39;s family's girl.”


   Parents were quickly convinced.


   This year, he passed the Imperial exam in one fell swoop.
It's a pity that his family is ordinary, and he can't climb up to a real high-ranking lady, but the daughter of an ordinary official has some opportunities.


  The horse did not stop, and soon reached the bottom of the tea house.


   Zhou Tanhua raised his head and kept staring at the window on the second floor, silently counting three times in his heart.


   Sure enough, that shy and gentle beautiful girl quietly stuck out her head again and met his eyes.



  Today, it is definitely not an ordinary family who can hire a private room on the second floor.


   Zhou Tanhua smiled at the girl.


   He was smiling at her.


   He knew that she was looking at him.


   He was also looking at her.


  Lu Minghua's heart beat fast and her cheeks were on fire.
Lu Minghua took her eyes back only after the steed had gone all the way.


  She turned her head, three pairs of eyes looked at her with a smile.


  Lu Minghua pretended to be calm: “Eldest sister, fifth sister, sixth brother, what are you doing looking at me like this?” Lu Mingyu was brought into the palace, and Lu Fei went to the military camp.
The four brothers and sisters came to the teahouse together today.


  Lu Xuan rolled his eyes, winked and smiled: “Third sister, Jinke Tanhualang is so handsome!”


  Lu Mingyue covered her face with a handkerchief and laughed softly: “Yeah, third sister was staring at Tanhualang just now, and she couldn't bear to blink.”


  Lu Minghua's pretty face turned into a big red cloth, and she said, “What nonsense.
I just glanced at random, who said I couldn't bear to blink.”


  Lu Mingfang held back a smile: “Fifth sisters and sixth brothers, don't talk nonsense.
Okay, we have seen the parade, let's go back now!”


   After going back, she had to tell her adoptive father that the third sister had fallen in love with Jinke Tan Hwarang.
First, privately inquire whether Tanhua Lang is married or not, and then plan the next step.




   At this time, Lu Mingyu was walking slowly into Donghua Gate.


  Yesterday, Cailan, the maid in Jiaofang Hall, went to the Lu Mansion to pass an edict from Queen Qiao, calling her to the palace for an interview.


  Suddenly came such a verbal order, and Lu Mingyu was quite surprised.
Lu Lin has already stated that he wants to recruit a son-in-law, and the selection of concubines for several princes in the palace has nothing to do with her.


Why did Queen Qiao suddenly want to see her?


   Could it be that Li Hao begged Queen Qiao in private to change her mind?


  However, with Queen Qiao as a person, how could she be willing to do so much for her concubine-born son?



   As for Su Zhaorong, seeing her is almost like seeing a ghost.
She will only block it in every possible way.
With Su Zhaorong's “stalking”, Li Hao had no chance to go to Jiaofang Palace at all…


   What is there that she doesn't know about?


  Lu Mingyu did not have trouble sleeping or eating.
As usual, she ate well and slept soundly.
She woke up in the morning and practised the sword for half an hour.
Then she showered and changed her clothes and went to the palace to meet Queen Qiao.


   “Fourth Miss Lu, please wait here for a while,” Cai Lan led Lu Mingyu into a side hall, very politely: “This servant will go to pass the message.”


  This side hall, located behind Jiaofang Hall, is not used much on weekdays and is quite quiet.


  Lu Mingyu nodded slightly: “You have to work.”


After Cailan withdrew, the side hall returned to silence.
The palace maid who was originally guarding the palace did not know when they retreated.


  Lu Mingyu calmly glanced at the empty side hall, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.


   You cannot bring sharp weapons into the palace.
With Lu Mingyu's divine power, there is no need for weapons.


So there is always a solution to a problem.


   Whoever dares to provoke her will go down with a punch.


   After waiting for a while, there was a sound of footsteps at the door of the side hall.







T/N Note

The first placed rank holder in an Imperial exam

The third-placed rank holder who was often the most handsome one. 

Selected scholars.


Woo hoo the first meeting coming up.

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