Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 33: Hands On

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This wait was more than an hour.


  Emperor Yongjia ate dinner alone and approved memorials for another hour.
Seeing that it was almost time for Xu(1), Eunuch Liu stepped forward again: “Your Majesty…”


   “Let the two of them come in together.” Emperor Yongjia's anger had subsided for the most part, and his voice was light.


   Eunuch Liu withdrew in response.


  They said that they were waiting outside the hall, but in fact, the Second Prince and the Third Prince had already entered the side hall.
Eunuch Liu quietly ordered some snacks to feed the two princes.


  Otherwise, the two highnesses are really starving, if the Emperor knew, won't he be distressed by then? To be a slave, you have to be thoughtful at all times and everywhere.



   Inside the side hall.


  The Second Prince sat quietly and did not make any sound.
There was half a dim sum on the table.


   In comparison, Li Hao was a little impatient, his eyebrows were twisted up at some point, and the snack in his hand remained untouched.


  My father had already summoned King Xingyang, so he should have already mentioned marriage.
Why did the Emperor refuse to see him all this time? Could it be that something went wrong?


  Li Hao was confused and occasionally raised his head, just in time to meet the Second Prince's line of sight.


   The Second Prince's eyes were unpredictable and mysterious.


  Li Hao calmed down, opened his mouth, and asked: “Second brother has been waiting for the Royal Father's call here, I don't know why?”


  The Second Prince did not answer and asked: “Why is the third brother asking to see the father?”

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  Li Hao: “…”


  Li Hao was silent.


   It is fine to say that he is cautious, or that he is suspicious.
He would never say anything that he was not 100% sure about.


   The Second Prince's eyes flashed slightly, and a sneer flashed across the corner of his mouth.


   At this moment, Eunuch Liu stepped in.


Eunuch Liu, who was bowing down in front of Emperor Yongjia, straightened a lot at this time, and folded his hands with a smile: “Your Majesty announces the two His Royal Highnesses to go together.” Then, he kindly reminded in a low voice: “His Majesty is not very happy today, the two Your Highness must be careful when speaking.”


  Li Hao was a little stunned and quickly glanced at the Second Prince.


   The Second Prince stood up and smiled at Eunuch Liu: “Thank you Eunuch Liu for reminding me.”


   After saying that, he took the lead.


  Li Hao had to walk together, a haze flashed in his heart.




   After a while, the two brothers appeared in front of Emperor Yongjia.
As usual, they bowed with their hands first.


Emperor Yongjia didn't like to beat around the bush, so he opened his mouth and said, “Today, I asked King Xingyang, and King Xingyang made it clear to me that he did not want his daughter to marry.
He wants to recruit a son-in-law for his daughter to pass on the incense for the Lu family in the future.
You two brothers get rid of the idea as soon as possible, don’t think about Fourth Miss Lu.
I will give you both another marriage!”



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   Second Prince: “…”


 Father is still so direct and rude!


  Li Hao's reaction was several times more intense than that of the Second Prince.


   He suddenly raised his head, looked at Emperor Yongjia first, and then slowly turned to look at the Second Prince beside him.


The Second Prince's handsome face showed no shame and sighed softly: “Third brother, I didn't expect that you also admire Fourth Miss Lu and want to marry her.
Logically speaking, as your elder brother, I should let her be with you.
But in this world, anything can be surrendered, only this matter cannot be surrendered…”




 The words hit him like lightning and thunder in his mind.


   The vague doubts before now have all the answers.


   The body's response is the most direct and quickest.


  Li Hao shook hands violently into fists, punching hard at the handsome face of the Second Prince.
The Second Prince was clearly on guard early, but he did not retreat but turned his head.


   That heavy punch hit the Second Prince on the shoulder.


  The Second Prince's face instantly turned pale, he snorted, staggered back, and covered his shoulders with his hands, his face was full of unbearable pain.


  Li Hao endured several days of restlessness and gloom and was ignited by exuberant anger like a spark igniting a prairie fire.
This punch did not dispel the anger in his heart at all.


   He punched again.


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  The Second Prince is not the one who can be bullied by others, and he punched quickly.
The two fists met in the air, making a muffled sound.
Li Hao is good at martial skills, and the Second Prince has also practiced martial arts since he was a child.
In a blink of an eye, it turned into a full-fledged fight.


   Both of them shot in anger, and neither of them would dodge.
You punch me, I kick you.
Punching to the flesh, every foot fell on the body.



   Eunuch Liu was already dumbfounded.


   In the blink of an eye, why did the Second Prince and the Third Prince fight?


   The guards standing by the side were also dumbfounded and looked at each other, do they stop the princes or not?


  Emperor Yongjia's face was ugly, his temples were throbbing, his blood was rushing up, and he roared: “You bastards, stop for me!”


   The two brothers with red eyes continued to greet each other as if they had never heard their father's command.


   The attitude of seeing the opponent as an enemy and slashing the opponent with thousands of swords completely angered Emperor Yongjia.


  Emperor Yongjia with a livid face strode forward and shot quickly.
With a few kicks Li Hao flew to one side, and two punches knocked over the Second Prince.
In front of Emperor Yongjia, who has been leading the army for several years and is in his prime, the two brothers are similar to two little chickens who have just come out of the egg.


   Li Hao was kicked to the ground, slipped a few meters away, and slammed his back heavily on the table leg of the imperial cabinet.
He involuntarily screamed.


  The Second Prince didn't go anywhere, the two punches hit him, and the pain was piercing.


  Emperor Yongjia was still not relieved, and shouted angrily with a gloomy face: “Come here, bring my horsewhip, I will use family methods today to teach these two bastards a good lesson!”


   After all the calculations, Emperor Yongjia was only Emperor for eight years.
In the past eight years, Emperor Yongjia spent most of his time leading troops to fight for territory and had no time to discipline his sons.


   Now that the anger came up, Emperor Yongjia doesn't care about his image as the emperor who doesn't show his anger easily.
I just want to bring the whip and beat the two sons hard.

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   Eunuch Liu recovered from the shock and bravely stepped forward to comfort him: “Please calm down Your Majesty.
Both His Royal Highnesses are dragon sons.
When it hurts them, it hurts the emperor's heart…”


  Emperor Yongjia gave Eunuch Liu a fierce look: “Don't hurry up!”


   Eunuch Liu immediately shut his mouth, and before stepping back, he gave one of the servants a wink.
The inner attendant understood and quietly retreated.



   “Go to Jiaofangdian immediately to deliver the letter,” Eunuch Liu whispered quickly.


   Concubine Meng was able to persuade Emperor Yongjia.
However, if Concubine Meng came now, he was afraid that she would add fuel to the fire.
At this moment, the only one who can save the two princes is Queen Qiao.


   As for Su Zhaorong of Yihua Palace, there is no need to deliver the letter.
Besides crying, Niangniang Su had no weight in the emperor's heart.


After a stick of incense, Queen Qiao in the Jiaofang Hall got the news.


   Queen Qiao suddenly changed color, and without being dignified, got up immediately and hurried to the Wenhua Palace.


   The guards guarding Wenhua Hall wanted to stop Queen Qiao.


   Queen Qiao, who has always been dignified and elegant, now looked anxious, and glared fiercely: “Ben Gong wants to see the Emperor, who dares to stop it!”


   The imperial guards hesitated for a while, but in the end, they moved away.


   When Queen Qiao stepped over the threshold, she almost tripped over her long skirt and was quite embarrassed.


   She heard the loud whip sounds, her whole body trembled, and she rushed over with a pale face.


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