The deep clamouring of voices clashed and battled the dozing state of a person that is half awoken. The light nearby pierced his once-shut eyelids and forced them ajar as excruciating pain hits the eyes.

He squinted profusely, yet slowly and gradually withdraw the closure of his eyes as he attempted to recognise his surroundings.

”What is going on? Am I in a meeting? ”

The figure silently cursed as he realised, he must have fallen asleep during the meeting with the company management. What an embarrassment, he was sure his boss would deduct his monthly salary for this disrespectful conduct.

Glancing around the meeting table, the man tried to recognise to what extent has he slept through the meeting, if he was lucky, maybe the senior figureheads of the company he is working hasn yet noticed him sleeping as they are too focused on the meetings content.

Observing every one of the figures that are sitting at the oval-shaped hardwood table, the man tried to access whether anyone has noticed him sleeping. But upon further inspection, a weird suspicion arose him, as he questioned whether he had ever seen these people.

The man contemplated every one of the figures that are in the room, faces that he has no recollection of.

”Who are they? I have never seen them in the workplace. ”

Yet, the man realised that even the room he was in appears to be different from how he imagined. The wallpapers had a grey tint to them, the plain marble flooring was of convenience, and the run-of-the-mill windows. All details that didn belong to the grandeur meeting room should have had floor-to-ceiling windows that looked over the dazzling streets of the city.

”This location… These people… What is going on? ”

The figure scratched his head, confused at the current predicament as he is attempting to come to terms with the current situation. His hearing was almost malfunctioning, as all he is hearing was an ever-present ringing. Irritated, the figure slapped his ears to stop the frustrating noise.

His hearing gradually grew in clarity, with him finally able to hear the chirping of the birds outside and the buzzing chatter that appears to be occurring in another room. Satisfied, the man was grateful as he could finally have peace of mind. But equipped with this new tool, the man focused his hearing, attempting to digest what these strangers in front of him might be conversing about.


”What do you think about him Hugo, hes a quick one alright. ” A man in his mid-40s, with rugged brown skin, and a head deprived of any hair spoke.

”The kid got the physicality, but none of the techniques. Maybe Right-Back? ” Hugo, a man with glasses spoke, which seemingly complimented his intelligence.

”Fair point, his touch seems quite poor. How many times did he lose the ball from a bad touch? ” The bald figure named Lanier continued the conversation.

Hugo shook his head and remarked critically and harshly. ”Enough to disqualify him as a Winger. ”

The man that is hearing the conversation was visibly confused, his eyebrows raised with a high arch and his mouth dropped open. Aren they talking about football?

”But at least hes faster than the average up and comer, and a more advanced defender than the average defender. ” Hugo looked at Lanier for a moment and added, ”Anyways, at least this kid knows how to move, and hes obviously getting better at shooting. I would like to see him play as a striker before making the final decision. ”

Hugo stated, then repositioned the glasses that were resting on the bridge of his nose, then looked at the man that was quietly pondering at the very end of the table.

”What do you think? Boss, what is your thinking on this boy? ”

The dispassionate figure that has yet contributed to the conversation finally opened his mouth, adding his own opinion.

”He does seem to have the physicality for a Winger, even if he does know how to move. But players like him are in abundance, and I don want to risk playing him in an unfamiliar position just for the sake of it. ”

”Boss? ” Hugo asked, getting the attention of the clear leader within the room.

”I agree with Lanier, he is a player that is not technically gifted. Lets retrain him as a Centre-Back, and slowly implement him as a Wing-Back that overlaps in the final third. ”

This time, it was Hugos turn to be surprised. He wanted to object, yet within his heart, he knew the managers decision is final. And any objectification is useless in his presence.

The manager sitting at the end of the table embarked on his opinion, knowing his words are absolute. He glanced around the room in which the staff gathered for their weekly meeting. He noted their expressions but noticed one in

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