the second son of Count Regretina and the famed heir to the renowned Regretina Department Store.
He was a calculating businessman who approached Aina for Evelentia’s fortune and became one of the male protagonists.

Lobelia emptied her plate, wondering if there was a chance she’d meet Elyan through his half-brother.
After dessert, Jade escorted her into the duke’s garden.
A carriage was already waiting to take them to the Academy.
Joheim was in front, holding the reins.
He clenched his jaw and lowered his head when Lobelia avoided him.

Whether or not he noticed the strange atmosphere between the two, Jade held out a hand to Lobelia and said nonchalantly, “Take my hand.” As they climbed into the wagon, Joheim announced their departure stiffly, and the carriage headed for the Academy on the outskirts of the capital in haste.

Lobelia’s eyes widened as she spotted the main entrance of the Academy through the window.
It was described as huge and glamorous in the Original, but seeing it for the first time took her breath away.
Everything from the arched windows to the metal ornaments on the entrance matched the description in the book.
Even though she was certain in the veracity of the Original, it felt odd to see the Academy towering tall as if to prove this point.

“Worth seeing, isn’t it?” Jade said with a smirk next to her.
Lobelia nodded unknowingly.
He added out of curiosity, “You weren’t impressed by the sight of the Duke of Ferrado’s abode.
Is the Academy that spectacular?

“I’ve seen the duke’s residence a couple of times from a carriage, but this is my first time seeing the Academy in person,” Lobelia answered, half-truthfully.

The carriage stopped inside the main entrance of the Academy, and they made their way through the impressive hallway to the east wing.
Since the person in charge of the east wing was affiliated with the Duke of Ferrado, the admission process was completed quickly.
Lobelia was assigned a single room in the ladies’ dormitory next to the building.
However, Lobelia did not unpack her belongings as Jade had asked her to stay out.
Professor Bridgenyle, the supervisor of the students’ dormitories, was hesitant, but after glimpsing at Jade’s expression, he promptly gave Lobelia permission.
She took a quick tour at the Academy before returning to the Duke of Ferrado’s residence.

“It’s comical in some way,” she said, “If Marlon, I mean Count Evelentia, had his way, I would have been imprisoned there, living the life of a nun.”

“You’re never going to spend more than two days there,” Jade said confidently, and Lobelia nodded.
“So, let’s get down to business,” he said as they arrived in the office.
He plopped down in his chair and Lobelia also sat across from him.

“You said you would be the Queen’s court deputy, right?” he asked.

A court deputy is one who acts as an intermediary between the court and the public.
The imperial family had this type of courtier to assist them with their private affairs, including their vast estate.
They were the chosen agents of the imperial family, who were entrusted with the task of investing the imperial family’s private wealth in various enterprises with the aim of multiplying the family’s income.
The royal dynasty may be highly cultured in every aspect, but they were not masters of creating profit.

All members of the imperial family had the right to employ court deputies, and occasionally, high-ranking nobles, such as dukes and marquises, did so with the permission of the imperial family.

Above all, Lobelia valued the fact that she did not necessarily need to be an aristocrat to serve as an agent for the court.
At the least, they were aware that nobility is not a guarantee of talent and success.
After all, everyone is equal in front of money.

The imperial family possessed greater wealth than most noble families.
If she became the queen’s court deputy, she would be capable of acquiring a large sum of money at once.
In addition, the present queen, Elena Fontenum, came from a family of Mylix, famous for their wealth comparable to that of Evelentia.
As such, she may receive a portion of the properties as a fee if she became the queen’s court deputy.

Lady Magrita, originally the queen’s court deputy, had retired due to old age, vacating the position The queen had publicly announced that she was seeking candidates to fill the position as well.

Lobelia couldn’t have asked for a finer opportunity.

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