The Second Prince's implication is so obvious, how could Princess Hui'an not hear it?


   She was ashamed and aggrieved, and turned her face to complain to Queen Qiao: “Royal mother, look at the second brother.
I am his own sister, and I said this for his sake.
It's fine if he doesn't appreciate it, but he blames me for being troublesome.”


   Queen Qiao got a headache and sighed: “If you really feel sorry for your mother, shut up now!”


   Princess Hui'an: “…”


   Princess Hui'an was so angry that her eyes almost popped out!


  Princess Hui'an is both the first-born and direct daughter, and she is used to being domineering.
Even the princes will give her three points.
Queen Qiao loves her eldest daughter and is often holding her hands and coaxing her.



  I didn't think about it.
Today, I was choked up by my own younger brother, and then I was stabbed by my own mother again.


  Queen Qiao was in a dark and chaotic mood, and at this time, there was no time to coax Princess Hui'an.


   Queen Qiao looked at the second prince and said in a low voice, “Ajing, there is no one else, just our mother and son.
Let me ask you, are you determined to marry Lu Mingyu?”


  The second prince and Queen Qiao looked at each other: “Mother, you have asked me several times these days, and I have answered you again and again.
Today, I will say this for the last time.”


   “Yes, I won't marry unless the bride is Lu Mingyu.”


   Princess Hui'an was very annoyed, and turned her head angrily: “You are so confused by eating lard, what's so good about that Lu Mingyu, you actually rebelled against her mother for her…”


   “Shut up!” It was Queen Qiao who was the first to get angry.


   Queen Qiao suddenly turned her head, her eyes flashing with anger: “I will discuss this matter with Ajing, you don't need to worry about it.”


Princess Hui'an was so angry that she said, “Okay, okay! I am creating a lot of trouble! I am a married daughter, and I am the water that has been poured out of the door.
It's not my turn to talk too much about who my younger brother wants to marry as a sister-in-law.
I will leave now, I don't want to get in the way of your mother and son.”


   In anger, she walked away.


  Queen Qiao pressed her temples, and her head was throbbing.
When she looked at the Second Prince again, he still looked like I have my own opinions, and my head hurts even more.


   Children are all the debts of past lives!


   That's it!


Queen Qiao couldn't beat her biological son, she sighed, and her attitude finally softened: “Ajing, you are right.
A husband and wife will spend their whole life until they have white heads(1).
If you want to marry a girl you like as a princess, just do as you please!”


  The Second Prince stretched his brows and smiled: “Thank you, mother.”


   Queen Qiao cheered up and continued: “Daughter of the King of Xingyang, this status is enough to be a prince consort.
Lu Mingyu is amazingly beautiful, and it doesn't humiliate you.”



“However, I have to remind you Lu Mingyu is neither docile nor likes to read.
She is very powerful, and she is very good at it.
If you really marry her, you will have a bad life in the future.
No wonder others are avoiding her.”


   “Everyone sees Li Hao's feelings for Lu Mingyu.
You should not flip over this old account in the future.
It will prevent your brothers from falling out and making people laugh.
It will even make your father unhappy.”


   “Also, the Lu family wants to recruit a son-in-law.
Even though you are a prince, there is no reason to forcefully marry you…”


   “Don't worry about this mother.” A strange light flashed in the eyes of the Second Prince: “I have a way to make her nod her head and agree to the marriage.”


Queen Qiao asked again, but the second prince refused to say anything, only whispered: “I have been fined and grounded and cannot leave the palace.
So, requesting my mother to announce Lu Mingyu into the palace.
I want to see her.
After we meet, she will definitely be willing to marry.
Give me this chance.”


  Queen Qiao: “…”


   Queen Qiao twitched the corners of her mouth again, and was defeated by the hopeful and earnest eyes of the Second Prince: “Okay, your Royal mother will fulfil this wish of yours”


  I only hope that Lu Mingyu can stick to her own opinions, and categorically refuse.


   Knock Knock Knock!


   Internal Attendant Madoka reported respectfully, “Report to the Empress, Your Highness, the Emperor is here.”


   Queen Qiao's eyes lit up, excited and happy, she reached out and grabbed the Second Prince's arm: “Ajing, your father is finally willing to see you.”


   “Your father has calmed down, you will soften your attitude later, and take good care of your father.”


   The Second Prince looked at Queen Qiao who was beaming with joy, and complex emotions flashed in his eyes.


The feeling was like sighing, mocking, and self-deprecating.


   After a long while, the Second Prince opened his mouth and said: “Don't worry, mother, I know the seriousness, and I won't speak against Royal Father again.”



   That's fine.


  Queen Qiao breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and said lightly, “You, since returning to the capital, your temper has become a lot weirder.
In the past, you were humble and filial, and your temperament was gentle.
Now, for some reason, your temper is stubborn and twisted.”


  Yes, he is no longer the humble and gentle Li Jing of the past.


   Having encountered so many things, how can he be the same as before?


  The Second Prince twitched the corners of his mouth, but there was no smile in his eyes.




   After a while, Emperor Yongjia stepped in.


  Queen Qiao packed up her mood and showed a dignified smile and bowed to the Emperor: “I have seen the emperor.”


  The Second Prince also bowed his hands: “Erchen has seen the Royal father.”


   The way he beat his sons that day is vivid in his mind.
At this moment, the father and son looked at each other, and the Second Prince did not show any resentment, his expression was as usual.


  Emperor Yongjia felt a little guilty and embarrassed.
He coughed and asked, “You have been recovering from injury for more than 20 days, how is your health now?”


   “Erchen only suffered some skin injuries that day,” the second prince replied respectfully: “Dean Zhou is a very skilled doctor and has been taking care of me for more than half a month.
My injuries have already recovered.”


  Emperor Yongjia hummed and asked with a straight face, “You know what happened that day, now do you admit your mistake?”


   “Yes, Erchen knows it's wrong.” The second prince replied fluently: “Erchen should not provoke the third brother, let alone fight with the third brother.
Erchen is ashamed to be a brother!”


  Emperor Yongjia: “…”

His son admitting his mistake was so sloppy, why was he even more upset?


  Emperor Yongjia shook off the strangeness in his heart, opened his mouth and gave the Second Prince a lesson.
The key points were “brothers are like siblings” and “don't turn against each other for a single woman”.


   The Second Prince agreed to follow them one by one.



  Emperor Yongjia was finally satisfied: “From today, you can leave the Chengqian Palace.
However, the injury has not completely healed, so don't rush to the court for the time being.”


   The Second Prince replied respectfully.


  The father is kind and the son is filial and harmonious.


   Queen Qiao was in a good mood and said with a smile: “The emperor is going to Jinren Palace next! The concubine also has the Third Prince in mind, so let's go with the emperor!”


   Husband and wife for many years, Queen Qiao has always been a virtuous wife.
Fighting between wives and concubines is inevitable, but Queen Qiao treats her concubine born sons and daughters well.


   Don't say anything else, just seeing that all the princes and princesses have grown up safely, I have to praise Queen Qiao for being virtuous.


  Queen Qiao was willing to take the initiative to visit the Third prince, which was naturally praised by Emperor Yongjia.


  Emperor Yongjia smiled and glanced at Queen Qiao: “Okay, the Queen and I will go together.”


   Queen Qiao returned a dignified smile.


  The Second Prince didn't want to see his mother's almost flattering humility and quickly looked away.





T/N note

It means growing old together.

First hint from the author about…….

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