ast time.
In the future, Erchen will never do anything with the brothers again.”


   This sounds pretty good.


  Emperor Yongjia was quite satisfied: “You can think clearly and understand.”


  Su Zhaorong finally got the chance to interject: “Your Majesty, since Ahao's health is better, why don't you let him go to court!”


  Li Hao: “…”


   If you can't keep quiet, can you say a few words less?


  Emperor Yongjia's face sank slightly, and he glanced at Su Zhaorong: “You don't know anything about the government, why do you suddenly talk about this? Could it be that A Hao complained in front of you?”


  Su Zhaorong was not stupid after all and repeatedly denied: “Nothing.
These days, A Hao didn't even say a word, let alone complain.”



   “My concubine is thinking that there are many government affairs in the country, and the emperor often leads troops to fight outside.
A Hao should share his father's worries.”


   This time she must be right!


  Su Zhaorong thought happily in her heart, but seeing her son Li Hao's helpless expression, he kept winking over and motioning her to shut up.


  Su Zhaorong was startled.


   What did she say wrong again?


  The hard-working Li Hao had to rescue his mother again: “Mother is simple-minded, she can say whatever she thinks.
In fact, there is no malicious intent.
Please don't take offence to this father and mother.”


Queen Qiao couldn't bear it anymore and said in a light and serious way: “The emperor leads the army and entrusts the government affairs of the court to the civil servants such as Qiao Ge.
In the past six months, Qiao Ge worked hard, devoted himself to the affairs of the court, and fell ill for two years.”


   “If the emperor can't trust Qiao Ge and other civil servants, and goes out to lead in a war in the future, it's enough to keep the Second Prince in the court.”


   Li Hao, who was born out of a concubine, could never get around.


  Su Zhaorong realized that she had lost her words again, and smiled shyly: “What the Empress said.
The concubine has not read any books, and her knowledge is shallow.
The Empress should not have the same knowledge as the concubine.”


   Queen Qiao smiled lightly: “How can Ben gong be such a narrow-minded person?”


   She didn't care about Su Zhaorong at all.


   Speaking of which, Li Hao is also pitiful.
He was so calm, intelligent, shrewd and capable, but he had such a narrow-minded and short-sighted mother.


His mother was simply dragging his legs.




   Two days later.

The Palace exam results were declared, and the new scholars came riding horses and were felicitated on the street, this is the most lively event for the people of the capital.


  Lu Mingfang deliberately hired a private room on the second floor of the teahouse.
The brothers and sisters sat together in the private room, eating melon and fruit snacks, drinking fragrant hot tea, and waiting to see a group of new scholars.



   The only regret is that Lu Mingyu was not able to come today.


   “It's really strange, it's so nice, what did the Empress mean when she called the fourth sister into the palace?” Lu Minghua was a little puzzled and muttered in a low voice.


   Only now did Lu Mingfang know that Lu Mingyu was called into the palace by Queen Qiao, and she thought about it and said, “Perhaps the Queen wanted to ask the fourth sister in person if she really wants to invite a son-in-law to enter the house.”


  Lu Mingyue murmured softly, “The Empress is really worried about eating radishes.”(3)


   Isn't it?


   Does Lu Mingyu want to recruit a son-in-law? What does it have to do with Queen Qiao?


   However, apart from this, everyone really can't think of a second possibility.


  Lu Xuan shook his head arrogantly: “With Fourth Sister's skill and temper, no one can dare to eat her.
Even if she enters the palace, no one dares to provoke her.”


   This makes sense.


  Lu Minghua and Lu Mingyue nodded together.




T/N notes

It means she is trying to provoke the emperor against the empress.

It means his mother was holding his progress back.

She wants to still arrange a marriage between Mingyu and her sons.

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