A white coat embraced the city neither, the suns warmth could not pierce the cold.

The man had a stern expression, was wearing a suit in the cold climate, and held a briefcase in his hand. He looks up above and felt the cold touch of snowy petals.

”I hate weather like these, ” he says in a disappointed tone.

The man takes a stroll through the busy streets of the city of Mhediv. He had passed by people selling edible goods, merchandise from another city, or even from another country, but the man was unfazed.

The man had other plans.

Then, he looks at his watch and says, ”Oh, would you look at the time? It is time for me to meet her once again. I must haste. ”

Moments later, he was in front of a big establishment that could accommodate even a thousand patients at a time, an asylum. It is a special place for exceptional individuals that require mental-health assistance.

He looks up with his restless stern eyes and sighs as the cold breeze pass.

”Seint Kveld asylum, another odd job for this freezing gloomy day. ”

He takes one more puff on his cigar before throwing it and entering the reception hall.

”Good afternoon, dear. Is there anything I can help you with? ” asked the lady, who is managing the reception hall.

He slowly raises his ID and a picture of a woman from his pocket.

”Mythos Investigation Bureau, I came here to meet this fair young lady. The information throughout the discussion is classified. Therefore, I want nobody to eavesdrop on us. Guide the way. ”

The nurses eyes dilate, ”Oh… that woman… ”

The nurse directs the man left and right in different directions. It sure was an immense asylum.

Each floor and each room that they pass gets louder and louder. Voices of mad people and the screams of people screaming and fighting echoed throughout the hallway.

They are getting closer to what they seek.

A loud scream echoed throughout the hallways. Nurses standing by rushed to the scene and held back two patients fighting over a doll.

”ENOUGH OF THAT!!! ” the nurse was infuriated. Her face reddened in anger, and in turn, both the patients fighting glared at each other.

Both of their eyes say it all, ”You
e to blame for this. ”

The female patient let out a frustrated tone of anger, ”Maria is MY FRIEND! YOU CANT HAVE HER! SHES MINE! ”


The other patient walked away with the doll still in her hands. Then, she went to her own respective room.

The enraged patient reached out her hand weeping, ”MARIA! Nooo. Let go of me ! ”

The mad patient seemed to struggle to escape from the tight embrace of the nurse, but gradually it became loose, then finally, she got away.

Enraged, the woman ran after the other patient who took away her doll.

The woman pulled her hair. She had lost her mind and uttered with the utmost vocals that came from the depths of hell.


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