Hello! This is Zerin_Lee!

Again the author of all the books that you see in my bio! We are now coming back into daily updates!

Update Schedules:

Demon Lord: Monday

[Rewritten and have a better plot well be sticking through!]

[Chapters in patreun: 3]

Princess Knight: Wednesday

[All the chapters have been edited! Including some name events changes and less swearing!][Chapters in patreun: 1]

Will update more.

Otome Game: Thursday

[Love rival added]

[Chapters in patreun: 5]

My Beautiful Butler: Sunday

[Yandere has been added]

[Chapters in patreun: 4]

Books that will only be exclusive in patreun: And will be put in ******* once its finished!

Becoming the Villainess Stepmother!

The Lonely Witch and The Sheltered Girl!



Patreuns: $5 Badge


I would like to give a shoutout to my only patreun member at the moment! Thank you and Ill keep working hard to give content!

Author has been improving! Commissions are nice! The full art is available over at patreun!

My Beautiful Butler: Teenage Era!

Fully colored art is on petreun!

Donations are also accepted:


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