Chapter 6: Magic Lesson.

While tensions were left at the two girls not knowing what to say next.

Analissa was still running and ended up getting lost several times before finding the right classroom. Come on! Cut her some slack. She just transmigrated and you can really expect her to memorize the whole building of this huge private school.

”Ahhh… I hate the stairs they have here. ” Her hands were already holding the door, panting a little bit recalling those painful memories of climbing the stairs. Its such a shame that the elevator hasn been invented in this otome game but couldn the author of this shouldve at least tried adding some magic elevator using wind magic or something?

”Stupid author… ” she cursed the name of the author under her breath, swearing that shell have her revenge. In any case Analissa pulls the door and opens it weakly letting out a little squeak no one seemed to have noticed.


Her little blonde hair poked around the corner until her eyes were scanning around the room.

She looks around seeing the students with the same gray vested uniform as hers with a fancy looking seal, surely she needs to create some sort of bond with the other girls even if they hate her guts… Analissa needed someone she could confide in.

Right! There should be the Heroines sidekick! Slash her side character friend! Ah! Right… She needs to unlock one scene first where the Villainess would accidentally misunderstand our relationship with the crown prince.

To which she tells the Heroine to get away from her fiancé and find someone else.

Secretly the Villainess felt guilty and such but it was only mentioned in the game! There was even some bonus art with Lady Evelyn looking so sorrowful humiliating Analissa in public! Every single one of the Yuri shippers went wild at that scene and cried.

Our Japanese didn mind the scene and were just touched. She wants to save the Villainess and give her the happy life that she deserves. What a wonderful plan with obvious lots of shitty obstacles shell have to face. ”Hmm… ” (Analissa) hums as her thoughts run in her mind.

Our Villainess, Lady Evelyn noticed the familiar humming meaning she must be near. ”? ” she turns around to see Analissa staring at the ground intensely muttering her plan on what to do. Her short petite figure and fair skin made her feel insecure about herself.

Is this what her fiancé desired?

Someone whos petite, has fair skin and is adorable that youd want to protect her the first moment you saw her? It might be a little shallow for that reason but Lady Evelyn just couldn help feeling like it.

It looked like even a few seconds had passed. Analissa still kept humming as she planned on what to do. Lady Evelyn tilts her head in question as she walks towards her. How peculiar, she hums a tune when shes thinking really seriously. ”Miss Blanchet. ” (Lady Evelyn) calls out to her.

”Hmm… ” (Analissa) continued humming and didn notice that someone was already standing in front of her. Even as Lady Evelyn waved her hand, none seemed to have garnered her attention at all.

”Miss Blanchet? ” she couldn help but smile the next time she asked. Lady Evelyn wondered if she had slept well, after all she had to summon his familiar just to fetch this girl in class. This time she pokes Analissas forehead with her index finger.

”Huh? ” Certainly that definitely took her attention out of the planning and looked up to see Lady Evelyns wonderful, bountiful chest- I mean beautiful face. ”Eep! ” she backs away for a bit with flustered cheeks.

Speak of the devil! The person she wanted to see most today! Whos also her seatmate!

”Your ladyship you startled me. ” (Analissa) stopped hiding in the small corner and finally came inside the classroom books in her other hand. She walks stiffly towards her seat hiding the cuts and the hardly noticeable stitches that she did last night.

”I see that you
e rather late today. ” (Lady Evelyn) interrogates her and Analissa composed a polite smile.

”It was rather cold in the dorms, for that I didn manage to get a good nights rest. ” (Analissa) replies sitting down on her seat and placing the books on her desk. She can exactly tell her what truly happened, Analissa didn want to trouble the Villainess with her Heroine halo problems that led to her uniform being destroyed.

She tucks in a loose blonde strand as the sun shines onto the windows then at her.

Everyone finally noticed her coming in. The boys was admiring every inch of the Heroine of how cute and adorable she looks today- or well everyday while the girls looked at her in envy. Even if they tore her uniform apart! She managed to fix it herself and the boys won stop eyeing her like a piece of sweets!

Lady Evelyn seemed to have on effect on the Heroine Halo for she became neutral towards her. On the other hand her childhood friend… was not that fond of her for getting all the attention of Evelyn.

She noticed the two rather standing together closely.

”Commoner. ” A red-haired girl follows behind Lady Evelyn. It was Serene with her arms crossed and the tone of her voice seemed vicious with the way she looked at Analissa like she was some sort of pest. A commoner getting close with a noble, grand as her ladyship?

Hmph, not if she can help it. Her childhood friend deserves the best people on her circle. Not some filthy commoner that came from the countryside. ” I see you
e late, you should be punished by cleaning the classrooms. ”

Lady Serene Sinclair eyes her friend who stands in a difficult position. Lady Evelyn glares at her in conflict, not wanting to hurt Analissa or humiliate her in front of the class for being late.

”Don you think so as well, Evelyn? ” she grins widely and the other girls behind her giggle behind her back.

”Serves her right… ”

”Lady Serene is a real one putting that commoner in her place. ”

”I can stand the sight of her anyways. Im glad shes getting the right treatment she deserves. ”

Analissa could hear them all. The whispers, the hidden malicious intent that they have but she just smiled waiting for Lady Evelyns reply. ”Seeing that she is… late I see no problem with the punishment given. ” she tells her seriously noticing something was off with Analissas uniform but quickly looks away.

Lady Serene felt good about herself after that, she waves her hand around to dismiss Analissa and drags her childhood friend away from the filthy commoner. Analissa could only watch her drag Lady Evelyn away from her and made sure that shes keeping her away.

Analissa sighs sitting down on her seat being surrounded by suitors the next second offering to clean on her behalf.

”Please let me take the punishment for you. ”

”No it should be me! ”

”Why should it be you? I asked her first! I will be happy and willing to be useful for Miss Blanchet. ”

Analissa almost instinctively rolled her eyes at these simple men. What simps- the heroine halo is still in active effect.

She presses her arms to her chest slowly, taking in her hands and covering half of her face, faking to be flustered towards the men who offered themselves. ”I apologize, good sirs but I can handle the punishment myself. If you were to take my burden Im afraid… I-I won be able to forgive myself. ” she even sniffed a little, getting teary eyed to show how sincere she sounds.

It was like music to their ears for they believed in this girls little act. It was like she was their saint- and it was their duty to follow her.

Analissa on the other hand, how she itched to raise her middle finger towards these suitors. For now she can really do anything that will turn her into a complete fool in front of the Villainess. ”So please I would like it if I would take the punishment alone. ” (Analissa) continued and the men nodded, their hearts being wrapped in a puppet-like string.

”Alright class, disperse. I need your full attention. ” The teacher called out to the students and all of them went back to their seats. Analissa felt like she could breathe once more after all that.

Lady Evelyn was now beside her and she could get to stare at her for hours! Nothing weird, just pure admiration over here! How her brain cells wish to be surrounded by many suitors that look and act like Lady Evelyn, wouldn that be something!

”Hmm~ ” she hums to herself in happiness imagining a place where shes actually getting courted by a thousand Lady Evelyn. Even if she didn take her side today against Lady Serene- then again its completely understandable.

She would choose her childhood friend over a commoner she just met a few days ago.

The teacher explained some magic theories and what to do during any irregular beast attacks. The world of an otome game was mixed with magical beasts, irregular beasts and normal beasts.

Magical beasts are those familiars you can form a contract with and bond with them.

Irregular beasts are the corrupted ones thatve been mixed with wild magic power. History says that these can drop a magic stone many people use as some sort of battery for light and heat. In a religious point of view, a horrible god casted these beings to hunt the humans thats been pestering the land.

In a reviewed point of view, experts say that theyve studied all that they can about Irregular beasts and what they are. They
e just mutated animals that consumed magic that they couldn control that formed stones on their body.

And Normal beasts are normal animals, the same as on earth.

These has been mentioned in the game.

Theres also three kinds of spell variation and elemental magic are the only magic that exists here.

Simulis Spells, These are spells that everyone can do also known as basic spells. An example of this is, ”Inventorium. ”

The spell needed to open ones inventory. [Inventory] is a storage compartment that every human has and it may differ for everyone. It takes Mana every tick, the stronger the person is expect their inventory to be huge while the weak gets only a slot or two.

Elemental Spells, These are spells that everyone can also do but it depends on your elemental affinity. Ranging from the classic: Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

The Rarest ones: Light and Dark.

Every human has their own affinity. They use their elemental magic for convenience, pleasure, and even sport.

Incantual Spells, These are the spells used in incantations and rituals. Mostly for brewing potions as well, they are written in a book due to their long process and need of magic concentration.

”Every spell can be sloppily declared but if you don put your whole energy and feeling into it. It won work. ” the teacher adds and the other students looked bored into the whole lesson that theyve been taught their entire life. Its an unending cycle of lessons.

However Analissa was furiously taking notes of the teachers lesson. Who knew theyd be recapping the basic fundamentals of magic before turning into the serious ones. The thought of magic excites her so she made sure to really take in the teachers words and note it in a very organized manner.

”So thats why last night… it didn work… ” (Analissa) presses her quill gently against her lips remembering the Inventorium spell she tried. It was difficult putting the book in her storage compartment but was it because her mind was somewhere else at that time?

Lady Evelyn watched as the girl took the basic magic lesson seriously. The way she wrote was fast and it was more like childrens scribbles, Analissas writing was like chicken scratches she couldn help herself from smiling.

How… cute…

She shakes her head at the sudden thought- it was utterly outrageous she would think of Miss Blanchet that way. So she just took a look more closely at her uniform.

Right… Before Serene could drag her away she noticed that there were several stitches on her uniform. Where did she get it? Just yesterday there wasn any of it.

”Ive heard some of the other noble ladies thatve been envious of her have been taking care of her, if you know what I mean. ”

Lady Evelyn turns completely silent remembering her childhood friends words. Was this from yesterday? She didn know how to feel at first but decided on what to do.

”Alright class that will be all for today. ” The teacher stored his book inside his inventory before excusing himself out of the classroom.

Every single student stood up and prepared their things to leave the classroom. Analissa on the other hand was forced to pick up a broom and began sweeping around. Jeez, if it wasn for that Serene bossy spoiled brat shell be out and she can practice magic on her own!

Analissas shoulder further slumped after seeing that Lady Evelyn was no longer inside the classroom too! D:

She wanted to finish early so she cleaned like crazy but her noodle damsel in distress arms are weak so she had to slow down after that. ”Jeez… I want to see Lady Evelyn again… ” she mutters wistfully, placing her chin above the end of the broom.


Our Lady Evelyn on the other hand excused herself and went into the schools personal tailor asking for a specific small size. It will take about three days before it would be done so she waited patiently and ordered her maid to pick up the uniform once it was ready.

The maid picks up the order and gives it to her master who nods in thanks once she receives it. It was really late at night in the nobilitys dorm room, the sound of wood burning in the fireplace seemed relaxing. She opened the window to let the fresh breeze of air in before raising her hands chest level and casted a spell.

”Summon. ”


A little bird appears from a small smoke. It was the same bird that annoyed Analissa!

Lady Evelyn smiles towards her companion that lands on her head.

”Tweet! ” it chirped and nestled on the Villainess head. It pecked her scalp a little playfully but Lady Evelyn didn mind it. ”Losimer. Will it be alright if you deliver something for me? ” she takes her small familiar, scooping it with both of her hands.

”Tweet? ” the familiar, Losimer replies. He said that it depends on what he needs to deliver.

Lady Evelyn opens a small paper bag with the needed uniform. It was Miss Blanchets size and she had to memorize the measurement just by guessing and looking at her waist. ”To the same girl again from three days ago. ”

Losimer nods remembering the blonde girl that waved goodbye before leaving. Understanding his masters order he holds the paper bag by the rope and flies away using the open window.

Why couldn she just give it to the Heroine by herself you ask? Its because she can and shes not that good when it comes to giving to others.

People would run or ask what the daughter of a prestigious Duke would want in return? It doesn help that she has a rather… problematic reputation being named as the jealous and overprotective fiancé of the crown prince.

Lady Evelyn relaxed herself in her room doing some midnight reading on some of her unique taste in books.

Thank you to my *******!


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